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This includes material originally published from July 1991 to June 1992. I have removed all addresses, but maintain them in my hard files, due to privacy concerns and because I cannot vouch for the addresses shown, as I have not maintained contact with all original subscribers.

Good answers found

Doris Finley GOOD wrote the following letter:

"I am so excited after reading the current issue (in Volume 4) that I have to write you immediately. There is actually something in this issue that has a possible connection to my research! I refer to the Archibald FINLEY deed on page 5 for land in Warren Co, TN. My FINLEYs have a definite connection with Warren Co, TN, and I copied the same deed when I was there a couple of years ago.

"I have sent you much info on my line but in case it is not easy to access, I will give you some lead-in for my observations. My earliest known FINLEY ancestor is one John FINLEY, b 27 Mar 1757, prob. in Ireland, maybe Scotland, who died in Guilford Co, NC, 15 Sep 1804. These dates are from the family Bible which I have seen. Mrs. Mary BROWNING, Greensboro, NC, researcher, thinks this is the same John whose estate was in Court Minutes for the Nov. 1804 session. A Thomas FINLEY appeared in 1809 as one of the heirs to request an accounting by the persons appointed to settle the estate which was sold for his debts after an amount was set aside 'for the widow Finley.'

"From the Bible records and other research, I can give this John several daughters, some for sure, some probable, but only one son, who is my g-g-grandfather Alexander, who would have been at most 14 when his father died. For these reasons and others which may become clear later, I have said that Thomas was John's brother. He was probably not near to John's residence at the time of his death. There is also my James FINLEY who died 30 Mar 1825, and I think he is another brother, maybe the James who remained in NC. This would be three FINLEYs who came to America together, John, Thomas and James.

"Thomas next shows up in Clarke Co, AL, as Official Surveyor in 1820. With him is Alexander and his growing family. Thomas was never married. Thomas died between 2 Oct and 4 Nov 1824. I have published in the Clarke County Historical Society Quarterly an article on the papers about the settlement of Thomas FINLEY's estate. In studying the clues in these papers, I have found two sisters for Alexander and with the one known in Clarke Co, they make up four of the six heirs who inherited from Thomas' estate. The estate was not settled until 1829, so the other two could be in NC. These are things I am working on now. Two of these sisters lived in Warren Co, TN, and signed Quit Claim Deeds there for the sale of the Thomas FINLEY land in Clarke Co, AL, after the death of Alexander, who lived on it, in 1832. These sisters are Elizabeth Finley SHAW, husband Hugh, and Nancy Finley MORROW, husband also named Hugh. These two families are still in Warren Co, census in 1850. Birth of one of the SHAW children is recorded in our family Bible. The third sister is Isabella Finley MOORE, husband John, living in Clarke Co, AL.

"From Book A, p. 219, Mountain District Grants, Tennessee Archives: Grant No. 324 -- Entry No. 1067 made in the office of entry of Warren Co, TN, dated 2 Jan 1826. Granted by the said State of Tennessee unto Alexander FINLEY, a certain tract of land containing 100 acres by survey bearing the date of 19 Jan 1827, lying in said county on Finley's Creek, beginning on a red oak marked A.F. near one-half mile from Daniel FINLEY's house bounded by Mr. WILLIAMS including 45 acres of granted land. Samuel Houston, Gov. of Tennessee, seal affixed in Nashville, 11 day of March 1828. Daniel Graham.

"Book P, p. 73, Grant No. 7573 -- Entry No. 3225 made in the office of entry of Warren Co, TN, 28th day of Feb 1831. Granted by State of Tennessee unto Alexander FINLEY a certain tract of land containing 200 acres by survey, 1 May 1831, lying in Warren County on waters of Barren Fork of Collins River between Watery Branch and Finley's Creek, running south with Jacob SPANGLER's line north to James WILLIAMS' corner. Seal affixed in Nashville, 16 Nov 1839, by Gov. James K. POLK, Luke LEA, Sect. of State.

