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The Greenporker's Review

SAVING PVT. RYAN...AND THE OSCAR GOES TO... I am often disappointed in a film that I've longed to see as much as "Saving Private Ryan"...I was NOT disappointed this time. I read the novelization of the film several weeks ago simply because I wanted to experience this story so much...I was still jolted by the carnage on screen during the first half hour of this incredible film. I've never seen anything like it...and I've seen a lot. Having never experienced the horror that our fathers, uncles, sons, and brothers of the 40's did...I can only imagine that this was very near the way it was...if even less so. There is not a single flawed or wasted frame in this film. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can save us lots of time by engraving the names of Spielberg, Hanks and crew on the statues (don't forget the technical crew) and go ahead and deliver them.****

HALLOWEEN H20 Well, they suckered me in again. What a HORRIBLE movie this is...I'm almost at a loss for words...I don't even want to waste time reviewing it...just save your money...or better yet...go see "Saving Private Ryan" again. Jamie disappoint me so...*1/2

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