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Cinnamons and Conmans Home Page

Well I"m sure glad you are here Now some information about me and my hubby. I'm married to a wonderful man. That makes my life complete. We make our living as drivers of a big rig.We spend our day's and night's getting the product's people take for granted to the places they need them. So when your driving down the road. And you pass a truck just give them a friendly wave as you pass to let them know you appreciate the job they do.And remember for your safety as well as ours Don't stay in our NO ZONES.

Back in August of this year we went to work for Prime Inc. We gave up our big and fancy truck to go and work for a company where we could make more money and have good benefits,Which we didn't have at our previous .We make more money then we did so we didn't have to take a rate decrease.So that was a plus, we get the miles.too!And our 3 year old can go along too.We have other children all of school age so they are unable to go. We don't get to see them as often as I would love too so that part of our job is awful! But we have 3 years and we can both call it quits.If you would like to find out some more information on prime you can email me or go to there web page at the bottom.

Back in 1997 we ran team together for P.A.M Transport . Then we had the latest addition to our family .I decided to stay at home for awhile.But as they say good things come to people who wait. We started driving team together again back in 1998 . For a company here in our town. We drove 48 states . So you might have even run up on us.The picture you see at the bottom is the first truck we drove.We Got more complaiments on that one. The old one was Shameless.Our new one name is Mellow Yellow of course.And you won't mistake our truck we are the only prime drivers with bright teddy bears looking out the windshield. We go by the handles of Conman and Cinnamon. And for all you other PRIME drivers don't be afraid to take on them CB radios!!!

So if you see us driving up and down the boulavards give us a shout.

Back in October of this year I became a truckerbuddy.I have a 2nd grade class.They are real excited to read what i have to say about all the different places we go. If you would like change the way people think of us well start when they are young.They might grow up and think that our job is important to the world and not just a road nusense that they have to deal with on a daily basics.You can become one too.They really need some good drivers,that can spend about a hour or two a week to write some postcards,send emails,etc.

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This is us at Prime's Christmas Party What a Blast We had!!

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