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Holiday Gourds


           #1                                       #2                             Mr. & Mrs. Santa                 $50.00 set                      










   #3  (excuse flash )                             #4                                 back illustration






These are all examples of my Santa gourds.  I paint them from front to back as you can see in the photos.  These gourds look great sitting beneath the tree, on a mantle, or anywhere you choose to put them.  They also make great Christmas gifts.


#1                        #2

Snowmen Gourds



Halloween gourd and Clown gourd 

Jack O' Lantern

You can place a candle in these pumpkins provided you place the candle inside of a glass container.  You can put the lit Jack O' Lantern on your front porch and it will look just like the real thing!  Why buy and carve a pumpkin every year when you can use this over and over again.



Here you can find gourds for all occasions. From Halloween to Christmas I have an assortment of many to choose from. If you have a holiday you would like me to specifically paint for you I will be happy to do so.

Holiday Gourds ------------------ $30.00

Or any two gourds for $50.00