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I am sorry to say that after 15 years I am going to have to say goodbye to Hess trucks. I will no longer be buying and selling on a regular basis. Regretfully, this decision has to be made due to the decline of the Hess Collectible Toy Trucks market. Over the past 15 years I have had many customers, a lot who have been repeat customers and I really hate to say goodbye but I must. Thank you all for your loyalty. I will leave this site up for ever if the server allows it for any information that you would find useful. BUT please if there is anyone who needs help with finding a truck I will do my best to steer you in the right direction. Don't hesitate to contact me. Again, thank you for all the good years. Donna

This is the first in the Hess Toy Truck line and was made in the original green, yellow and white. It even came with a funnel to fill the truck with water so a child could spray water out of the hose. When it was new it sold for $1.39 and now 34 years later a mint truck can bring up to $2500.00

As the only ship in the Hess toy line this is a very popular piece. Even if a collector only has a few pieces this will certainly be one that will be added to his collection. Not until 1995 did Hess add another item that wasn't a truck. When it was new it sold for $1.89 and now 32 years later a mint ship can bring up to $2400.00

This truck is one of the harder to find in mint condition due to the red velvet bottom to the box. This it truly a very desirable piece since it was a complete new design for the truck, now a split window. This is one of the rarest in the line. When it was new it sold for $1.99 and now commands a price tag of $1500.00 and up.

This year is a reissue of the 1967 truck but the bottom of the box was now white instead of the red velvet. There are 2 variations of this year one being the 1968 Perth Amboy and the 1969 being the Woodbridge, N.J. with that the only difference. Also in 1969 the company brought out the Amerada which was never sold to the public. When it was new it sold for $1.49 and now carriers a high price tag.

The Pumper was the first of the fire trucks in the line and comes with a detachable ladder and two rubber hoses. With a lot of chrome on this piece it makes it a very attractive truck. This is one of the last toys to be produced by Louis Marx and Company. There is also a 1970 USA pumper. The 1971 Pumper is the same as the 1970 but a "CAUTION" sticker was put on the top of the box. Another variation of this truck happened when the company ran out of the silk screened boxes and issues the truck in a plain white box with "SEASONS GREETINGS" on it. When it was new it sold for $1.69 and now can bring up to $700.00 with the 1971 Caution sticker about $800.00. The Seasons Greetings truck can bring up to $3500.00 .

The 1972 and 1974 trucks are reissues of the 1968 Tanker. The way that you can tell the difference between the 1972 and 1974 is the catwalk on top of the truck. The 1972 catwalk does not go all the way to the end of the tanker while the 1974 does. The box is also the same as the 1968 with the exception of the printing on the end flap which now states "Amerada Hess Corporation. The trucks sold for $1.69 and $1.89 and now bring $420.00 mint.

This year brought another newly designed truck and box. The sliding doors on ths sides of the box type trailer open to show the 3 Hess fuel barrels inside. The most common truck was made in Hong Kong but there is a variation of this truck that was made in the USA, but only a very small amount of these trucks have ever been accounted for, I was told between 20-40 pieces. Of course that makes the USA Barrel truck extremely rare and very hard to find. The truck sold new for $1.99 and now the common truck brings around $425.00 while the USA Barrel brings up to $3500.00.

This is another reissue truck, the 1975. The big difference is that the barrels now have the Hess logo on them. The color of the trailer and cab are darker than the 1975 truck. When new this truck sold for $2.29 and now goes for around $400.00.

This year the tanker truck came back in the traditional colors of white, green and yellow but with chrome added to make the truck crisper. When new this truck sold for $2.39 and now goes for $195.00-$220.00.

This year is another year for a reissue of the 1977 tanker. The only difference anyone has come up with is the decal on the rear of the tanker. The 1978 decal is just a slight bit smaller than the 1977. When new this truck sold for $2.49 and is now bringing $200.00.

This years toy was an escape from the traditional truck. The training van was actually used at Hess service stations to hold field seminars. With it's sliding side door and working lights this piece is highly desireable. When new this sold for $3.29 and now bringing over $400.00

The truck this year has a new design and is a great little truck. Modeled after the 1933/34 Chevy truck it is very realistic with it's little rubber hose that pulls out and can be rewound on it's wheel. When new this sold for $4.69 and now sells prices of $125.00.

This is another year for reissue of a 1982 truck. The only difference anyone has been able to come up with is the black switch on the bottom of the truck the 1982 had a red switch. When new this sold for $4.69 and also sells now for $125.00.

