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FREE Black Light with Smoke Fog Machine Order!
  • Multi-Purpose Mini Black Light or
  • 18" Black Light Fixture
  • Your choice FREE with Smoke Fog Machine Order!
Never Throw The Same Old Party Again!
  • Finally! An affordable smoke fog machine perfect for parties, band gigs, dancefloors, small stages, and so much more!
  • Item # PF-700....... Powerful 700 watt smoke / fog machine
  • Fog output: 3,300 cubic feet per minute!
  • 25 ft. wired remote control for distance effects!
  • Includes hanging bracket for awesome overhead effects!
  • Includes 1 qt. Smoke / Fog Machine fluid!
  • Includes your choice of FREE black-light with order! (mini black light or 18" fixture) Order Now!

FREE black light with smoke fog machine order!
  • Mini Black Light ($39.99) FREE with order! Perfect for club owners and travelling DJ's! Multi-purpose lamp has regular flash-light end with black light side tube for detection of watermarks and counterfeiting! OR

  • 18" Black Light Fixture ($49.99) FREE with order! A must for illuminating fluorescent paint graphics! This 18" fixture causes white surfaces to glow and dark surfaces to become invisible! Perfect for parties, theaters, clubs, and fashion shows! Comes complete with reflector and energy saving 15 watt BLB bulb.

Order Now to receive FREE Black Light!

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