"While in Warren Co, I made copies in the library there of the original papers on these when they were applications for the grants. The first is signed 'A. FINLEY' in exactly the same manner and style as the papers in the Clarke Co, AL, courthouse which were signed by my ancestor, Alexander. I also have copies of Thomas' signature on some of the papers. At the estate sale, Alexander bought Thomas' surveyor's instruments and books and I am sure he was the surveyor involved in these grants. He made two trips to Warren Co, which are documented in the estate papers, one lasting 26 days, the other 42 days. Two letters which look like a title appear after his signature on entry No. 1067, appear to be 'Sv.' Is this an old abbreviation for Surveyor? He could be the Alexander FINLEY who surveyed for Daniel FINLEY and witnessed on 19 Jan 1827, mentioned in the last paragraph, P. 5, in the previous Finley Findings.

"These grants were said to be outright sales by the state of probably marginal land. I found no record of any deeds for Alexander or Thomas and the land probably was never lived on by either. I have not known about the MORROW or SHAW connections long enough to do any research on them, but Hugh MORROW, according to census, owned land in 1850.

"Hugh SHAW and Jesse GREER were appointed to settle the Estate of Thomas FINLEY in Warren Co, TN, and Alexander in Clarke Co, AL. The County of Warren, State of Tennessee, paid the estate $749.94 and one-half cents, I suppose for surveying in Warren Co.

"Now to get back to Archibald FINLEY where these ramblings started. I have wondered if he is the Archibald who lived in Pike Co, AL, in early 1820s and whose wife was Eleanor CAMPBELL. This is from LDS records."

Back to Findley Lake

Margaret Dodson FINDLEY writes the following about another Archibald: "First, I want to thank you for your publication, which I think is great! It is my best source for FINDLEY/FINLEY information.

"In reviewing the past editions, I have found information on the FINDLEY line that I am researching. In the latest edition -- May 1991 -- concerning Archibald FINDLEY, b Nov 1735, Co Antrim, Ireland; d 1784; father shown as William FINDLEY. The information which I have (and enclosed) appears to put this Archibald in the following family:

"Gen. I. William FINDLEY -- married to Martha DREAMER. Please refer to your membership directory. Information sent by Joan L. COUGHENOUR gives Wm. FINDLEY, b 22 Nov 1715, Belfast, Ireland, m (1st) 1734 to Jane Holland STEEL, d 1757; m (2nd) 2 Sept 1758 to Martha DREAMER DRENNAN, widow.

"Children: Archibald, b 1735; John, b 1737; Alexander, b 1737*; James, b 1739*; William, b Jan 1740*; Samuel, b 1742*; Andrew, b 1749. (*Came to America, 1763-1769.)

"Gen. II. A. Alexander, b 1759, Northern Ireland; d 2 Oct 1832, Findley's Lake, NY; mar. 1783/84 to Nancy Jane CARSON, b 1761, Ireland; d 27 Jun 1847, Findley's Lake, NY. Alexander came to America with his father about 1769. Alexander was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. He was the first to purchase land, Findley's Lake, 1811; returned after War of 1812; purchased more land, 1815; and settled there.

"Gen. IV. Children of Alexander FINDLEY and Nancy Jane CARSON:

"A. William, b 1784, Ireland; in War of 1812 with father; d 3 Aug 1881, Sandy Lake, Crawford Co, PA; m (1st) by 1830 to Rebecca TAYLOR, b 1795-98, d by 1867.

"B. Margot, b 1786, Ireland; m Adam DINSMORE.

"C. Russell, b 1788 on the ocean, on return trip from Ireland; d 22 Mar 1865; bur. Fairfield Twp., Crawford Co, PA; m Nancy BENSON, b 1798, d Aug 1853. Children of Russell and Nancy: Wm., Nancy, Matilda, Phila, Sarah.

"D. Nancy, b 1793; m _________ BENSON.

"E. Hugh B., b 10 Dec 1796, Findleyville, PA; d 28 Aug 1850, Findley's Lake, NY; m Mina A. KNOWLES, b 25 Jan 1823, d 4 Oct 1851.

"F. Mary, b Apr 1799, Greenfield, Erie Co, PA; m Nathan Hoyt LEACH. (Her birthdate is questionable as it was shown to be 31 Apr and April only has 30 days.)

"G. Carson, b 1806; d 18 Dec 1893, Erie Co, PA; m 1836/37 to Mary HUNT.

"H. Jane, b 1803; m Daniel KNOWLES.

"I. Samuel, b 1808; d young.

