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Post your wish list for coupons, see what others have to offer, and others' wish lists

Hodge-Podge's Funnies

A collection of jokes and such that I've collected from friends and family. Since some of the jokes are geared towards adults and contain profanity, I've labled each with a warning "NOT A KID FRIENDLY SITE". There's {so far} four pages and the jokes are in no particular order. Feel free to email me with more jokes. I hope to catalog them soon, but no promises


I've been asked many times about my and Chris' experiences with Military Medical Retirements and dealing with Veterans Affairs. So, I've put it online. Lots of useful info, facts, and links, as well as personal stories

Hodge-Podge's Freebies

Links to other freebies pages, plus cool website freebies I've come across

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