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The Dallas Cowboys Page

Notes & News

For Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and others you don't see here, please see our Football page.

8/15/98 - Can you believe the Cowboys released Herschel? You're telling me there was no place on the roster for a guy who has contributed so much to the team? The Cowboys are so GOOD that Herschel was expendable? Wasn't he playing for the league minimum? WOW, we're going to be 16-0 this year with all the great rookies we must have. Why should I be surprised, look what Jones did to coach Landry!!!!

For all you Cowboy haters out there, and you know who you are, who just love to talk about how Emmitt is washed up, you all must be crack heads! Not only did Emmitt not have Darryl to block, but with no Jay Novacek to pull a defender, he was dead meat every time he touched the ball. No wonder he was so beat up the second half of the season! You none Cowboy fans don't appreciate how important Novacek was to the team. And I don't know the deal with LaFleur's sorry, lazy ass, but he needs to get off of it and EARN his pay! THIS IS THE DALLAS COWBOYS BABY, NOT THE RAIDERS. You wanna get paid to do jack, go to California!!!!!!!! Anyone who will critisizes Emmitt doesn't know his football. The man gives everything he's got, every day!!! Chris Warren can only help, unlike Sherman "hit me once and I fall down like a bowling pin" Williams.

9/8/98 - What a ass wuppin the boys put on the cardinals. Emmitt back on top!!!! Troy not so bad himself. I like it!!!!

11/9/98-Can you say EMMITT IS THE MAN!!!!!! YES YOU CAN! Emmitt passed another great Cowboy, Tony Dorsett, to become the all time leading rusher for the Cowboys!Full Story Here!

You got something to say? You talking to me? E-mail me. Even if you disagree with me, if it makes any sense I'll post it here.


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Harvey "Too Mean" Martin

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Ken Norton (see 49er's page for more)

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