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Cosgrove Sports

Welcome to Cosgrove Sports. Home of Don Woodard Sports and The Psychic Sports Network. We will be working together to release the strongest plays available anywhere.Don Woodard Sports offers selections based on his own set of mathmatical formulas and power ratings.The Psychic Sports Network has brought a unique twist to the sports handicapping world with an experiment in "Psychic Psylections". The Psychics posted a winning record in college hoops during their debut at The Arena last year, and are frequently in the Top 10 with their Psylections at Big Guy Sports Network. Don Woodard Sports joined the team this summer and has enjoyed some success with his football selections. With this amazing combo of Psychic Powers and Don's stat tracking an Power Ratings look for Cosgrove Sports to move to the forefront of the Sports Betting Advisory Services. Documented records can be viewed at:

Big Guy Sports Network

We See WINNERS in Your Future
Get Our Top Psylections on a Daily Message
  1. Call the PSYCHIC HOTLINE anytime for only $15.00 (charged to your phone bill)
  2. E-Mail us with the code given at the end of the message at
  3. Get 30 days of our Top Selections with ONE Call!
  4. Our Top Selections will be E-mailed directly to you.
    If we have a losing record at the end of your 30 days Cosgrove Sports will REFUND your $15.00 or give you an additional 30 days at NO CHARGE!
    Let's recap. That's every Psylection Cosgrove Sports releases on ALL SPORTS for 30 days GUARANTEED WINNERS or its FREE!

    Call our HOTLINE today and get on the Email list for this weekends Top Selections!

    Horrible day yesterday. We were due. Write a check, tell 'em to kiss your ass, and move on.
    The Psychics have 5 Top Psylections posted on our HOTLINE for Mondays CBB. Check out their page for a couple of free ones.

    Visit The Psychic Sports Network.The Psychics are READY! All Psylections will be FREE until they establish a winning record!

    Visit Don Woodard Sports for power ratings and Free NFL & College Football selections.

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