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Download FREE Trial Version


Not a canned demo, these trial versions are the actual FISHbase and SHIPshape software packages, with one restriction: each table or database will allow a maximum of 10 entries. Whichever file you download will be a complete installation file, just run it from your Windows 3.1 Program or File Manager, or from the Windows 95 Start menu.

Download SHIPshape Trial Version (2.3 mb.)

Download FISHbase Trial Version (2.4 mb.)

Download FISHbase Deluxe Trial Version (2.4 mb.)

I know, I know, these are pretty big files to download. Theoretically they should take about 10 minutes on a 28.8 modem, in reality they probably take 20 minutes. If you're not too keen about watching the bytes trickle by, send us an email and we'll put a set of disks in the mail to you. Please specify which trial version you would like, and don't forget to include your mailing address!