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Crest Aviation Videos

Smithsonian and Age of Flight Series, Flight Test Courses, plus instructional videos on charts, weather, Airspace Review and more.
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Flight Test Courses - Pass your checkride the first time with these video and workbook programs.

Air & Space Smithsonian: Dreams of Flight Series

Vol. 1: In the Beginning
Vol. 2: The Golden age & Beyond
Vol. 3: Higher, Faster, Further
Vol. 4: To the Moon
Vol. 5: Dreams of Flight Beyond the Moon
Age of Flight Series
Dawn of the Jet Age
Jets: The New Generation
Kitty Hawk
Lift Off to Space
Mig Alley
Modern Warplanes
Rolling Thunder
Story of Navel Air Power
Instructional videos and other titles:

Blue Angels: Around the World at the Speed of Sound
The Complete Airspace Review
Complete Jeppesen Chart Review
Flying the Citation
Hanger Flying with a Point
IFR with Confidence
Let's Go Flyng
Maneuvers for the COM/CFI
Night Flying
Practical Piloting

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