"J. Betty, not married.

"William m (2nd) Sally A. (Sarah) FISK. War of 1812 pension application states: m Sally A., 4 Sept 1867, Crawford Co, PA; she d 5 Jun 1882, Crawford Co, PA.

"William enlisted and was discharged three times between 17 Aug 1812 and 4 Aug 1814. Capt's Wm. SMITH and James BARR's Co's PA.

"Gen. V. Children of Wm. and Rebecca: Alexander, b 1831; Joseph, b 1837; Lucretia, b 1839; Edward, b 1841; James, b 1842; MORE???

UPDATE 2011: The only other child besides Thomas (below) that I show is a female, Sarepta, no other info. "Gen. V. I am searching for Thomas FINDLEY and believe him to be child of Wm. and Rebecca, gone from home when U.S. 1850 census was taken, Greenwood Twp., Crawford Co, PA.

UPDATE 2011: Thomas FINDLEY, b NY; m Mary Ann Crist, b OH.

"Gen. VI. Also searching for Andrew Jackson FINDLEY, b 1849, Meadville, Crawford Co, PA. Believe that Andrew Jackson FINDLEY is s/o Thomas FINDLEY, s/o William and Rebecca FINDLEY.

UPDATE 2011: Andrew Jackson FINDLEY, b 10 May 1849, Meadville, PA; d 3 Apr 1931, Lake Charles, Calcasieu Par., LA; m 10 Feb 1876, Louisburg, Miami Co, KS, w Alice Palatha Millikan, 5 Apr 1855, Washington Court House, Fayette Co, OH, d 24 May 1943, Iowa, LA.

"FINDLEY Family Reunions were held yearly in Findley's Lake (Chautauqua Co) NY starting in 1898. Copies of invitations sent to Andrew Jackson FINDLEY and wife Alice Millikan FINDLEY are enclosed. Information taken from: County Histories of Chautauqua, NY; Crawford Co, PA, and others; U.S. Census; cemetery records; service records; family letters and traditions."

Margaret FINDLEY also sent a copy of a page sent to her by Fenton Historical Society, NY, which reads as follows: "to put in your Bible

"William, son of William and Martha DREAMER FINDLEY of County Antrim, Ireland, in 1740, died near Greensburg, PA, April 5, 1821; m in County Antrim, Ireland, Margot Russell in 1748.

"In America, he m (2nd) Mary COCHRAIN; (3) Mary Ewing CARUTHERS (widow).

"Alexander, son of William and Margot RUSSELL FINDLEY, b 1759; Mary, dau of William and Margot, b 1760; Jane, dau of William and Margot, b 1761.

"Put this side in the Bible if you can. Then we will have that to refer to.

"Mrs. PAUL found these in Ireland."

On the back is written the following:

"William FINDLEY, born in Scotland, m Martha DREAMER and lived in County Antrim 1735.

"Archibald FINDLEY, b 1735; John, b 1737; Alexander, b 1737 (guess they must have been twins); James, b 1739; William, b 1740 in the m of Jan.; Samuel, b 1742; Andrew, b 1749."

Margaret FINDLEY says she has no idea who Mrs. PAUL was or when the original was written.

A copy of the invitation Andrew Jackson FINDLEY received to the FINDLEY Family Reunion appears below.

More answers found

QUERY NO. 1: The following query was sent to Berva J. HOWES by Dorothy CHARLES:

"I am looking for information about my great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson FINLEY. I had written to Rear Admiral Herald STOUT and received your name from his widow saying that you would carry on his research.

"My great-grandfather's parents, I believe, were born in Ohio. According to the 1870 census, his father was William D. FINLEY and was 47 years at that time. A wife, Ellen, age 33, was listed. I believe she is a second wife. Children listed were Robert, age 21, born in Ohio; Andrew, 18, born in Ohio; Hannah, age 16, born in Ohio; William, 13, born in Iowa; Ellen, 10, born in Iowa; Archibald, 8, born in Iowa; and Laura, 4, born in Ohio.

"My great-grandfather's brother, William, I believe, settled in Frankfort, Indiana, and may have married a girl from Nebraska.

