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Your pet parrot needs a wide variety of toys to play with to avoid boredom and stress. Besides, you know he's going to chew your furniture if you don't give him something else to play with. We include a number of different toys for your parrot, at wholesale prices!

View Some of our Small Toys!

These toys are suitable for smaller birds, like Toby, our Blue-Crowned Conure. Try these if you have birds around the size of a Cockateil.

View Some of our Large Toys!

These toys are suitable for larger birds, like Tiki, our Timneh African Grey. Try these if you have mid-sized parrots like small Amazons.



All Bird Toys are hand-crafted and tested on my own parrots. I have a Blue-Fronted Amazon that enjoys playing with many of our large and extra large toys, as well as a Blue-Crowned Conure who prefers the smaller ones. We also have a Timneh African Grey named Tiki. Tiki enjoys all the large toys, as long as he can hang upside down to play with them. The toys are made from brightly coloured wood and leather, bamboo, cotton rope, tree parts and sea-shells. All toys come ready to hang on your pets cage or climbing tree. Each package includes two lengths of chain and two quick links. And, of course, all toys are non-toxic.

Also see our ad in Bird Talk Magazine.

Please send cheque or money order to: Brian Downer, 241 Denmark Street, Meaford, Ontario, Canada, N4L 1C2, Telephone: (519) 373-4460.

Your parrot will be waiting at the mailbox for the toys to arrive!

New--Avian Casket Company

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View some photos of our customer's pets playing with our toys!

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