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Hello Guys,

How are you? I too was stalked in Trinidad between 2002-2005.

The "murderous hitmen" always try to do a double or triple murder. All witnesses must get killed. They tried last July 22, 2005 and at my house on Sept 11, 2005. It was aborted.

My Mom comforted me. Firstly, I will call Phillip Mills in Florida, since they may have lured Judy away after her legal ordeal with Anne.

These people here are murderous and they will try to take "pay" with blood.

Protect yourself through Xmas 2005.

People are wicked! I have no functional mobile phone at this time, but Anne has a mobile #868- 771-9513. Allan too was sick in hospital. They will kill all, and take away jobs because of the "publicity" and the "secret family" non-supportive way of life. Tell Dennis ASAP. Start getting strong, but my suspicion of "funeral " may be that sooner or later.

LIFE IS A GIFT FROM GOD. Tanti Edwina died and was buried in Easter 2005. I just found out in September 2005! This is called "FAMILY!"

Jessie Moses.

Each Year, 25,000 children are reported missing in New York State. Call Jessie Moses and John's HOME PAGE.

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Body recovery begins

First sweep fails to find huge number of corpses

Advocate staff photo by Arthur D. Lauck Nick Jones with the South Carolina Task Force 1 searches a home on Packenhan Avenue on Friday in Chalmette.

NEW ORLEANS -- Alarming predictions of as many as 10,000 dead in New Orleans may have been greatly exaggerated, with authorities saying Friday that the first street-by-street sweep of the swamped city revealed far fewer corpses than feared. "Some of the catastrophic deaths that some people predicted may not have occurred," said Col. Terry Ebbert, the city's homeland security chief.

He declined to give a revised estimate. But he added: "Numbers so far are relatively minor as compared to the dire projections of 10,000." Mayor Ray Nagin suggested last weekend that "it wouldn't be unreasonable to have 10,000" dead, and authorities ordered 25,000 body bags. But soldiers who had been brought in over the past few days to help in the search were not seeing that kind of toll. "There's nothing at all in the magnitude we anticipated," said Maj. Gen. Bill Caldwell, commander of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division.

The encouraging news came as workers repairing the area's levee system and water pumps projected Friday that it will take a month to dry out the city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The tedious rescue operation is complete and yielded 8,000 rescues, authorities said, adding they have officially shifted most of their attention to counting and removing the dead after spending days cajoling, persuading and all but strong-arming the living into leaving the city because of the danger of fires and disease from the fetid floodwaters. Ever since the hurricane struck Aug. 29, residents, rescuers and cadaver-sniffing dogs have found bodies floating in the waters, trapped in attics or left lying on broken highways. Some were dropped off at hospital doorsteps or left slumped in wheelchairs out in the open. Police and soldiers marked houses where corpses were found, or noted their location with global positioning devices, so that the bodies could be collected later. A dozen boats awaiting calls to retrieve bodies were lined up early Friday on an interstate ramp that was being used as a makeshift boat launch. Soldiers also hauled the last of the bodies out of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Ebbert said the search for the dead will be done systematically, block-by-block, with dignity and with no news media allowed to follow along. "You can imagine sitting in Houston and watching somebody removed from your parents' property. We don't think that's proper," he said.
... "We've been incredibly fortunate up to this point," she said. "The risk (of disease and epidemic) exists. People not leaving are at an increased risk. I think it would be a mistake for people to be let back in." Police fearing deadly confrontations with jittery residents enforced a new order that bars homeowners from owning guns. That order apparently does not apply to the hundreds of M-16-toting private security guards hired to protect businesses and wealthy property owners. But there were still no reports of anyone being taken out by force under a three-day-old order from the mayor, and there were growing indications that that was little more than an empty threat. "We're trying our best to persuasively negotiate and we are not using force at this time -- I cannot speak to the future," said City Attorney Sherry Landry. "If we find it necessary we will do so. ... We would like to make this a last resort." Landry said her office has not been able to confirm rumors that troops or law enforcement personnel have kicked in doors to forcibly evacuate residents who don't want to leave. The military also began providing cages to homeowners to allow them to evacuate with their pets. "We got the capacity, and it seemed like the right thing to do," said Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore. Draining continues The floodwaters continued to recede, with about three dozen of the 174 pumps in the area working and an additional 17 portable pumps in place. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said most of the city could be drained by Oct. 2, but some of the eastern areas of New Orleans and the hard-hit community of Chalmette, across the Mississippi River, could be under water until Oct. 8. Plaquemines Parish, which suffered a storm surge from the coast, could take another 10 days to drain. The corps had previously said it could take up to 80 days to drain the city. Friday marked the first time engineers offered detailed time tables. The effort to get water out of the city, which had been 80 percent covered following the storm and levee breaches, was helped by dry weather and gaps blown in the levees to allow floodwaters to drain. Firefighters were heartened to learn that water pressure has begun to return, though the water is still not safe to drink, Ebbert said. Running water should be used only for sanitation. Powering up While 350,000 people in the New Orleans area were still without electricity, utilities said some power has been restored to the central business district. Landry said the city is working "24/7" to get the CBD and other businesses in the city up and running as soon as humanly possible. "We know that you need to get back into the city," she said. Landry said there is some power in the CBD but not enough to run the entire business district. The city hopes to have debris cleared from the CBD in the next seven days "or sooner" and then set up a schedule for businesses to return. Entergy New Orleans President, Dan Packer, said of the 1.1 million Entergy customers who were without power after Katrina, 700,000 now have power. Some 350,000 still have no electricity in Louisiana, the vast majority in metro New Orleans, he said. Packer said electricity could be restored to some dry areas of the city in a couple of weeks, but it will take months to bring back power in some of the worst hit areas of the metro area. He encouraged anyone who smells natural gas to call (800) 368-3749 -- 1-800-Entergy. "The minute you turn power on and there is gas around, you are asking for trouble," he said. Packer said Entergy is conducting gas sweeps in the French Quarter, Algiers and uptown New Orleans.

Other developments

New Orleans Fire Chief Charles Parent said his department is operating from four staging areas and will expand as floodwaters recede. Fire departments from New York, Illinois and Maryland are assisting, he said. Authorities said the airport will reopen to commercial flights Sept. 19. Residents of St. Tammany Parish, across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans, were allowed to return to their homes to inspect damage and clean up. The Postal Service opened 37 offices in several parishes south of the city, though deliveries were still impossible along flooded streets. The developments in New Orleans came against an increasingly stormy backdrop in Washington, D.C., where Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown was relieved of his command of the onsite relief efforts.

Suicide Car Bomber Kills Iraqi Children.


- A suicide car bomber sped up to American soldiers distributing candy to children and detonated his explosives Wednesday, killing up to 27 other people, U.S. and Iraqi officials said. One U.S. soldier and about a dozen children were among the dead. At least 21 others, including three U.S. soldiers, were wounded in the attack, the second major suicide bombing in Baghdad this week. A suicide attacker killed 25 people Sunday at an Iraqi army recruiting center.

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              sister(X,Y) :- parent(Z,X) , parent(Z,Y) , female(X), X\=Y.

              /* queries:
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              Iraqi police and U.S. troops were seen securing those weapons, which apparently had not been fired, and U.S. soldiers were seen searching donkey carts on nearby streets. 

              One man was carried away bleeding from the Palestine Hotel, where many foreign journalists and U.S. workers are staying. No other casualties were reported at the Palestine or the Sheraton Hotel across the street, and police said no one was hurt at the ministry. 

              "This is the work of terrorists," said Loay Yunis Khalil, manager of the Palestine Hotel. 

              Elsewhere, a U.S. soldier from the 82nd Airborne Division was killed and two were injured near the city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, on Thursday when a roadside bomb exploded next to their convoy, the military said Friday. 

