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Matrox® RT2500 is a realtime nonlinear editing solution for corporate and event video artists, that provides an impressive array of professional features at an unprecedented price.

"Most products are evolutionary, but this one is truly revolutionary. Matrox RT2000 is a quantum leap over any other editing product on the market. And it could only have come from Matrox. RT2000 leverages the synergy between Matrox Graphics Inc.'s expertise in high-performance 3D graphics and Matrox Video Products Group's mastery of realtime editing system design."

The revolutionary Matrox Flex 3D™ architecture of RT2000 exploits the explosive 3D graphics performance of the award-winning Matrox Millennium G400 accelerator to provide broadcast-quality 3D DVE and 32-bit uncompressed animated graphics in a native DV editing environment. MPEG-2 output for DVD, Video CD, and web video streaming applications, along with 1394 and analog video output for tape distribution, rounds out the solution

The revolutionary "Matrox Flex 3D" architecture of RT2000 exploits the explosive 3D graphics performance of the award-winning Matrox Millennium G400 accelerator card to provide realtime broadcast-quality 3D DVE and 32-bit, uncompressed, animated graphics in a dual-stream, native-DV editing environment. MPEG-2 output for DVD and web video streaming applications, along with 1394 and analog video output for tape distribution round out the solution.

"Following an extensive beta testing program that has resulted in an extremely stable and reliable product, we have shipped thousands of RT2000 cards to fulfill the backlog of orders and to stock the distribution channel," said Spiro Plagakis, Matrox vice president of sales and marketing. "Cost-conscious video editors can now benefit from the realtime editing productivity and superior production values that broadcasters have long enjoyed."

"Matrox RT2000 is a great product and one of the most stable boards we've had the pleasure of testing," said Stephen Inoue, Premiere product manager, OEM certification team, Dynamic Media Group, Adobe System Incorporated. "The time the Matrox team took to do it right will make a big difference in the marketplace."

"I've been a beta site for RT2000 since September, 1999 and I've seen it progress from a capture card with a lot of promise to a full-blown, rock-solid realtime nonlinear editing platform with all the features I need to impress my clients and get the job done in record time," said Frank Mediati, owner of Mediati Productions, a Montreal-based production company specializing in corporate, medical, and government video projects. "I've already paid back my investment many times over, and with DVD becoming more popular everyday, we are ready to cater to our customers' future needs, too. This system rocks!"

"It is hard not to be impressed by the Matrox RT2000. I have been beta-testing it since October, and seen it develop into a truly remarkable product," said Dr. Andrew Gould, managing director of The Dental Channel, London, England. "My company develops training and educational programs on CD-ROM, video tape and soon, DVD. The RT2000's realtime features allow us to be far more creative and work much faster than our existing single stream edit machine allows. The DVD support is a real boon, and for the price, it really is outstanding." For a sneak peak review of the RT2000, and some very cool screen grabs, check out Videoguys' RT2000 hands on review.

While the RT2000 is shipping, supply is very tight. We are trying to build inventory, but demand is so high, we are at times running out. Don't wait, order your RT2000 today!! Special offers on VideoRAIDs and Boris FX software!!

Complete RT2000 Bundle includes:

  • RT2000 MPEG2 capture/playback card
  • Millenium G400 AGP graphics card w/
  • Break Out Box
  • DV/FireWire cable
  • Adobe Premiere RT
  • Ulead Cool 3D
  • Sonic Foundry ACID Music
  • Sonic DVDit! LE

RT2000 now shipping $1199

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  • Realtime DV and MPEG-2 Editing on Matrox RT2000
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    Matrox RT2000 Incredible value!!

    The Matrox RT2000 bundle includes the RT2000 codec card, the Matrox Millennium G400 graphics accelerator, an attractive audio/video breakout box, and a complete content creation software suite – Adobe Premiere RT realtime nonlinear editing, Ulead Cool 3D titling, Sonic Foundry ACID Music audio editing, and Sonic DVDit! LE DVD authoring.

    This IS your graphics card! Millennium G400 provides a high-performance console with a video-in-a-window display. An additional graphics display adapter is not required in the system so there are no compatibility hassles.

    Adobe Premiere 5.1 RT
    The Matrox realtime plug-in for Adobe Premiere lets you take full advantage of the powerful RT2000 hardware. Choose from a wide variety of realtime 2D and 3D filters and transitions with customizable drop shadows, soft edges, and color borders.

    Get instant feedback the Matrox plug-in provides ultra-responsive scrubbing and realtime preview and playback on your video monitor and desktop display. You even get multi-track transparency control from within Premiere.

    Sonic Acid
    ACID Music is the fastest and easiest way to create custom license-free music for your RT2000 projects. The package includes many high-quality, cutting-edge loops to give you unprecedented creative flexibility.

    Ulead Cool 3D
    Cool 3D lets you create stunning full-screen 3D animated titles, alpha-channeled TGA images and sequences, and full-motion AVI movies for your RT2000 projects. Add finishing touches to your videos with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface where you can apply special effects, textures, and bevels to your text and logos.

    Sonic DVDIt!
    Sonic DVDit! is the easiest way to publish digital video on DVD. You capture and edit video in realtime using Adobe Premiere RT. Then drag and drop your edited video sequences, audio clips, graphics, backgrounds, and buttons into DVDit!. With its intuitive user interface, lightning-quick operation and high-powered formatting engine, DVDit! lets you easily create DVD-Video and DVD-ROM titles that play back on your set-top or PC-based player. Now, with an affordably-priced DVD-Recordable device on your desktop, DVD is the perfect distribution format for any video program.

