Get healthy from the inside all Begins with your cells!

Never heard of glutathione?
Well your body can not live without it! The more you know the better you live.




MAXGXL is a glutathione accelerator.
It is a nutritional supplement that gives your body what it needs to produce more cellular glutathione. It also helps your body to recycle the glutathione that you have and use it again.
(Taking glutathione tablets will not help your cells.)

Cellular Glutathione is the ultimate antioxidant.
Cellular Glutathione strengthens your immune system.
Cellular Glutathione fights inflammation & diseases of aging.
Cellular Glutathione slows down the aging process.
Cellular Glutathione dramatically raises your energy level starting with each cell.
Cellular Glutathione improves athletic performance and recovery.
Cellular Glutathione will detoxify and rid your body of pollutants and toxins.






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General Product Testimonials:

MIKE: Michael said since he was in good health when he started taking MaxGXL the effects weren’t nearly as dramatic for him as they were for his wife Lynne and his mother. For them it was nothing short of miraculous.Lynne had been receiving regular injections for a debilitating vein disorder in her legs. She also suffers from rare skin and vascular disorders, bad circulation and water retention. After eight months on the product she went to her doctor for her routine visit to receive injections and the doctor said the problem in her legs had completely cleared up, as had the water retention. Lynne’s skin appearance was also significantly improved. Her doctor told her to continue doing whatever she was doing. His mother’s health issues became “non-issues” after a few months on MaxGXL, and she was also restored to full health.
Michael Lebrun
Ottawa , ON  

CHARLENE: I had a series of health issues beginning in the late 1980’s. In 2001, I had a complete hysterectomy that helped my body to function better but I also developed some horrible side effects—especially a lack of sleep. After 4 days of being on MaxGXL, I slept through an entire night! In addition, when I would get up, I limped from a sports injury in my left knee. In recent years, I have had to wear a knee support so I wouldn’t hurt and my knee would not swell. One morning after a week of being on MaxGXL, my son said, “Momma—you are not limping! What happened?” I have not had to wear my knee support in over two months! We live in Las Vegas and for the past three years, my husband has worked as a cook on the graveyard shift. You can imagine his erratic sleep pattern! After four days of being on MaxGXL, he woke up proclaiming, “That was the BEST sleep I have had in three years!” And he continues to sleep better, has more energy and gets through his long nights much better than before. We can now live our life to the Max!
Charlene Ragsdale
Las Vegas , NV  

GEORGE: Over the years I have tried many natural products as well as medications prescribed by doctors. Nothing has ever worked so well (and continues to do so!) as MaxGXL. I had joint problems in both hands. After only three days on MaxGXL, I could not believe how much better my left hand was. After five days, it was completely normal and the right 75 percent better. And by the 10th day, the discomfort was completely gone! Another pleasant surprise, is my balance, which has been terrible since a back operation in 1972. My balance now has greatly improved. The best improvement, I believe, is my energy level. I sleep so much better and wake up ready to GO! I am 70 years young and have the same or more zip than when I was 39! Thank you MaxGXL!
George Richer
Ontario , Canada Has


DONNA: I was very skeptical and started to wonder if anything could actually help me. For the past few years I spent 2-3 days a week lying on the couch dealing with pain and aching all over my body, and I was tired all the time. It was hard for me to get out of bed in the morning and get through the day without falling asleep. I started taking MaxGXL, and after 3 months, I noticed the pain was gone. It has been 10 weeks since I have had that pain, and I now have the energy to get through the day.  One thing that has definitely changed since taking the MaxGXL is a general feeling of well-being. Just feeling good and happy on a daily basis.  I can also recall the first morning I woke up feeling awake and alive and raring to go! It was 7 am and I had been taking MaxGXL for two and a half weeks. I felt as though I had slept for days! I will not stop taking MaxGXL. My mission is to introduce this product to as many people as I possibly can. Basically, I had fibromyalgia and Restless Leg Syndrome and as long as I take my MaxGXL, I remain symptom free.
Donna Rulli Ontario , Canada


Attention: Professional Athletes


MaxGXL™ IS A COMPOSITIONALLY PATENTED, all-natural nutritional formula designed to increase intracellular glutathione, one of the most powerful and most prevalent antioxidants in the body.  In simple terms, this means that MaxGXL provides the essential help strengthen the immune system--all of which are vital for professional and extreme athletes.  

The bonus for athletes is that MaxGXL™ has also passed the Athletic Banned Substance Screening Program--see for details.  "The results of the screening demonstrate not only Max International's commitment to quality and safety, but also our firm belief in seeking out independent bodies to research, test and validate our products, " says Max International President Craig Case. See MAXGXL SPORT HERE


A Few Professional Athletes Testimonials:

Ernest Chang ( Hawaii ): As a police officer for 10 years, Ernest Chang maintains a fit and active body. But fitness is also a personal interest: He competes in bodybuilding contests regularly and trains extensively. He began taking MaxGXL® at his manager's suggesting while training for National Physique Committee's Paradise Cup Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in 2007. "Within three to four days, I felt a difference," he says. "I had a sustained energy level. I sleep better at night and need less sleep than before I started taking Max. My trainer-recuperation ability increased greatly. Not only did I recover faster for each workout, I also recovered faster between sets. The best way I can describe it is like my lungs felt supercharged. Other huge differences were my increased strength and my number of repetitions."

 Kevin Saunders ( Texas ):  Kevin Saunders has achieved athletic distinction, earning titles such as World's Greatest Wheelchair Athlete, by serving as a member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and as International Ambassador on Health and Fitness. But he says MaxGXL® helped him fine-tune his athletic performance. "MaxGXL® is an amazing tool for any athlete looking to go to the next level," he says. "As a world-champion athlete, I thought I'd tried everything, but I've been blown away. Instead of having down days and feeling tired, I've found that MaxGXL® gives me the boost to power through."
Herb Gee ( Vancouver , British Columbia ):   A 66-year-old track and field competitor, Herb Gee is an experienced athlete. Adding MaxGXL® to his regimen has helped him achieve more than he imagined possible. "In October 2007, I was scheduled to participate in five events at the Huntsman World Senior Games, in St. George , Utah ," he says. "Foolishly, I over trained in the last two weeks before my first event and questioned whether I should even go. I just didn't have the explosive power anymore, but since the Games entry fees and airline tickets were paid and the hotel booked, I decided to go and just do my best." After winning several races throughout the day, he was fatigued when the time came for his last event, the 100-meter run -- his specialty. "I knew I had to let it all hang out, " he says. "This was my final event and my last chance to win gold. the gun went off, I rocketed out of the starting blocks and led from start to finish, winning, I am told by spectators, by about a meter, a race typically won by inches. There is no doubt in my mind that MaxGXL® was my partner in gold."
Ian Walling ( Toronto , Ontario ):  Ian Walling is a professional athlete with many titles under his belt: WNSO World Pro Champion, Mr. National Universe 1998, National Olypia gold medal winner and others. He's also a personal trainer to future national bodybuilding competitors. "Since I have been using MaxGXL®, I just feel better," he says. "My energy is great. I noticed that my muscle recovery has increased after my workouts. I take MaxGXL® before and after I work out."

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