              To the south, in the city of Karbala, at least four mortar shells were fired into a Thai military camp Thursday, officials in Bangkok said Friday. They reported no casualties. 

              The Baghdad attacks occurred at the height of "Operation Iron Hammer," the U.S. military counteroffensive against rebels in and around the capital. The U.S. commander in the capital, Brig. Gen. Martin Dempsey, said Thursday that the 12-day crackdown had contributed to a 70 percent decrease in rebel activity. 

              The rocket attacks appeared intended to demonstrate that the operation hasn't defeated the rebels. Nobody claimed responsibility and there were no immediate reports of arrests. 

              The attacks both occurred about 7:20 a.m. At least eight rockets were fired at the Oil Ministry, but only two of them detonated, Col. Peter Mansoor of the U.S. 1st Armored Division said. 

              The ministry was closed Friday for the Muslim day of prayer. A ministry official told Dow Jones Newswires that a fire was quickly extinguished and caused no major damage to the building. He said oil production would not be affected. 

              Mansoor said one rocket hit the Palestine Hotel, but at least five rocket holes could be seen on the eighth, 15th and 16th floors of the 18-story structure. Another rocket hit the Sheraton. 

              Ziyad, a 25-year-old Iraqi man who was staying with his bride Rownaq at the Palestine for their wedding night, was two doors down from one of the areas hit on the 15th floor. 

              "We were sleeping when we heard the sound of a rocket," he said. "This is our wedding present." 

              Employees of U.S. agencies met in the Palestine lobby for impromptu security briefings from military consultants. 

              At least one man was injured at the Palestine Hotel, and was carried away by U.S. military medics on a stretcher. He was bleeding from his head. Mansoor confirmed one injury, but didn't know the man's nationality or more details about him. 

              He said the attacks bore a close resemblance to a strike last month on the Al-Rasheed Hotel, just across the Tigris River, which housed many U.S. military officials and occupation authorities. One soldier was killed at the Al-Rasheed, which has since been evacuated. 

              "It was similar to the attack on the Rasheed Hotel," he said. "Same type of techniques." 

              Police and soldiers found a rocket launcher on Saadoun Street, which runs beside the Palestine, perched atop a donkey cart. 

              Iraqi police 1st Lt. Amar Arshad said the launcher had the capacity to fire 30 rockets. It was unclear how many were launched, but five unfired rockets sat in the launcher. 

              Mansoor said another rocket-launcher, also on a donkey cart, was found near the Oil Ministry. Iraq's police chief, Gen. Ahmed Ibrahim, said the attacks were carried out by "mere terrorists." 

              "They depend on animals to kill people. Even the animals are not safe from them," he said. "They want to steal freedom from the Iraqi people, but we will chase them down." 

              Witnesses reported hearing five explosions at the Oil Ministry, and thick black smoke poured from the heavily guarded compound. Fire trucks moved about the grounds. Ibrahim said no one was injured. 

              The Sheraton and Palestine hotels once belonged to international chains, but both are operated by Iraqis. 

              The hotels are among the best-protected in Baghdad, with several security checkpoints on the approaches, blast barriers on surrounding streets and U.S. armored personnel carriers stationed outside. They stand in front of Firdaus Square, where Iraqis famously toppled a statue of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) on April 9. 

              The Palestine Hotel, which housed most foreign journalists in Iraq during the war, was shelled by a U.S. tank on April 8, killing two cameramen, one from Spain and one from Ukraine. The U.S. Army has called the shooting justified. 

              The attacks came a day after a truck bomb exploded near a Kurdish party office in the northern oil city of Kirkuk, killing five people and wounding 30 in an attack local officials blamed on Islamic extremists linked to al-Qaida. 

              The powerful explosion shattered windows and damaged doors at the two-story, yellow-and-green building of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. It also blew out windows of a nearby radio-television station. 

              At about the same time, twin suicide truck bombs in Istanbul, Turkey, exploded at a London-based bank and the British consulate. At least 27 people were killed and nearly 450 were wounded.

              Pfc. talks to reporters on her return home to Elizabeth, W. Va., in late July.

              My mother is called Jessie Moses says John and Guy Djoken.

              Syria Demands U.N. Condemn Israeli Attack (AP) - Syria demanded that the U.N. Security Council condemn Israel's airstrike against a purported terrorist training camp near Damascus, but the United States said it would not support any resolution that does not also criticize attacks against Israel. At an emergency meeting called at Syria's request Sunday, most council diplomats spoke out against both the airstrike and the suicide bombing in the Israeli port city of Haifa that killed 19 people and prompted Israel's retaliation. However, U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte focused his condemnation on the Haifa attack, while blaming Syria for harboring terrorists

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              Bush: Hussein 'A Danger to the World'
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              By JOHN J. LUMPKIN, Associated Press Writer

              WASHINGTON - President Bush (news - web sites), defending his decision to go to war in Iraq (news - web sites), said Friday that a search for weapons of mass destruction made clear that Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) was "a danger to the world" even though investigators have failed so far to find any illegal arsenal.

              AP Photo
              Reuters Photo
              Slideshow Slideshow: Iraq

              Special Coverages
              Latest headlines:
              · Bush: Hussein 'A Danger to the World'
              AP - 6 minutes ago
              · U.S. Authority Says Iraq Power Tops Pre-War Levels
              Reuters - 11 minutes ago
              · Iraqi Shiite leader demands election of constitution drafters
              AFP - 11 minutes ago
              Special Coverage


              A leading congressional critic, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, said the results of the search to date demonstrated no imminent threat existed "and there was time for more diplomatic effort before we went to war."


              Bush made his comments at the White House, Pelosi in the Capitol, the two offering differing interpretations of an interim report submitted by chief U.S. weapons inspector David Kay.


              Kay, emerging later from a briefing with Senate Armed Services Committee (news - web sites) members, emphasized that they were "closing no files, reaching no final conclusions." He said they had found "two dozen major cases" where Saddam had hidden banned equipment or engaged in other prohibited activities, chiefly developing missiles that exceeded the 150 kilometer range set by the U.N.


              While Kay's initial report said no weapons of mass destruction have been found, Bush said the investigation showed that Saddam was violating U.N. resolutions demanding that he disarm. "The report states that Saddam Hussein's regime had a clandestine network of biological laboratories, a live strain of deadly agent botulinum, sophisticated concealment efforts, and advanced design work on prohibited longer range missiles," the president said.


              He said the findings show that Saddam "actively deceived the international community, that Saddam Hussein, was in clear violation of United Nations (news - web sites) Security Council resolution 1441 and that Saddam Hussein was a danger to the world," he said. Bush did not reply directly when asked if he was still confident that banned weapons would be found.


              The president brushed aside a poll that said public confidence in his ability to deal wisely with an international crisis had dropped sharply. "Sometimes the American people like the decisions I make, sometimes they don't," he said. "But they need to know I'll make tough decisions based upon what I think is right."


              Pelosi, D-Calif., who met with Kay in a secure room in the Capitol, emerged to tell reporters that "it was clear to me that there was no imminence of a threat for weapons of mass destruction," as the White House had claimed.


              She said the discoveries made so far are evidence of Iraq's aspiration for a weapons program, but added there was a difference between that and achieving the ability to deploy such weapons.


              Pelosi, who voted against last year's authorization of the use of force in Iraq, said the classified intelligence she saw at the time did not support the claim of an imminent threat of the banned weapons.


              "That was correct," she told reporters after meeting with Kay."


              On Thursday, Kay insisted he needed another six to nine months of searching before he would feel confident enough to issue any conclusions about Iraq's weapons program. The Bush administration is asking for $600 million to continue the search, according to congressional officials.


