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Financial Independence Fast Track

A Home Business

A 2x2 Matrix – only 6 people to fill


$8 for 2 people on first level = Receive $16

$25 for 4 people n second level Receive $100


When matrix is full we buy $106 of the products for you each month.

The Stages

Stage 1: First level full (2 members)Here’s what we do:

We pay commissions (2x $8 = $16 per month)

Stage 2: Second level full (4 members) We buy products $106

Intermediate Stages: We pay commissions on all matrix growth reached

prior to qualifying for products. Then we begin to buy products for you when
there are as few as two members in your level 2. ($55 up to $106). If not
already enrolled, we enroll you in our product company. If already enrolled, we
just buy you more products. (Thus higher bonuses).

The fast track is a wonderful way to start a home based business
for only $35 a month. We start you with a Marketing Tips and Health journal
every month. When we have only 2 people on your 1st level and 4 people on your
2nd level we will put you into a wonderful nutritional company that has a very
good selection of top grade products with a wonderful marketing plan.

We will buy you $106 worth of products, of your choice, every
month and all you pay is $35. The nutritional company pays a commission of 15%
on the 1st level and 45% on the 2nd level and then on level 3 through infinity
they pay up to 10%.

Bigger Money: More Money! If you like this plan, you can do it
again and again. Build another 2x2 matrix. Earn more money and more products. Do
it over and over. Ask us as soon as your first 2x2 matrix is FULL. Fast Track
just keeps getting better. The $35 2x2 matrix. It works. Join us today and we
will start helping you build a very good business.


We help sponsor people for you. Guaranteed!

Call 1-800-809-8929 EXT F62

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