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                        Birdhouse Gourds










                                 These beautiful birdhouses made from gourds of course,

                                 are certainly to be your new conversational piece.  You

                                 have your choice of the hummingbirds/flowers gourd or 

                                 the sunflower gourd.  Both types are painted in intricate

                                 detail. Whether you choose to hang them in your flower

                                 garden or right outside the window; birds will flock to

                                 make it their home. They also look lovely hanging on

                                 your porch or even in your home. You can also elect to

                                 have them personalized by adding your family name, etc,

                                 at the top of the birdhouse. ex. "The Smith's"

                                 birdhouses -------- $25.00 personalized ------- $30.00