              "We have not found at this point actual weapons," Kay said after briefing lawmakers behind closed doors. "It does not mean we've concluded there are no actual weapons."


              In a statement to several congressional committees Thursday, he only made one strong finding — that Saddam was actively developing missiles that exceeded range limits imposed by the United Nations.


              "In addition to intent, we have found a large body of continuing activities and equipment that were not declared to the U.N. inspectors when they returned in November of last year," Kay said.


              Taken together, Kay's findings do not validate most of Bush's prewar assertions that Saddam had widespread chemical and biological weapons and programs to make more, and was developing a nuclear weapon. Kay did not address U.S. assertions about Saddam's ties to terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaida.


              Critics have contended that the U.S. intelligence community made serious errors in its analysis of the threat posed by Iraq or the administration exaggerated what intelligence information it did have to persuade a skeptical world to support an invasion.




              "Did we misread it, or did they mislead us, or did they simply get it wrong? Whatever the answer is, it's not a good answer," said Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

              "I'm not pleased by what I heard today," said Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., the committee's chairman, "but we should be willing to adopt a wait-and-see attitude — and that's the only alternative we really have."

              Kay did say, however, that there was evidence that Iraq "focused on maintaining small, covert capabilities that could be activated quickly to surge the production of (biological weapons) agents."

              To that end, he described "a clandestine network of laboratories and safehouses within the Iraqi Intelligence Service that contained equipment ... suitable for continuing (chemical and biological weapon) research." Whether the equipment was actually utilized for that purpose, Kay's report does not say.

              Kay said the information on trailers alleged to be mobile biological weapons labs was inconclusive.


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                      American Airlines #11 Boeing 767 7:45 a.m. Departed Boston for Los Angeles 8:45 a.m. Crashed into North Tower of World Trade Center
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                      United Airlines #93 Boeing 757 8:42 a.m. Departed Newark for San Francisco 10:03 a.m. Crashed in Stony Creek Township
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                          I am Uday Hussein, son of Saddam!
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                            On July 4, 1776, our Founders adopted the Declaration of Independence,
                            creating a great Nation and establishing a hopeful vision of liberty and
                            equality that endures today. This Independence Day, we express gratitude
                            for our many blessings and we celebrate the ideals of freedom and
                            opportunity that our Nation holds dear.

                            America's strength and prosperity are testaments to the enduring power of
                            our founding ideals, among them, that all men are created equal, and that
                            liberty is God's gift to humanity, the birthright of every individual. The
                            American creed remains powerful today because it represents the universal
                            hope of all mankind.

                            On the Fourth of July, we are grateful for the blessings that freedom
                            represents and for the opportunities it affords. We are thankful for the
                            love of our family and friends and for our rights to think, speak, and
                            worship freely. We are also humbled in remembering the many courageous men
                            and women who have served and sacrificed throughout our history to
                            preserve, protect, and expand these liberties. In liberating oppressed
                            peoples and demonstrating honor and bravery in battle, the members of our
                            Armed Forces reflect the best of our Nation.

                            We also recognize the challenges that America now faces. We are winning
                            the war against
                            enemies of freedom, yet more work remains. We will prevail
                            in this noble mission. Liberty has the power to turn hatred into hope.

                            America is a force for good in the world, and the compassionate spirit of
                            America remains a living faith. Drawing on the courage of our Founding
                            Fathers and the resolve of our citizens, we willingly embrace the
                            challenges before us.
                            Laura joins me in sending our best wishes for a safe and joyous
                            Independence Day. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless

                            by President George Bush

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                                                                          AMONG THE Democrats, former Vermont governor Howard Dean substantially outpaced his rivals in money raised during the second quarter and continued to attract financial support from a glittery list of Hollywood celebrities, while Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.) ended up with the most money in the bank after six months of fundraising. But what drew the most comment among Democrats yesterday was the unexpectedly weak performance of Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (Mo.), who fell more than $1 million short of his second-quarter goal. The disappointing performance, which Gephardt campaign officials did not try to dispute and which came after a mediocre first quarter, prompted a major shift in fundraising strategy that will now focus more on small donations rather than on big checks.
                                                                          Overall, Bush raised $34.4 million from 105,000 donors during the quarter and, after spending $2.3 million getting his reelection committee underway, emerged with $32.7 million in the bank, including about $671,000 transferred from his 2000 campaign. The nine Democrats jointly raised about $31 million during the same period, underscoring the enormous gap between the money Bush will have available to spend promoting his candidacy between now and his national convention next summer and what the eventual Democratic nominee will have during that same period. Bush will have the capacity to wage a massive media campaign at a time when the Democrats will be either focused on one another or nearly out of money.
                                                                          ‘A CLOSE RACE? Ken Mehlman, Bush’s campaign manager, defended the prodigious fundraising, given the fact that the president has no primary opposition and the Democrats will spend much of their money on their nomination battle. “We’re expecting this will be a close race, and we intend to have the resources we need to communicate our message and to build a strong grass-roots organization,?he told reporters in a conference call. Approximately 12,500 donors gave Bush the maximum.
                                                                          Although Bush campaign officials emphasized the broad-based reach of their fundraising effort, about 70 percent of the money raised came in contributions of $2,000. The competition for money among the Democrats is both intense and consequential because of the early start to the primaries and the caucuses next year, and an even more compressed schedule of contests than in the past. Beyond the traditional opening states of Iowa and New Hampshire, the Democrats must have money in the bank at the beginning of the year for races over the following two weeks in about a dozen other states, including several with costly media markets. In the Democratic race, Dean reported raising $7.6 million, roughly triple the amount he raised in the first quarter, and ended up with $6.4 million in the bank. Kerry again finished second in fundraising, for the quarter, with $5.9 million raised, but he retained his cash-on-hand leadership among the Democratic candidates, with $10.9 million in the bank. The Dean campaign said it received contributions from 73,226 individuals in the second quarter, and it estimated that more than 60 percent of the total it has raised this year qualifies for federal matching grants under the public financing program that provides taxpayer money equaling the contributions of $250 or less from individuals. The matching rate for Dean is much higher than the normal level which, according to the FEC, is usually in the 25 percent to 33 percent range. That will give Dean a built-in cushion in January, when the federal funds are dispersed, even if the other candidates outraise him in the next six months. DEAN’S APPEAL The breadth of Dean’s fundraising appeal to small donors is clearer when compared to Kerry’s campaign, which received contributions from about 23,000 individuals in the second quarter. Advertisement Sen. John Edwards (N.C.), who was the top Democratic fundraiser in the first quarter, with $7.4 million, raised $4.5 million in the second quarter and ended up with the second-largest bank account, with cash on hand of $8 million. Edwards’s campaign officials had said he would raise close to $5 million for the quarter, and yesterday they blamed the shortfall on a processing error and the receipt of some checks dated after the June 30 deadline. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.), who lost his chief fundraiser on Monday in a dispute with his campaign director, improved on his first-quarter performance by raising $5.1 million over the past three months, but he finished the second quarter with $4 million in the bank. His campaign has begun to revamp its fundraising operation. Among the major candidates, Sen. Bob Graham (Fla.) trailed the others with just $2 million raised and $1.6 million on hand. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (Ohio) reported raising $1.5 million and having $1.1 million in the bank. Former Illinois senator Carol Moseley Braun reported raising $145,000 and finishing the quarter with $22,000 in the bank, while the campaign of Al Sharpton said he raised $57,000 and had $12,000 on hand. Two weeks ago, Gephardt campaign officials said he had raised about $4.5 million in the second quarter, but yesterday the campaign reported raising just $3.9 million ?far short of the $5 million goal established by campaign officials earlier this year. Gephardt finished the quarter with $6.3 million in the bank. ‘NOT THE END OF THE WORLD? The poor fundraising performance, coming after Gephardt raised $3.5 million in the first quarter, excluding money transferred from a congressional campaign account, prompted new questions about the former House Democratic leader’s ability to generate support for his presidential candidacy. Gephardt entered the race with a reputation as one of the most prolific fundraisers in the party’s history, but has struggled to attract donors to himself. “This is not the end of the world. We understand we have a problem here, but we are fixing it,?said Gephardt adviser Steve Elmendorf. Gephardt campaign officials said the second-quarter results will prompt a dramatic shift in fundraising strategy, with more emphasis on smaller donations and more effort aimed at Gephardt’s home state of Missouri and other places in the Midwest. Gephardt officials also said they will try to use the endorsements that Gephardt has received from several labor unions to appeal to union members for contributions. “We are going to reorient and reorganize,?a campaign official said. “Clearly, it has to be a disappointment,?a veteran of Democratic presidential campaigns said. “Six million gives him plenty on hand, but the big question is how does it affect future fundraising and what does he need to do to restart the fundraising.?