    Matrox RT2000 includes a variety of unique productivity tools to save you countless hours in the editing suite.

    Matrox RT2000 now shipping $1199

    RT2000 - the features

    Video Inputs
  • 1394
  • composite video (CVBS), RCA jack
  • S-video (Y/C), mini-DIN
  • NTSC, PAL, and SECAM

    Video Outputs

  • 1394
  • composite video (CVBS), RCA jack
  • S-video (Y/C), mini-DIN
  • NTSC and PAL

    Video formats

  • ITU-R601 YUV 4:2:2
  • NTSC: 720x480 at 30 frames/sec
  • PAL/SECAM: 720x576 at 25 frames/sec

    Video overlay

  • programmable NTSC and PAL video-in-a-window support on console at 60/50 fields/sec
  • System requirements:

    • Intel Pentium II CPU, 300 MHz
    • 128 MB RAM
    • Free AGP Slot
    • Free PCI Slot
    • 500 MB of free space for software installation
    • Separate drive for A/V content
    • CD-ROM drive for software installation
    • Windows 98

    Matrox Flex 3D

    All you really need to know about the revolutionary Matrox Flex 3D architecture is that it gives you broadcast-quality 2D/3D DVE and transitions in real time. If you're curious about HOW we do it, read on!

    Flex 3D is a fully programmable architecture that applies 3D texture mapping to video using a Matrox 3D graphics accelerator chip and graphics memory. Motion video or graphics are treated as source textures and mapped onto polygon-based 3D shapes such as page curls, planes, and particles. Broadcast-quality effects are achieved using special features that are built into the 3D-accelerator chip and exploited through the Flex 3D architecture:

    The fact that Flex 3D is fully programmable means that additional effects can be added via supplementary software. An unlimited variety of brand new effects, that have never been seen before, can be developed.

    Realtime DV and MPEG-2 Editing on Matrox RT2000

    The Matrox RT2000 is a nonlinear editing solution that lets you work with two video streams and a 32-bit, uncompressed, animated graphics layer in real time.

    Realtime Capture
    RT2000 captures native DV material in real time over the built-in 1394 interface. Analog video from composite or Y/C sources can also be digitized in realtime into either a DV or an MPEG-2 stream.

    Realtime Editing
    During the editing process, you work with two video layers and a graphics layer. You can apply organic and 3D transitions, 2D and 3D DVE, and transparency effects in real time — NO RENDERING. You see all your edits and changes instantly on your PAL or NTSC monitor, at full online quality, without waiting for previews to render.

    Realtime Analog Output
    You can record your program to analog tape in realtime over the composite or Y/C output.

    Digital Output

    There are three modes of operation for digital output from RT2000:
    You can stream your program from the Adobe Premiere timeline directly to DV tape via 1394 without the need to print your complete project to an AVI file.
    You can record your project on disk as a DV AVI file for archiving or as an interim step in the production process.
    You can record your project on disk as an MPEG-2 AVI file for DVD authoring and distribution.

    Direct DV output to tape via 1394
    RT2000 can output to DV tape, directly from the Adobe Premiere timeline, in realtime in certain cases and in near realtime in other cases.

    Once the editing process has been completed and you want to print your final project to DV tape, you select the print-to-tape function from a pull down menu in Premiere. Matrox software then analyzes the timeline. A cuts-only project, without effects, plays out in real time. If the timeline includes effects, the software compiles just the effects sections and creates files of the effects sections that are transparent to the user. Once these effects files are created, the software will play out the entire project, in DV format, in real time. The time involved in creating the effects files depends upon the complexity of the timeline and the speed of the host CPU. Effects sections are rendered at approximately two to three times realtime on currently available computers. The overall time involved in printing to DV tape is the time it takes to create the compiled effects segments plus the time it takes to play out the timeline.

    In a typical storyboard, a significant portion is likely to be straight playback of a single video stream. For example, a 10-minute timeline which consists of eight minutes of cuts-only video segments plus two minutes of video with effects can be output in 14 minutes (1.4 times realtime). The effects segments compile in 4 minutes (2 x 2 minutes), then the entire timeline plays out in 10 minutes, for a total of 14 minutes.

    In the worst case, if the entire timeline is full of effects throughout, the process would take approximately three times realtime. A ten minute timeline takes 20 minutes for effects compilation and 10 minutes to play out to tape, for a total of 30 minutes.

    Printing to a DV AVI file
    RT2000 creates an AVI file from a DV project as follows:

    Segments of pure video (no effects) are copied into an AVI file faster than realtime. The speed of this process is bounded by the data throughput of the media hard disk.

    Effects segments are compiled at two to three times realtime and added to the AVI file.

    The combination of faster than realtime copying of video segments and accelerated compilation of effects segments results in print-to-AVI file performance that ranges from faster-than-realtime where the timeline contains mainly cuts, to two-to-three-times realtime where the timeline is full of effects throughout.

    Printing to a MPEG-2 AVI file
    RT2000 creates an MPEG-2 AVI file (with an IBP GOP structure as required for DVD authoring and distribution application) from MPEG-2 I-frame or DV projects in two to three times realtime regardless of the number of effects they contain.

    The first release of software for Matrox RT2000 will deliver the editing and output performance described above. Powerful realtime editing features and broadcast-quality 3D effects combined with realtime, or near-realtime, output capabilities make RT2000, by far, the leader in its class.

    Finally, Matrox does not plan to sit idle after the first release of this product. We are currently evaluating ways to improve output speed in subsequent software releases.