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Spinning Fibers, Yarns, Dyes!

For a price list of our fibers, dyes, equipment and custom spinning services including spinning DOG HAIR, please e-mail us with your ground address, or send it to us on a postcard at the following address:

A U N T R H O D I E ' S
23 west Main Street
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
207 667-7463

Generally, we sell our handspun yarns at fairs and festivals where folks can see, and feel their unique qualities. But we also love to work with knitters, crocheters, weavers, even felters, to meet an exact need!

Our handspuns are wool, wool/mohair, wool/silk, or wool/silk/mohair. But when asked we can spin any fiber...even your own dog hair! We spin in all weights from cobweb to extra/super/chunky! And our yarns are available in natural colors and a huge array of dyed colors.

All this year we'll have Shetland fleeces, roving, and even yarns, all from wool grown in the Shetland Islands by our good friend, Drew Ratter!


FLEECES- from our prizewinning flocks of sheep. Lustrous Lincoln Locks in Natural White and Silver, from $5 to $9/pound. Or dyed in a medley of either cool or warm colours $14.00/pound. Our Jacob wool is soft, lofty, easy to spin, and of course spotted! These picturesque sheep have multiple horns and even more pinto-like spots. You can spin all black, all white, variegated or plied black & white or card together for grey, all from the same fleece! Fleeces weigh from 3 to 4 pounds at $9.00/pound. And from time to time we will have Blue-Faced Leicester purebred and crossbred fleeces. This is an extremely rare breed in the U.S. right now and the BFL wool is in great demand. $15.00/pound.
  • ROVING- we have 2 kinds in stoc this winter: Combed Corriedale- soft creamy ivory $20.00/pound. And Maine Island Wool Roving- from sheep raised almost wild on Maine's offshore islands this hearty wool spins up easily into a variety of yarn weights.$14.00/pound.
  • MOHAIR- carded fluff, a bit short but very soft. Ready to blend with other fibers or be spun by itself. White-$12.00/pound. Colors-Blue, Purple, Red, Chili-Orange-Red, Jade Green, Hot-Pink, Yellow, $15.00 /pound.
  • COLOURS DYES- These are what we use. Washfast, resistant to fading in light. Everything you need to dye 1 to 2 pounds of protein based fiber in one packet. All you add is water and a pot! True Blue, True Red, Chili Orange-Red, Purple, Jade Green, Hot Pink, Yellow, Navy $4.50/packet