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Barb Wire Baby OUCH !

Boy that looks good Blow me a kiss Pam Does she come with the great outdoors? Now kiss those yellow flies good bye! Goodbye yellow fly makes my skin feel so soft.

Looking around for those biting bugs?............Melissa says kiss them Goodbye!

I warned you !!

An all natural insect repellent and first aid.

Are you into Ticks and Fleas?

GOODBYE YELLOW FLY will solve all of your bug biting problems. Naturally!

You like that barb wire don't you?

GOODBYE YELLOW FLY works on all biting insects !

Its getting painful, Huh?

For Human and Animal use!

Goodbye Yellow Fly Donít Work On Barb Wire!


Goodbye Yellow Flyís Barb Wire Ranch !


The Zoo Foundation

August 17, 1998

To Whom It May Concern,

It is on rare occasion that I feel compelled to give a testimonial on animal care products, but after using Goodbye Yellow Fly for the last three months, during our most brutal time of the year for pests. Iím singing from the tops of our vines!

Located less than a mile from the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded on two sides of our tree laden property by wet lands, our zoo is a breeding ground for yellow flies, mosquitoes, gnats, no seems and fleas. Trying to find a safe yet effective treatment for all of our species of animals has been a long and frustrating battle.

Products have been bought and used for years that have produced less than satisfactory results. But now there is Goodbye Yellow Fly! All natural and no chemicals was enough for me to give it a try and as of this writing our entire flying pest problem has been eradicated within minutes of the first application.

We dilute the concentrate 50%-60%, put in spray bottle and mist the animals through the fencing. We also spray in their night houses. Our lions and tigers especially love the smell and actually dance around while being sprayed so their entire body is covered. It does such and excellent job saturating the fur that follow up application are performed every 16 to 21 days depending on the animal.

I highly recommend Goodbye Yellow Fly for the control of flying pests, it has been a God send to our animals and keepers, alike. It really WORKS and itís SAFE!

Please feel free to write me with any questions regarding our treatment procedure.

Patti Hall,
Zooland Animal Park,
1204 Gulf Shores Parkway
Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Well if it don't hurt.



Goodbye Yellow Fly is an all natural product. That was developed in 1997 by Doctor Inez Sisk, a naturopathic doctor. She has researched and studied the development of this product for several years before the finished product was presented. It was tested on a hundred people, most of which were allergic to insect bites.

Goodbye Yellow Fly is an all natural insect repellent that works on people as well as animals. It was designed to repel all insects and at the same time be good for the skin. It is non greasy and leaves the skin feeling soft. Goodbye Yellow Fly is also an ointment for the skin and it works great for most any skin disorder, such as psoriases, rashes, bug bites and stings.

It is a safe and environmentally friendly product which contains no DEET or chemicals of any kind. It is an aloe vera base and it contains, centronella, capsicum oil, peppermint, and herbs. This product may be diluted up to 50% when used on animals, but is very safe when used at full strength.

Goodbye Yellow Fly an all natural insect repellent. With natural benefits.

Natural ingredient benefits:

Peppermint Oil:

Which is a very calming herb, helps breathing, gives a sense of clear thinking.


Repels insects of all kinds.

Aloe Vera:

Is a powerful healing agent, makes healthy skin and hair. Helps build the immune system.


Has many healing properties. Helps circulation, builds strong immune system. Also helps to repel insects. Will heal skin rashes and wounds.


Helps to fight off any infection. Builds immune system and repels insects. Also very healing.,



Farming, Ranching, Rodeos, Horseback Riding, Casual, Western, English, Trail Riding, and Horse Racing Events. Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Biking, Hiking,

Tractor-Agricultural Fog, Automatic Spraying Systems:
for use in stables and barns.

Applications for Dogs & Cats:

Bathe as usual and towel dry. While your pet is still moist, apply Goodbye Yellow Fly and massage into the skin, then brush. According to need use every 2 or 3 days or once a week. Can be sprayed on beddingís and kennel grounds. Shake well.

Applications for Horses & Livestock:

Spray on horse. However when applying it around the eyes and face, use a sponge dampened with Goodbye Yellow Fly to avoid getting it into the eyes. Apply every three days or once a week. Shake well.

Applications for Human:

Apply to all exposed areas of the skin avoiding the eyes. Odorless according to body chemistry. It has a pleasant peppermint fragrance, is non-greasy and does not stain. Best results, use at full strength


Although this product is natural,
rinse with water if Goodbye Yellow Fly gets into the eyes.

Herbal & Health Questions:

Call IGS Enterprises (334)968-8060

Goodbye Yellow Fly is not a poison.

Stop putting poisons on your body or your pets!

Formulated and produced By
1345 Gulf Shores
Gulf Shores, Al 36542
Distributed By
Bedrock Distribution
(912) 241-1887


Kinky Barb Wire Baby

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