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Hanging Baskets and Other Gourd Crafts

This is a hanging basket I created from a gourd.  I have used artificial flowers in this photo but you could use real flowers as well.

Hanging Basket  ----  $20.00


Here are 3 long neck gourds placed on a fireplace for that antique look.

These are painted with acrylic finish.

price --- small $6.00   medium --- $7.00   large --- $8.00 each



                             Front                                                                                      Back

Noah's Ark ------  $30.00

Here is Noah's Ark with many of the animals.  You can order this with our without the entrance hole for use as a birdhouse.  If you have any gourds you would like for me to paint with a particular theme or picture let me know.  I once had a request from a lady to paint her husband fishing in his boat.  She gave me a picture to go by.  She was very pleased with the gourd.