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Bigfoot Central

Bigfoot Central


Global Sightings

Antarctica - No Bigfoot sighting report on record.

Asia - Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Chinese Wildman - No recent reports

Australia - Yowi, Yipe - Reports sparce and at decline.

Yowi and Yipe are the Aussie names for Australia's Bigfoot. The 2 names came about from the reaction of seeing one. If Bigfoot would have been named a four letter word from the reaction of seeing one in America, it wouldn't have been any mild word like Yowi or Yipe for Bigfoot. It took awhile for Americas to settle on a moniker that was named after the size of it's feet.

Europe - Wunder Wusa - No 20th or 21st Century WW sightings.

North America - Bigfoot/Sasquatch - Bigfoot reports continue.

South America - Mono Grande - Reports have remained sparce to nill since 1990's