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Best Tips for Best Tips

"Thinking like a great server" is very important in all occupations but especially for food service waiters. No book or training can ever prepare you for every possible career situation, but if you know how to think like one of the best, you'll automatically use problem-solving in situations and develop professionalism. Best Tips for Best Tips is a book aimed at helping people be more successful as a professional servers.

New Trend Book Engineers selected topics and authors sure to make the hot list for millions of waiters, waitress's, bartenders, supervisors, manager and owners in the food and beverage industry.

The topic of every chapter focuses on some aspect of how to think like a professional server regarding specific performance issues. That's why we've covered subjects like self-image and apperance, memory and teamwork. We also found that these best of the best know they must take care of themselves so they can take the best care of their customers. That's why we've included topics like taxes and understanding the legal realities about service and alcohol. You need to know these things; you would be at a serious disadvantage not knowing them. And there is no other single source where this market can get all this important information so relevant to their income.

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