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Lincoln's Dog FIDO

Abraham Lincoln's dog, the only one he ever owned, lived in Springfield, IL. until 1865.

This short story by Lenora Smith, includes a picture of Lincoln's dog "FIDO". The story is composed of prose and verse about the life and death of "FIDO", passed on to her by her father, a woodworker for the Lincoln family home in the late 1800's.

This story was originally published and displayed in the Smithsonian and is now a part of its permanent collection.
To receive your copy of this historical, limited edition, numbered booklet, .. .. or send $6.00 in a standard self addressed envelope and make checks payable to:

PEC Fido
1520 N. 6th Street
Springfield, Illinois 62702
tel/fax 866-422-0018

Other Lincoln collectibles by L.Y. Smith on display at the Smithsonian include Lincoln and Mary Todd Dolls