"Andrew Jackson FINLEY was born in Ohio, 8 Nov 1852. On 9 Apr 1873, he married Delilliah WALTER. They had three children, Mary Edith FINLEY (my grandmother), Walter and Helen.

"I am interested in clues about William D. FINLEY which will allow me to dig deeper into the past. I also would like to know who my great-grandfather's mother was."

UPDATE 2011: I have found this family in my database as follows:

William D. FINLEY, b 1823, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH; m W Mary Ellen FINLEY, b PA. Their children: James, b ca. 1847; Robert M., b ca. 1849; Andrew Jackson, b 8 Nov 1852, d 9 Mar 1943; Hannah, 1854; Laura Frances, b Dec 1856; Archibald, b 1862; Ellen; William.

William's parents were Dr. John FINLEY, b 1778, Montgomery Co, VA; m w Lydia VANCE. They had one other son, James Vance, b 1818, Cincinnati, OH, d 1858, m w Malinda WELCH.

John's parents were James FINLEY Jr., b 1747, Augusta Co, VA; d 1829, Reed Creek, Montgomery Co, VA; m 10 Jun 1769 w Mary Ann CARLYLE, b 1748, d aft. 1829. Their children were Agnes, b 1770; Joseph Carlyle, b 2 Jul 1776, d aft. 1829; Jane, b 1776(?); and John.

James Jr.'s parents were James FINLEY, b 10 Dec 1727, Nottingham, Chester Co, PA; d bef. 1780, Staunton, Augusta Co, VA; m 1746 w Agnes MORRISON, d bef. 1790. Their children were James FINLEY Jr.; John, b 1748, Augusta Co, VA, d Washington Co, VA; Margaret, b 1750; Samuel, b 1752; Elizabeth, b 1754; Robert, b 1756; and another James Jr., b 1757, d 12 Apr 1814.

James' parents were Samuel FINLEY, b 9 Jul 1708, Dublin, Ireland; d 4 Mar 1772, Peters, Cumberland Co, PA; m 16 Jan 1727, Chester Co, PA, w Margaret ROWLAND, b 1708. Their children were John, b 1724, Letterkenny, Franklin Co, PA, d bef. 21 Oct 1783, Letterkenny, PA; James; Robert, b 1731, d 1763, Augusta Co, VA; Capt. William, b 1732, Chester Co, PA, d 1794, Cumberland Co, PA; Samuel Jr., b 1734, d 1795; Elizabeth, b 1736; Margaret, b 8 Mar 1740, Cumberland Co, PA, d 1800, Shippensburg, PA; and John, b 11 Jan 1742, East Nottingham, PA, d 1818, Lincoln Co, TN. Samuel's parents were James FINLEY and Elizabeth PATTERSON, of which we have seen much more in past issues.

QUERY NO. 2: Enid E. LARSON sends the following query:

"My grandmother, Susie Moore FINLEY, w b 28 Jan 1876, in Kingsland, Cleveland Co, AR. Her father's name was John FINLEY and her mother's name was Mollie BARRETT. My grandmother m 2 Jun 1897, Abbott, TX, w Richard Lafayette HAMMER.

"I am searching for information on John FINLEY and Mollie BARRETT."

UPDATE 2011: I found LARSON's great-grandparents were actually James George FINLEY, b 19 Sep 1841, GA; d 5 Feb 1898, AR; m 27 Nov 1863 w Mary Elizabeth Mollie BARNETT (not BARRETT), b 17 Mar 1851, MS, d 29 May 1912, Easton, Fresno Co, CA. Their children were Augusta Elizabeth, b 10 Nov 1865, AR, d 14 Feb 1843, Tulare Co, CA; John Lepolian, b 7 Jun 1868, AR, d 21 Jan 1956, Santa Cruz Co, CA; Hiram Henderson, 14 May 1871, d 18 Jun 1960, Jim Wells Co, TX; Susie Moore, who d 18 Nov 1938, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co, CA; Eudora Lucinda, b Jan 1879, AR; and Nona.