                                                                          FORMULAE-Budget Sabotage Spreadsheet AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET COMPUTES VALUES! (1)=B8-C8 (column D-Retail Discounted Price) (2)=D8-(D8*10%) (Column E-Wholesale Discounted Price) (3)=D8*.08 (Column F-Sales Tax Price) (4)=D8+F8 (Column G-Total Price)

                                                                            Calculate The Time and Cost?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

                                                                            22 hours 23 hours 24 hours 25 hours 26 hours 27 hours 28 hours 29 hours --

                                                                            Trinidad To Rota Trinidad y Tobago To Sanlucar de Barrameda Trinidad To Madrid New York To Cordoba Trinidad To Malaga Trinidad y Tobago To Torremolinos Trinidad To Granada Trinidad y Tobago To Barcelona Trinidad To Almeria Trinidad y Tobago To Sevilla Trinidad To Costa del Sol Trinidad y Tobago To The Straight Of Gibralter Trinidad TO Jerez New York TO CADIZ Trinidad y Tobago To Ceuta, Morocco New York To Mellila, Morocco Tobago To Morocco Trinidad y Tobago To Mellila, Morocco Trinidad To Isla de Mallorca Distance In Kilometers From Trinidad To Spain. Distance= Speed/TimeSpeed=DistancexTime
                                                                            (1)Moment's Notice Airlines-John-Pedro and Jessie Moses$3,200.00$3,000.00$5,400.00 $8,000.00 $3,700.00 $3,005.00 $3,000.00 $3,000.00/TD> 10,000.00
                                                                            The Military Airline For Kids Only!...Get Your Life insurance!
                                                                            $6,200.00 $7,000.00 $5,400.00 $8,000.00 $9,700.00 $13,005.00 $23,000.00 $63,000.00/TD> --
                                                                            (2)Bail-Out The Airline Company AirWays $3,200.00 $3,000.00 $5,400.00 $8,000.00 $3,700.00 $3,005.00 $3,000.00 $3,000.00/TD> --
                                                                            (3)Anti-Terrorism Firing Range Immediate Effect Airways! $3,200.00 $3,000.00 $5,400.00 $8,000.00 $3,700.00 $3,005.00 $3,000.00 $3,000.00/TD>
                                                                            Time is Measured In Seconds 21 31 41 51 61 71 81 I
                                                                            Rockets 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Missiles -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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                                                                            My Virtual Photo Album

                                                                            Welcome to my online photo album.

                                                                            Vacation Pictures

                                                                            Put in pictures from your last vacation.


                                                                            Show off your friends.

                                                                            Special Events

                                                                            Whales ashore TEARS FOR WHALE: Avi Lawrence, who has one foot, cries as she comforts one of the whales yesterday on Manzanilla Beach. By NORRIS SOLOMON Guardian East Bureau TWELVE whales died and 14 were returned to sea, following a massive rescue effort after 26 adult and juvenile pilot whales came ashore on the Manzanilla beach yesterday.

                                                                            AN EXCITING MULTICULTURAL EDUCATIONAL TOOL!

                                                                            "I love my daddy!"

                                                                            NEWSGROUP ON LINE...CALIFORNIA!
                                                                            A PUBLIC NEWSGROUP!

                                                                            A TECHNOLOGY PLAN

                                                                            POWERPOINT 2000!...A PRESENTATION TOOL SOFTWARE PROJECT! A Notes Page act as a script for the PowerPoint presentation. The information on each of the slide is written out in more detail and this helps to formulate thoughts. As much text as can fit on one page is entered in each Notes Page. Short quotations may be used for humor which adds a transition.

                                                                            WELCOME TO THIS ONLINE SCHOOL IN CYBERSPACE...LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN TO MEET YOUR OWN OBJECTIVES!...A NON-PROFIT PROJECT!

                                                                            POWERPOINT 2000!...A PRESENTATION TOOL SOFTWARE! A Notes Page act as a script for the PowerPoint presentation. The information on each of the slide is written out in more detail and this helps to formulate thoughts. As much text as can fit on one page is entered in each Notes Page. Short quotations may be used for humor which adds a transition.

                                                                            THE ROLE OF THE TEACHER.

                                                                            The teacher instructs the pupils on-line.

                                                                            The teacher prepares the visual slides of the presentation.

                                                                            The teacher provides the pupils with some references and web site addresses.

                                                                            The teacher prepares the script of the entire presentation.

                                                                            The teacher reinforces positive behavior that promotes learning and stimulates the pupils. In this way the teacher acts as a catalyst.

                                                                            The teacher comments on the students Notes Page summary text and promotes visual literacy.

                                                                            The responsibilities of the pupils.

                                                                            The pupils do research on the topics.

                                                                            The pupils submits samples of their work.

                                                                            The pupils can network with other students on-line, make use of newsgroups and cooperate to learn

                                                                            THE UNIT-A SUMMARY OF CONTENT

                                                                            Upgrade your networking software, hardware, and computer environment in order to minimize hazards and to meet legal and ethical standards.

                                                                            PowerPoint slides and images used as visuals enhance interest and learning about the content of this multi-faceted thematic unit. In this project you will be given several Powerpoint slides and asked to use the "Notes Page" View of each slide and design and type a summary page based on several slides of a presentation.

                                                                            LESSON CONTENT MATERIAL.

                                                                            Allowing for access to shared data raises the problem of security. Before putting information on a network, decisions must be made as to who will have access to what data and the level of security required. Adequate security controls must be implemented in the network software. If the network is accesible through a dial-up connection or the Internet, security concerns are multiplied. Security "firewalls" can be set up in which a single computer is directly connected to the Internet. Files are transferred between the Internet computer and network under tight security control. Not all threats to network security come from outside the organization. Procedures must be in place to protect data from theft or damage by disgruntled or terminated employees. Employees may bring in illegal copies of software and install them on their workstations, possibly making them available for others to copy. A company may then be held liable for software piracy.

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                                                                            ADULT STUDENTS.

                                                                            A TECHNOLOGY PLAN.

                                                                            Adult students who are already proficient in using the software PowerPoint and who are experienced computer users will work on-line and participate in developing the NotesPage portion of a PowerPoint presentation prepared by the teacher. A unit of study designed by the teacher on the theme "Upgrading your computer networking hardware, software and networked peripherals such as the printer, the learning environment, in order to minimize hazards associated with computer usage". A diskette with the content material and the PowerPoint slides will also be mailed to each student by e-mail.

