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Once again I watch you sleep as quitely across the floor I creep I can't awake you, you need to rest for tomorrow your truck must have your best, I get the tired and worn out soul after the thousand miles you've rolled to haul another load of lime, then fix the things you broke this time. My only wish and dream is that someday I may seem the most important in your life, why couldn't I be your truck instead of your wife? Then I could have the best of you The mornings, the evenings, and the night times too, you would watch me close hear every sound and know before hand if I was gonna break down. You would take me with you everywhere you go and talk about me to everyone you know, the more I think, it was awful bad luck, when god made me your wife, Instead of your truck! Your loving Wife, Bev In loving memory Billy Lee Jones( AKA Goat Roper)

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