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Black Mesa Rifle Co.
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Updated as of 1/15/09. Hello my name is Craig Smith the current owner of Black Mesa Rifle Co. I would like to extend a sincere apology to the shooting community and a deep appreciation to all of you that have been more than patient with me. I am desparately trying to complete my new facilities and hope to shortly. All machine work is still on hold, yet handwork is being done as time allows. Black Mesa Rifle Co. sales and services most all makes and models as well as complete design and fabrication of parts or complete firearms including new chamberings. I really appreciate your interest in my products and for your support for the firearms industry and to the Second Amendment.

The backbone of Black Mesa Rifle Co. is the service center. With the capabilities of tool and die grade machine shop I am proud to say we are a true full custom service gun shop. The specialty of Black Mesa is manufacturing custom made firearms whether it is from scratch or customizing existing firearms. Black Mesa Rifle Co. will build anything you desire with the utmost care as every Black Mesa firearm is individually fabricated in our facilities.

Vast options on firearms!

Black Mesa Rifle Co. wants to be serving you soon no matter what kind or caliber of firearm you need. Black Mesa Rifle Co. will custom build on most any action and can chamber the firearm in anything from .17 to .50 caliber including wildcat cartridges in which we have four of our own. Since Black Mesa firearms are mostly on a custom made basis expect a backlog of 60-90 days. I will strive in every way to guarantee your satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest in Black Mesa firearms!

I hope to hear from you soon. Please send any comments or suggestions to the email below. Feel free to check our score sheet to the left - right click the image and view for larger image. Black Mesa Rifle Co. is an authorized Montana Rifleman and Rock River Arms dealer.

We are proud to announce that we have joined up with Team National to provide our customers access to everything they need at everyday low prices in one site. Check out our related site and save now!!!