                                                                            Students' interest will increase with the use of these PowerPoint slides and images which are visuals; memory will be enhanced and teaching becomes effective. The teacher functions as a facilitator responding to questions by e-mail. Each week lecture, assignments, readings, and links to related World Wide Web sites will be posted. Students can access course-work materials at any time, 24 hours per day. Technical assistance will be available via the telephone and e-mail.


                                                                            Choose Yes or No for the following items in the questionnaire.
                                                                            (1)The images in this project enhanced my memory.(T/F)

                                                                            (2) The Powerpoint slides made me understand the content better. (T/F)

                                                                            (3)The images in this project enhanced my interest in this unit.(T/F)

                                                                            (4) The on-line teaching aids assisted me to apply the content provided in the course.(T/F)

                                                                            (5)I am less interested in the content when I use images.(T/F)

                                                                            (6)I will use this technology again. (T/F)

                                                                            (7)This technology helped me to be creative. (T/F)

                                                                            (8)I prefer not to use images. (T/F)

                                                                            (9)I learn better with images, this is my preferred learning style. (T/F)

                                                                            (10) I was given a fair chance to use images. (T/F)

                                                                            (11) I learn best by using Web pages because of its graphical interface. (T/F)

                                                                            (12) I want my children to learn with educational images. (T/F)

                                                                            PART 2

                                                                            On a scale of 0-10, 0 being not at all satisfied and 10 completely satisfied, rate your satisfaction with the use of images as the technology for this project. Choose a number to represent your choice on the scale.












                                                                            Other factors prevented me from getting the maximum from the use of this technology. (T/F)

                                                                            Additional Comments.

                                                                            Is there anything you would like added to or deleted from this course?

                                                                            My personal objectives for attending this on-line course were met. ________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

                                                                            How many hours per day or per week do you spend on the computer? _________________________________________________________________

                                                                            Other factors prevented me from getting the maximum from the use of this technology. (T/F)

                                                                            Hassles Scale.

                                                                            Please think about how much of a hassle each item > was for you yesterday by circling the appropriate > number by each item. >

                                                                            0 1 2 3 A. Legal Matters

                                                                            0 1 2 3 A. Being organized

                                                                            0 1 2 3 A. Social commitments.
                                                                            Top Stories - AP Report: al-Qaida Made Pre-9/11 Diamond Buy 54 minutes ago Add Top Stories - AP to My Yahoo! By EDWARD HARRIS, Associated Press Writer DAKAR, Senegal - A series of witnesses place six top al-Qaida fugitives in Africa buying up diamonds in the run-up to the Sept. 11 attacks, according to a confidential report by U.N.-backed prosecutors obtained by The Associated Press.

                                                                            Click all links and scroll down, go back or forth on the browser to navigate this page.
                                                                            The first-person accounts detailed by the prosecutors add to long-standing claims that al-Qaida laundered millions of dollars in terror funds through African diamonds before launching its deadliest offensive. Al-Qaida figures, including some already wanted in pre-Sept. 11 attacks on U.S. targets, dealt directly with then-President Charles Taylor and other leaders and warlords in the West African country of Liberia (news - web sites) from 1999 onwards, according to the accounts. The witnesses told of meetings and sightings in the seedy hotels and safehouses of Monrovia, the blighted capital of what was then a rogue nation.

                                                                            The Online Classroom Project. URL Address is below:

                                                                            Additional Comments.

                                                                            Is there anything you would like added to or deleted from this course?

                                                                            My personal objectives for attending this on-line course were met.

                                                                            How many hours per day or per week do you spend on the computer? _________________________________________________________________


                                                                            The researcher will combine an individualized CAI approach using the software PowerPoint, questionnaires, interviews, appropriate to this study.
                                                                            This Powerpoint slide presentation is a visual way of presenting ideas and concepts on a computer screen. This is a contrast to the text mode without graphics.

                                                                            TIMELINE FOR LESSONS-AN OUTLINE OF WEEK 1.

                                                                            September 8th, 1999-September 15th, 1999-Confirmation of Proficiency in using Powerpoint.

                                                                            Complete the skills checklist on Powerpoint and send it back to me by e-mail.

                                                                            CONCEPT TAUGHT- Images used in teaching this content area enhances interest. This technology also enhances visual literacy.

                                                                            VIEW AN IMAGE OF A FLYER!

                                                                            CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS.
                                                                            Language Arts.

                                                                            Write a poem about images you would use in Networking and send it to me by e-mail.


                                                                            SET INDUCTION.
                                                                            Ask students to view one graphical image linked from the first Powerpoint slide given which is linked to the Internet or by clicking on the hypertext below.

                                                                            I CAN LEARN ABOUT INFOGRAPHICS...CLICK HERE.

                                                                            Discuss the responses to the questions at the end of the lesson.

                                                                            GOOD-BYE UNTIL WE TALK ON-LINE AGAIN.

                                                                            Study the paragraph below and think of different images that can be used to make Powerpoint slides for a presentation on the content material.

                                                                            Sample Readings

                                                                            You can explore and review your previous lessons on Powerpoint for home-lessons. OK.

                                                                            THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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                                                                            BOYS AND GIRLS COOPERATE TO LEARN AND LEARN TO COOPERATE!

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                                                                            John+Pedro have 4 maternal uncles and 8 paternal uncles!!!!
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                                                                            JOHN+PEDRO only have 1 favorite maternal uncle.

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                                                                            DON'T USE BIG WORDS!.....

                                                                            When you are asked to make an oration in an auditorium
                                                                            DON'T USE BIG WORDS!

                                                                            LET THE SIMPLICITY OF YOUR VOCABULARY BE PROMINENTLY EMINENT.
                                                                            DO NOT VOCIFERATE!
                                                                            DO NOT PROPOUND PARADOXICAL PROPOSITIONS!
                                                                            REMEMBER THAT THE OBJECT OF YOUR ORATION IS FOR THE EDIFICATION OF YOUR AUDIENCE.

                                                                            DESIGNER IS FROM TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO BUT I HAVE LINKS TO THE WHOLE WORLD!

                                                                            Sound in the form of music allows some communication with individuals.

                                                                            One can synchronise a movie so that the music plays until the end of the video clip.

                                                                            AUTHORING SYSTEMS allow you to integrate graphics,text,video, and audio into one presentation.

                                                                            A THOUGHT ABOUT ANIMATION!

                                                                            Breathing life into characters can be pretty tricky!


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                                                                            I am from TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO...EXPLORE!

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                                                                            LANGUAGE ARTS! DR MARTIN LUTHER KING,Jr.

                                                                            When he was a child he was a good reader.
                                                                            When he was an adult he became a good leader.
                                                                            When he was a child, he listened to the teacher.
                                                                            When he was an adult he became a preacher.

                                                                            Remember that there are two distinct functions involving words in desktop publishing:writing, or composing the words themselves, and layout, or arranging the words on the page.
                                                                            With some desktop publishing programs one can type text in a Text Block and then select and rotate the entire Block to a specified degree. Another option is to create the rotated text in a graphics program and then import it as a graphic.

                                                                            CONTORED TEXT.

                                                                            Placing text in some overall shape is a much more limited special effect than a rotated text. In some situations, the impact of contored text can be very dramatic!

                                                                            HOW CAN HYPERTEXT MAKE A PRODUCT MORE INTERACTIVE?

                                                                            Hypertext or underlined words are those you can click on to move to another screen or see another option.

                                                                            IMAGINE A SCHOOL WHERE..........

                                                                            Students have access to infinite knowledge.

                                                                            Parents can communicate with teachers during the day.

                                                                            School is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

                                                                            Classrooms have no walls.

                                                                            School to work transition can occur without the student leaving the school.

                                                                            Money and resources is no problem

                                                                            A GUESS....THE INTERNET!