This is the first time Hess incorporated a bank into the toy truck. The tanker made a reappearance this year in the traditional Hess colors. When new this sold for $4.99 and now sells for $275.00.

At present this is the last of the reissued trucks. What makes this one different from the 1982/83 trucks is that it is a bank. When new this sold for $3.99 and now sells for $125.00.

The new fire truck was a great success with children and collecters alike. With it's flashing dome light, head and tail lights and aerial ladder it is also a bank with more chrome than ever before. When new this sold for $5.49 and now sells for $150.00.

This years trucks is totally new from the design to the colors. The traditional white, green and yellow are replaced by white and green, matching the color scheme of the service stations. This box truck with it's green barrels inside is crisp and clean and exciting. There are 3 different variations to this truck, the common one with fuel tanks that look like diamond plate, the more rare truck with smooth fuel tanks and the very rare truck made in China. When new this truck sold for $5.99 and now the common truck sells for $100.00, the smooth tank for $125.00 and the China truck for $225.00.

The first race car carrier appeared this year giving 2 toys for the price of one. The cab design on this truck changed, taking off the spoiler on top and replacing it with an air conditioner. When new this truck sold for $6.95 and now sells for $90.00. There is also a China variation of this truck that sells for $75.00.

This year brings us the reissue of the 1986 red fire truck now done in white. The company has now given us sound as well as lights. Up to the present this is the last bank in the line. When new this truck sold for $8.99 and now sells for $75.00.

This years tanker truck is a newly designed truck seemingly made for the child in mind. Sturdier than those is past years by far it now has a horn and back up lights as well as the usual headlights and tail lights. When new this truck sold for $9.99 and now sells for $55.00.

Another race car carriers was introduced this year. The noticeable difference in this year and the 1988 is the cab of the truck. The air conditioner unit is no replaced with a spoiler. When new this truck sold for $10.99 and now sells for $35.00.

This year brings another race car but with a big change. The box trailers doors in back open and there is a loading ramp for the race car inside. The lighted window on the side allowing you to see the car inside makes this truck unique. When new this truck sold for $11.99 and now sells for $35.00

Another year that the company brought in a rugged piece geared to the child this patrol car was a totally new concept. In the now white and green colors there is sound and lights and a great size for a child to play with. When new this piece sold for $11.99 and now sells for $30.00.

1993 also gave us the Premium Diesel that was never sold to the public. This truck was given to bulk Diesel customers and friends of Leon Hess. The truck was given out wrapped in a heavy green wrapping paper with a seperate gift card. At the present this piece is commanding a price tag of $700.00.

With flashing lights and a loud siren this years piece arrived on the scene. This piece is fashioned after a tow truck with some additional rescue options added on. When new this piece sold for $14.95 and now sells for $30.00.

What can be said about this wonderful new toy? It is FANTASTIC! The helicopter on the back of the truck makes this only the second non land piece in the line. When new this piece sold for $15.99 and now sells for $45.00.

There is another variation of the 1995 Helicopter Truck done in chrome. This truly unique and beautiful piece is for the serious collector. Completely done in chrome with dark green detailing sitting on a green velvet bottom make it wonderful to look and and better to own. The understanding is this is a piece given to executives of fuel companies and never distributed to the public. The price on this piece is $2200.00

I've been told there is now another of the Chrome helicopters available but this time without the green velvet bottom and is selling for $1500.00. I can't honestly verify this as I've never seen one.

Another new truck in the line is the Emergency Truck. With a working beam light and an extension ladder it is a nice addiction. When new this truck sold for $15.99 and now sells for $25.00.

This years truck is a another race car carrier but with 2 trucks inside with nice windows to view them. The truck is a hot seller and extremely hard to keep in stock. When new this truck sold for $15.99 and now sells for $55.00.

The mid year release of The Hess Mini Sampler was a huge success with the trucks selling in only 4 states, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Florida. Most stations sold out within hours. The Mini sold for $3.99 and now, September, is bringing up to $50.00 per truck. The Toy Truck Collector predicts the price to be close to $100.00 by Christmas.

The new Christmas promotional truck has arrived. It's wonderful! A Recreational Vehicle which includes a motorcycle and a dune buggy with working lights.

1999 This truck when released sold for $19.99. This was a truck for people with imagination. The not so traditional 18 wheeler with a space shuttle and satellite. The wave of the future? Maybe but it was certainly a popular truck with all the working features on it and the pieces.

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