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The Psychic Sports Network

Welcome to an exciting new concept in Sports Handicapping. I have gathered a group of psychics and channeled their talents towards the sports scene. Through the impressions they receive on the days matchups I can compile a "consensus" report on the outcome of each game. Some impressions are stronger than others and are monitored seperately. I am also tracking individual results under various situations. The results have been very encouraging. Most of our psychics have no prior experience in handicapping sports and work solely from within their own individual "gifts". I will publish these "psylections" daily on this page. Mild "Psychic Impressions" will be released as Free Psylections, while the "Strongest Impressions" will be released on our Psychic Hotline
We See WINNERS in Your Future
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  1. Call the PSYCHIC HOTLINE anytime.
  2. E-Mail us with the code given at the end of the message at
  3. Get 30 days of our Top Psychic Psylections for only $15.00 (charged to your phone bill)
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    If we have a losing record at the end of your 30 days Cosgrove Sports will REFUND your $15.00 or give you an additional 30 days at NO CHARGE!
    Let's recap. That's every Psylection Cosgrove Sports releases on ALL SPORTS for 30 days GUARANTEED WINNERS or its FREE!

    Here are your complimentary Psychic Psylections.
    Top Psychic Psylections will be posted below after last game of the day.
    The crew from the PSYCHIC SPORTS NETWORK has returned with College Basketball. Ranked #4 overall last season at The Arena lets see if we can top that this year.
    All PSYCHIC PSYLECTIONS will be FREE until they prove they've recovered from this years Baseball fiasco!
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