                                                                            New Page 3

                                                                            Jessica Lynch book
                                                                            due in November 

                                                                            Rick Bragg will write
                                                                            ‘I Am a Soldier, Too’

                                                                            By Linton Weeks
                                                                            THE WASHINGTON POST 

                                                                            Sept. 2 — “I Am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story” will go on sale in November at bookstores, discount warehouses, truck stops, gift shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, PXs and just about everywhere else across America. 

                                                                            • Buy Life Insurance
                                                                            • MSNBC Hot List
                                                                            • Yellow Pages
                                                                            • Shopping

                                                                            THE AUTHORIZED biography will be written by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Rick Bragg and published by Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House. Sonny Mehta, Knopf’s president, will make the official announcement today. 
                                                                            “Jessica Lynch has captured the hearts and minds of Americans,” Mehta said in a press release obtained yesterday by The Washington Post. “Her story is one the world is eager to hear, and Rick Bragg, an established chronicler of American lives, is uniquely qualified to tell it. Through Jessica Lynch, people will gain a greater understanding of American life and lives when a nation is at war.” 

                                                                            • More from the Style section 

                                                                            Through Knopf, Lynch said, “I have been heartened by the hope and faith of the American people, and by the tireless effort of the U.S. Armed Forces. Many folks have written, expressing their support for me and for the thousands of other soldiers who serve their country. I feel I owe them all this story, which will be about more than a girl going off to war and fighting alongside her fellow soldiers. It will be a story about growing up in America, and I will tell it with the help of Rick Bragg, a writer my family and I have come to admire.”

                                                                            SPECIAL OPS RESCUE
                                                                            Lynch, the sweet-faced private first class from Palestine, W.Va., was taken prisoner by Iraqi soldiers on March 23 when her maintenance company was attacked near the city of Nasiriyah. She was heroically rescued nine days later from her hospital bed by a covert Special Operations unit. She spent several months at Walter Reed Army Medical Center recovering from injuries, then was moved to her home in Palestine. After receiving her honorable discharge from the Army last week, Lynch signed the book deal.
                                                                            There are concerns surrounding the book . . . 
                                                                            . . . about Lynch’s memory. Even before Lynch has had a chance to speak publicly, her story has been told, retold and mistold by intelligence sources, informants and countless news organizations, including The Washington Post. In early scenarios, she was a tenacious fighter, receiving stab and bullet wounds while killing several Iraqis. In subsequent reports, she tried to shoot an enemy but her gun jammed. She was not wounded by bullets or knives but apparently when the Humvee in which she was riding collided with another vehicle. She did not kill any of her assailants. 
                                                                            Her story is one of mystery and misinformation. There has been concern that she doesn’t even remember what happened. “The doctors are reasonably sure,” an Army spokesman told this newspaper in May, “that she does not know what happened to her.”
                                                                            Paul Bogaards, a senior vice president and executive director of publicity at Knopf, visited Lynch and her family last week. He says, “Her memory is intact and her recall of events — during the ambush and after — informs the narrative. That’s important. This is the book that will finally give us a first-person account of what happened.” 
                                                                            He adds, “The book will address and answer any lingering questions about her injuries.” 
                                                                            . . . and about Bragg’s reputation. Long regarded as a poetic, evocative storyteller, Bragg, who has written a couple of top-selling memoirs and who won a Pulitzer in 1996 for his feature writing as a staff member of the New York Times, ran into knee-deep trouble this year when his newspaper discovered he had relied on an intern for reporting that he then took credit for. He was suspended; then he resigned. 

                                                                            Bogaards says that neither the Lynch family nor Knopf was concerned about Bragg’s recent unpleasantness. “The wider world knows Rick Bragg as a best-selling author,” Bogaards says. “The wider world does not pay heed to water-cooler gossip in newsrooms.”
                                                                            According to Knopf, Bragg has been given one-and-only access to Lynch and her family. “His book,” the press release said, “will be the first and only authorized account of events that have transfixed the nation.” There will probably be television newsmagazine interviews and magazine excerpts.

                                                                            ‘I FEEL A KINSHIP...’
                                                                            Bragg issued this statement: “I have always been drawn to stories that tell us something about who we are as a nation and a people and, like a majority of Americans, I have been captivated by Jessica’s story.”
                                                                            He continued: “I feel a kinship with Jessica and her family and am thrilled at the prospect of bringing this story to the wider world. Readers will learn about the place Jessica is from and the people she is closest to, and they will discover what she saw, what she felt and what she experienced, and understand what she survived.”
                                                                            Bragg began working on the book even before he had a contract, Bogaards says. The writer and the Lynch family are all represented by Amanda Urban, an agent at International Creative Management. According to a source close to the project, the family got letters from “tons and tons of people about representation,” but only met with representatives from two agencies: William Morris and ICM. The Lynch family signed with Urban, who has also represented Jay Leno, among others.
                                                                            According to another source close to the project, Knopf is paying out $1 million to Bragg and the Lynch family. Bragg will be paid a flat fee for writing the book. The Lynch family, meanwhile, will receive part of the advance and all the royalties. 
                                                                            The Knopf press release explained that Lynch is undergoing physical therapy at a West Virginia hospital. “I am feeling better every day,” Lynch said through Knopf, “and all the good wishes of the many who have written have certainly kept my spirits up. Right now I am walking with crutches, but my doctors tell me that as I gain strength I will be able to walk on my own again soon. I am looking forward to those first steps.”
                                                                            Knopf believes that this book will be a mega-seller. The first printing will be at least 500,000 copies, Bogaards says.
                                                                            “This is a book our retailers will be very aggressive in ordering,” he says. “It will go into every channel of distribution.”
                                                                            Bogaards expects that the book will be sold not only in traditional venues but in all kinds of places.
                                                                            “I have never seen such interest in a book. It’s a story that resonates,” he adds. “Everybody for different reasons sees something remarkable in Jessica Lynch.”
                                                                            “This is not the Army’s story or the Bush administration’s story. It is Jessica’s story and it is not limited to what took place at Nasiriyah,” Bogaards says. “She didn’t plan the war. She didn’t lead the convoy. She didn’t organize the rescue or manipulate any version of current events for the media. All she did was live the drama.”

                                                                            Commander: GIs in Iraq Face Revenge Raids
                                                                            Commander: GIs in Iraq Face Revenge Raids
                                                                            Wed Sep 17, 5:36 AM ET

                                                                            By TAREK AL-ISSAWI, Associated Press Writer

                                                                            BAGHDAD, Iraq - The commander of the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq (news - web sites) said in an interview published Wednesday that U.S. forces, already under pressure from a guerrilla-style resistance, now face revenge attacks from ordinary Iraqis angered by the occupation.

                                                                            AP Photo
                                                                            AP Photo Photo
                                                                            AP Photo
                                                                            Slideshow Slideshow: Iraq

                                                                            AP Video Purported Saddam Tape Urges Resistance
                                                                            (AP Video)

                                                                            Special Coverages
                                                                            Latest headlines:
                                                                            · Lawmakers: Deficit May Be Campaign Issue
                                                                            AP - 15 minutes ago
                                                                            · Rumsfeld: U.S. Must Not Retreat from Battles
                                                                            Reuters - 16 minutes ago
                                                                            · White House denies tying Iraq to September 11 attacks
                                                                            AFP - 40 minutes ago
                                                                            Special Coverage


                                                                            North of Baghdad, there were at least three separate attacks on U.S. forces with roadside bombs in less than 1 1/2 hours Wednesday morning. Witnesses reported injured soldiers, but details were unclear. The attacks hit U.S. Humvees about 12 miles north of Baghdad near al-Taji.


