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Reasons to Choose Windshield Repair

1. Its NORMALLY FREE TO YOU! Your insurance company will most likely waive your comprehensive deductible and pay for the repair. YOU SAVE MONEY. Just check with your insurance agent.

2. ITS EASIER ON YOU AND YOUR CAR! In most cases, the repair technician comes to you and the windshield is NEVER removed. This avoids potential water leaks and other related problems. Your time isn't wasted, dropping off and picking up your car. If you must bring your car in, it can usually be repaired while you wait.
3. THE REPAIR IS STRONG! It restores optical clarity and structural integrity to your windshield.

4. ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED 100% in writing. There is absolutely NO RISK to you. The repair is guaranteed for as long as you own your car. If for any reason you're not happy with the repair, you can receive full credit towards replacement!

5. SUPERIOR QUALITY. You'll find a distinct difference in repair quality with our technologically advanced system of repair. It's high vacuum capability means NO AIR remains trapped in the damaged area to weaken the repair. We use only custom formulated, non-yellowing resin that insures a repair that's as cosmetically inconspicuous as possible. Also, our resins match the refractive index of your windshield. In other words, there's minimal optical distortion after the repair is completed.

6. STOPS SPREADING! Our resins can expand and contract with the original glass without harming the bond's integrity. More simply, it won't allow the repaired damage to spread.

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