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Continental Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Founded in 1953, by a single owner entrepreneur, Continental Exports became a Limited liability Company in 1972.  It has over the past 26 years been active in the manufacture and export to  U.S.A., Sweden, Denmark & England. In 1982, the company expanded it's manufacturing bases outside India and started with a joint venture in Nepal. In later years, the company built a very strong sourcing base in Bangladesh and was active in that area for nearly 6 years. Naturally thereafter Continental Exports expanded it's sphere of operation to other countries in the sub-continent and since the early 90's it has not been doing any manufacturing, but is only sourcing garments for it's clients from select factories, depending upon customer needs and quota situations.

In recent years the Company has been selecting garment factories in India, Sri Lanka, Arab Emirates, Oman, Nepal etc. and then watching over the production quality, adherence to delivery and checking the correctness of the paper-work. Besides, we have strong fabric and trim resources in Hong Kong, China, India & Pakistan. Our client base and references are mostly in U.S.A. and currently we are watching the interests of our valued customers like Chaps (Ralph Lauren) and American Design Studios (Robert Peritz). Labels handled include Chaps, Eddie Bauer, American Terrain, Universal Studios, Hathaway, Puritan, Jack Nicklaus Golf, Structure and such others.

We look forward to hearing from Companies of repute, who need our services
 Contact Us
To get in touch with us e-mail or fax us at (91-11)3271359 
Continental Exports Pvt. Ltd.
4/18, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002, INDIA
 Tel: (91-11)3276340 Fax: (91-11)327159
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