                                                                            While U.S. forces increasingly patrol Iraqi hotspots with American-trained local militiamen, citizens voice growing anger with tactics that are seen as heavy-handed and insensitive to Iraqi social and religious customs.


                                                                            "We have seen that when we have an incident in the conduct of our operations, when we killed an innocent civilian, based on their ethic, their values, their culture, they would seek revenge," Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez was quoted as telling The Times newspaper in London.


                                                                            Coalition forces were seeking "to ensure that when a mistake has been made and when we have inadvertently wound up killing someone that we go and do the right thing culturally to take care of those families." The Times' report did not elaborate on those steps.


                                                                            Sanchez's remarks came after the friendly fire killing late last week of eight Iraqi policemen by American soldiers near Fallujah, 30 miles west of Baghdad. The military and the U.S. administrator for Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, have apologized.


                                                                            Six people claiming to be Americans and two who say they are British are in U.S. custody on suspicion of involvement in attacks on coalition forces, an American general said Tuesday. They would be the first Westerners reported held in the insurrection against the U.S.-led occupation.


                                                                            Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, who is in charge of coalition detention centers in Iraq, said they were considered security detainees, meaning they were suspected of involvement in guerrilla attacks. She did not identify them but said they were being interrogated by military intelligence in Baghdad.


                                                                            "We actually do have six who are claiming to be Americans, two who are claiming to be from the U.K. We're continuing the interviewing process. The details become sketchy and their story changes," Karpinski said Tuesday.


                                                                            She said there were "several ... hundred third-country nationals in custody."


                                                                            She declined to give more details on those being held.


                                                                            "We're not trying to withhold information from you. Some information remains classified for security reasons," Karpinski said during a tour of Abu Ghraib prison, where Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) once locked up his political opponents.


                                                                            Asked about the detainees at a Pentagon (news - web sites) news conference, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said: "The truth is that the folks that we've scooped up have, on a number of occasions, multiple identifications from different countries. They're quite skilled at confusing people as to what their real nationality is or where they came from or what they're doing."


                                                                            The British government said it was investigating the claims.


                                                                            "We are urgently following up the reports," a Foreign Office spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity. She would not confirm whether the United States had informed British officials of the arrests.


                                                                            If Westerners are actively involved in the resistance, it would deepen confusion about what groups are involved. Initially, the guerrilla fighters were thought to be Saddam loyalists, but in recent weeks U.S. officials have said they are being joined by foreign fighters, possibly al-Qaida members.


                                                                            The revelation recalls the capture of John Walker Lindh in Afghanistan (news - web sites), where the American fought alongside Taliban and al-Qaida fighters following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.




                                                                            Lindh was sentenced last year to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to supplying services to the Taliban militia, which ruled Afghanistan and was ousted by a U.S.-led coalition.

                                                                            In December 2001, British citizen Richard Reid, a member of al-Qaida, was arrested after trying to light explosives hidden in his shoes on a Paris-to-Miami flight. Reid pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

                                                                            American troops in Afghanistan also captured Yaser Esam Hamdi, who was flown to the U.S. Navy (news - web sites) base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and held there for several months until it was discovered he was born in Baton Rouge, La. He was held in the naval brig in Norfolk, Va., then transferred in late July to a jail at the Charleston Naval Weapons Station in South Carolina.

                                                                            At least nine Britons are being detained in Guantanamo, where some 660 men from 42 countries are being held on suspicion of links to the Taliban or al-Qaida. None of the men has been charged and some have been held for nearly two years without access to lawyers.

                                                                            Lt. Col. Pamela Hart, a spokeswoman for the mission in Guantanamo, said Tuesday that none of the detainees being held there were captured in Iraq.

                                                                            Sept. 26 — During President Bush’s two-day stay this week at the ritzy Waldorf-Astoria in New York — where he was seeking international support for the U.S. resolution on Iraq — a special escape train was idling beneath the hotel, ready to whisk him to safety at a moment’s notice in the event of a terrorist attack, it was reported Friday.
                                                                            • Buy Life Insurance.
                                                                            In the event of a terrorist attack, the train would have whisked the president off to an undisclosed secure location. — LAW ENFORCEMENT SOURCES Cited by the New York Post THE SECRET SERVICE arranged for the Metro-North train to be parked at an abandoned platform, always running and ready for instant departure throughout the president’s stay at the hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday, the New York Post reported, quoting unidentified law enforcement sources. The platform — identified as Track 61 on Grand Central Terminal blueprints — is accessible by an underground passage from inside the landmark hotel and by a freight elevator that descends from a brass-sheathed door next to the hotel’s parking garage, giving the president and his entourage a second egress route in case of emergency, the Post said. Had that occurred, the train would have sped off to an undisclosed secure location, it said. The unused station is under the Waldorf on 49th Street and Park Avenue and was never meant for riders, the Post said. The platform and adjacent tracks are normally used as a yard for out-of-service trains and can be seen by commuters going in and out of Grand Central Station, the newspaper reported. Advertisement Bush stayed at the hotel while attending a U.N. General Assembly session on Iraq and holding a series of meetings with world leaders. Members of his Cabinet, including Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, also stayed at the 42-story hotel, which was built in 1931. Other leaders, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, France’s Jacques Chirac and Germany’s Gerhard Schroeder, also have held meetings at the Waldorf this week.

                                                                            THE NUMBER of deaths rose Friday, with several more fatalities reported in Virginia, the hardest-hit state, with nine deaths. Three deaths were reported in North Carolina, two in Maryland and one each in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Rhode Island. On Thursday, when it was still a hurricane, Isabel plowed into North Carolina’s Outer Banks with winds of about 100 mph. The light of day brought the first good look at the damage along the Outer Banks. Power was out along the entire 120-mile barrier island chain, and the main road was impassable in several stretches, covered with sand, debris and downed power lines. Local real estate agents said several dozen homes appear to have been destroyed. By Friday morning Isabel’s maximum sustained winds were just 35 mph, and the storm was expected to dissipate over Canada by Friday night. The National Hurricane Center’s last scheduled advisory on the storm said Isabel was about 50 miles northeast of Cleveland and moving northward at nearly 30 mph. But the center warnmed that storm surge flooding was still likely in Isabel’s wake in the Chesapeake Bay and tidal portions of adjacent rivers.
                                                                            CAPITAL SHUT DOWN
                                                                            In Washington, offices, monuments and subway tunnels were all but abandoned, and the federal government shut down for two days, frustrating tourists. Some were surprised that monuments and museums were closed Thursday hours ahead of the storm. “I think it’s a little overkill,” said Sandra de Dubovay, who was visiting from the Los Angeles area. “Some people only have a day here. It is frustrating.” The hurricane led to the cancellation of about 5,700 flights, affecting 20 airports, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said earlier. Washington’s Reagan National Airport reopened at noon for arriving flights; there were no planes there to take off. The airport sustained some water damage to runway lights, which could affect night schedules. Washington Dulles International Airport remained open through the storm, though airlines had removed their planes. Commercial flights were arriving again Friday morning. Baltimore-Washington International airport returned to normal operations Friday morning after a brief shutdown caused by a power outage.
                                                                            Amtrak service on the Northeast Corridor was slowly returning to normal on Friday morning as overnight repair crews removed trees from the tracks and fixed power lines and switches. Amtrak service south of Washington remained suspended on Friday as did some trains from Chicago to points east. Downed trees on the track caused Amtrak to cancel all service between Harrisburg, Pa., and Philadelphia, as well as some commuter rail service. WashPost: Bright side to hurricanes Service between Pittsburgh and New York was canceled as Isabel moved through Pennsylvania. President Bush, who left Washington for his retreat at Camp David, Md., on Wednesday to beat the storm, on Thursday declared much of North Carolina and Virginia to be federal disaster areas and was considering visiting to survey the damage.