James' parents were Robert FINLEY Jr., b ca. 1811, GA; m w Eliza GREGORY, b 1815, Fishing Creek, Newberry Co, SC. Their children were Robert Hint, 12 May 1837-19 Apr 1908; William T., b Sep 1838; Susan, b 1840; James; Eliza N., 15 Nov 1844-18 Oct 1889; John Wesley, abt. 1846; Hiram Crumley, May 1846-21 Jan 1916; Joseph D., b Jan 1848; Iverson Lane, 15 Dec 1851-20 Mar 1921; Mary Laura, b ca. 1852; Charles A., b Jun 1855; Franklin Dosia, b 1858. Robert Jr.'s parents were Robert FINLEY, b bef. 1775; d bef. 19 Oct 1811; m 26 Nov 1802, Greene Co, GA, w Jane _________. Their children were Thomas J., Jane and Robert Jr.

Robert's parents were George FINDLEY V, b 1760, Franklin, Cumberland Co, PA; 5 Jan 1836; m Charity Jemima FINLEY, d MS. Their children were Robert; Nicholas, 1778-1817; William, 1780-bef. 8 Jun 1840; Thomas, b ca. 1783; Samuel, b ca. 1785; Nancy, b 22 Sep 1787; George VI, 1800-15 Jun 1853; Zachariah, 1803-11 Nov 1870; Jane, ca. 1805; Lockey, ca. 1808-4 Feb 1863; Martha J., b ca. 1828; Rebecca; Polly; and Priscilla, d May 1813.

George V's parents were George FINDLAY IV, b 17 Aug 1735, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland; d ca. 1794, Greene Co, GA; m 9 Mar 1761, Kilmarnock, Scotland, w Jean HUNTER, b 5 Jul 1743, Kilmarnock, Scotland. Their children were John, ca. 1761-1829; George V; James, ca. 1761-bef. 5 Jul 1841; Robert, ca. 1761-bef. 1828; John, ca. 1761-1829; Isobel, b 23 Oct 1763; George, 1 Apr 1768-1782; and Mary, 1 Nov 1772-1800.

George IV's parents were George FINDLAY III, b 8 Apr 1702, Kilmarnock, Scotland; m 31 Jan 1735, Kilmarnock, Scotland, w Isabell LOCKHART, b 3 Feb 1712, Riccarton, Ayrshire, Scotland. Their children were George IV; Alexander, b 28 Aug 1737; John, b 6 Jan 1740; and Thomas, 11 Feb 1757-bef. 29 Oct 1805.

George III's parents were George FINLAY Jr., b 27 Apr 1673, Kilmarnock, Scotland; d 28 May 1759, Kilmarnock, Scotland; m 3 Jun 1702, Kilmarnock, Scotland, w Sara HOWIE, b ca. 1675, Kilmarnock, Scotland, d 1706, Kilmarnock, Scotland. George III was their only child.

George Jr.'s parents were Georg FINLAY, b 1650, Kilmarnock, Scotland; m 1672, Kilmarnock, Scotland, w Janet HUNTAR, b 1650, Kilmarnock, Scotland. Their only child was George Jr. I cannot take this line back any further.

QUERY NO. 3: Kathleen S. MOELLENHOFF has this query:

"Does anyone have additional information on FINLAWs of New Jersey? My great-great-grandfather, Abijah FINLAW, m Nancy L. in PA. They lived in Turnbull Co, OH, as did a brother (?), Ezra FINLAW. Abijah was born in NJ, 13 Mar 1800, and d 13 Jun 1873, Meigs Co, OH. He and his wife are buried at Rock Springs Cmty., Pomeroy, Meigs Co. Who were his parents? Was Abijah b in Salem Co, NJ?

"Surely someone knows about the New Jersey FINLEYs. James FINLEY changed his name to FINLAW before 1800 and a move to Ohio, according to STOUT. Is this James FINLAW, the grandfather of Abijah?"

UPDATE 2011: While I still do not have anything on Abijah's father or any future generations, I can report that his wife's maiden name was Nancy Louella HINDMAN, b 11 Jun 1810, Philadelphia, PA; d 11 Mar 1882, Meigs Co, OH. They were married before 1837 in PA. Abijah d in Salisbury, Meigs Co, OH. Their children were James, 7 Oct 1837-Sept 1863; his twin sister, Sarah E., 7 Oct 1837-15 Apr 1922; Harriet, ca. 1844; Samuel Hindman, 1848-1906; and Milton, ca. 1852. I have a continuation of Sarah, Harriet and Samuel's lines in my database.