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Don Woodard Sports

Hello and Welcome to Don Woodard Sports. Here you will find we take a more analytical approach to handicapping sports. I have developed my own set of power ratings and statistical calculations based on many years of experience and of course trial and error. I will release a few free plays daily and The Psychics will post my "Top Selections" on their 900 service.
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    If we have a losing record at the end of your 30 days Cosgrove Sports will REFUND your $15.00 or give you an additional 30 days at NO CHARGE!
    Let's recap. That's every Psylection Cosgrove Sports releases on ALL SPORTS for 30 days GUARANTEED WINNERS or its FREE!

    Here are your Free Selections

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    • NY Jets (W)
    • Washington (W)
    • Under @ Washington (W)
    • San Diego State (P)
      Sundays Free Plays
    • Carolina
    • Detroit
    • New Orleans
    • Under @ Minnesota
      "Top Psychic Psylections" Available at


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        Thursdays Top Psylections
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        Fridays Top Psylections
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        Saturdays Top Psylections
      • Call Now and get on the Email list for this weekends Top Power Rating NFL Plays from Don Woodard and receive PR breakdowns of all the games from the "experts" listed above! One $15.00 call will set you up for 30 days of our SELECTIONS PLUS valuble PR charts of several well known handicappers! Along with our winning trends and insightful views on each weekends matchups.

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      • #1 Pay Service last week at BGSN! Call now to get Sundays Winners!

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