                                                                            DEATHS ACCELERATED IN the past week, with up to 180 people dying in one day in Paris — all “linked directly or indirectly” to the abnormally high temperatures that have smothered France and other parts of Europe, the ministry said. The August heat also has devastated livestock and fanned wildfires that have blackened tens of thousands of acres of territory. It was the government’s first official death toll estimate. After days of complaints about the slow government response, the government on Wednesday launched crisis management measures usually reserved for epidemics, terror attacks and catastrophes. “We can qualify what is happening to us as a true epidemic,” Health Minister Jean-Francois Mattei told France-Inter radio interview on Thursday. He said the heat wave had caused a very large number of deaths, especially among the elderly. In a statement, the ministry said its estimate was partly drawn from studying deaths in 23 Paris regional hospitals from July 25-Aug. 12 and from information provided by General Funeral Services.

                                                                              According to 2002 figures, the Paris regional hospitals that were surveyed could have expected some 39 deaths a day, the ministry said. But Tuesday, they recorded nearly 180, it said. “We note a clear increase in cases beginning Aug. 7-8, which we can regard as the start of the epidemic of deaths linked to the heat,” the statement said. Morgues and funeral directors have reported skyrocketing demand for their services since the heat wave took hold. General Funeral Services, France’s largest undertaker, said it handled some 3,230 deaths from Aug. 6-12, compared to 2,300 on an average week in the year, a 37 percent jump. Many people died while locked inside apartments, raising concerns about hygiene and odor. One police officers union in Paris called on the government to deploy the army to help retrieve bodies.

                                                                                With many families gone on vacation, “there are a lot of elderly people alone in big cities in August,” said health ministry spokeswoman Laurence Danand. Danand said an exact figure would be released next week on the number of heat-related deaths, based on a survey of all private and public medical institutions, including retirement homes. Under the crisis measures enacted Wednesday, hospitals in Paris mobilized a large number of beds to treat victims and called back health care workers from their vacations.

                                                                                ALBUQUERQUE,New Mexico N.M. - Two high school teachers said Tuesday they have been placed on leave for refusing to remove war-related student artwork posted in their classrooms.

                                                                                SWAT Team Kills Man After He Fatally Shoots Police Dog. The 4-year-old Belgian Malinois was attempting to subdue the suspected gang member, who had fired on Long Beach officers hours earlier.

                                                                                By Hector Becerra, Times Staff Writer

                                                                                For K-9 unit officers like Long Beach Police Officer Mike Parcells, words are often unnecessary when communicating with their crime-fighting dogs. But in the pre-dawn darkness Monday, Parcells ordered Ranger, his 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, to subdue a suspected gang member who had fired on officers hours earlier. The man was hiding underneath a porch. ADVERTISEMENT Moments later, Parcells was sobbing and cradling Ranger, who was dying from a gunshot wound to the chest. The gunman, Agustin Murguia Jr., had fired a single shot, and SWAT officers responded with a volley. The 22-year-old parolee was dead when officers reached him. "The last thing you tell your dog is to go do its job, and he gets killed for doing it," said Sgt. David Cannan, a former K-9 officer. "We spend almost 24 hours a day with these dogs. They live with us…. We see them more than we see our family." After the shootout, Parcells got into a helicopter with Ranger headed for a veterinary hospital in Tustin. The dog, whom Parcells had purchased with his own money from a breeder in Holland two years ago, died two hours later, just minutes after having a lung removed.

                                                                                "This dog was one of the best," said Long Beach K-9 Officer Andy Van Holt. "He showed no hesitation to do his job." The fatal shooting occurred three hours after gang enforcement officers approached a home about 11:15 p.m. Sunday in the 1200 block of Lomitas Avenue for a routine parole check. Fearing the parolee might bolt, officers approached the front while others went to the back, Cannan said. But Murguia was able to escape through the back door. Three officers chased Murguia as he ran into a dark alley near Chestnut and Cedar avenues, and he turned and fired at the officers, initiating a brief shootout, Cannan said. Murguia fled east along one of the outlets of the T-shaped alley, and the officers called for backup to set up a perimeter, Cannan said. Just before 2:50 a.m., officers spotted Murguia hiding under the porch of a home in the 1300 block of Cedar Avenue. "It all happened pretty quickly," Cannan said. "As they're getting out of their armored vehicle, the officers see him and order him to come out repeatedly." In the dark and otherwise empty street, Parcells gave Ranger a final command — to subdue the suspect. Cannan said the Long Beach police force does not equip dogs with bulletproof vests because the dogs can become overheated, lose stamina and get tangled in crawl spaces and other tight spots. Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Chuck Buttitta of the metro K-9 unit said the LAPD sometimes opts not to use donated vests for those same reasons. Unlike many other departments, the LAPD rarely uses dogs to apprehend suspects, but rather to simply locate them, Buttitta said. An exception might be when there is a chance an armed suspect could take hostages, he said. "Then we can order the dog to go in and take the suspect down," Buttitta said. Cannan said there was a sense of urgency when police located Murguia because he had previously shot at officers, and officers were unsure whether he still had his weapon. Murguia had been convicted of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon and was facing a third strike, Cannan said. Moments after the shooting, SWAT officers carefully approached the porch where Ranger had collapsed and, with weapons drawn, quickly retrieved the dog before handing him to Parcells. "They treated him like a person," Van Holt said. "I was impressed with how they dealt with the dog." Van Holt joined Parcells at the Police Department's heliport, and they flew the wounded dog to a veterinary hospital in Tustin.

                                                                                "We thought he might make it. The whole flight over, the dog was calm, he wasn't freaking out, he wasn't bleeding a lot, his panting was normal," Van Holt said. "But once we got to the hospital … he started going into shock." After surgery, Van Holt said, he thought Ranger would survive. "I knew he wouldn't be a police dog anymore," he said. "With a removed lung, I thought he would be a house pet. At least he would be a dog running around the backyard playing with [Parcells'] kids." Ranger was the second Long Beach police dog to die recently.

                                                                                Two weeks ago, another Belgian Malinois, Drago, died after he was left in a patrol car with the air conditioning on at the Long Beach Police Academy. Cannan said the air conditioning in the car failed and a sensor that is supposed to automatically roll the cruiser's windows down when it gets too hot also failed. Ranger will be buried in a cemetery tucked into a corner of the Long Beach Police Academy reserved for police dogs. Parcells was too distraught Monday to comment on the loss of his dog. "I've been with other officers who had a dog that was shot, or injured or killed, and it's very very tough on them," Cannan said. "It's like a partner being killed."

                                                                                Highland High School teachers Allen Cooper and Geoffrey Barrett said they were told Monday night that they would be suspended if they did not remove the posters. Barrett, who teaches history and current events, said the student art carried both anti-war and pro-war messages, and was created as part of a class assignment.

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                                                                                            dossier. Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction - The assessment of the British Government

                                                                                            The UK government has released its dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Published on the 24th September at 8am the dossier details the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's regime.
                                                                                            Read the dossier online:

                                                                                              Foreword by the Prime Minister
                                                                                              Executive Summary
                                                                                              Part 1:

                                                                                                Chapter 1: The role of intelligence
                                                                                                Iraq under Saddam
                                                                                                In the sole dissenting opinion, Judge Sule Sada said Lawal had confessed to the crime and the conviction should stand. But the defense had argued that the court should reject Lawal's confession because no lawyers were present when she made it

                                                                                                The introduction of strict Islamic law in a dozen northern states has triggered deadly clashes between Christians and Muslims. Five people, including Lawal, have been sentenced to death by stoning. Three have had their convictions overturned.