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About Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is the process of filling the damaged portion of a windshield with an optically clear resin, and curing it, restoring the windshield's original strength, and greatly improving visibility, without removing the glass from the car. This leaves your factory seal intact. The steps of repair are as follows.

1. The windshield is cleaned and visually inspected by the technician. Any loose glass is removed from the impact point. If necessary a small hole is drilled into the break to allow access for the resin.

2. An injector is mounted over the damaged area. A vacuum is pulled, removing all air trapped in the break.

3. After air removal is completed, an optically clear, ultra-violet resin is injected into the break. Since there is no longer any air in the break, the resin fills the void.

4. The resin is cured by ultra-violet light, restoring the original strength to the glass.

5. The impact point, or drill hole is filled with pit filler, and also cured. Any excess pit filler is removed, and the windshield is thoroughly cleaned.

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