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Fight Reviews

9/19/97 Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield, WBA & IBF Heavyweight Champion of the Wooooooooooooorld -VS- Vaughn "Shake n Bake" Bean. Showtime. Brian Gerry, 16 year veteran, referee. Vaughn was throwing the low blows consistently with no calls from gerry. Here is a round by round account according to your expert, Bigdaddy.

Round 1 - Holyfield looks crisp. Lets Bean bring it and counter punches beautifully. Round Holyfield
Round 2 - Bean on his bike. Holyfield picking and disecting him with precision. round Holyfield
Round 3 - Holyfield smothering Bean and punishing him bad on the inside. Gerry way to involved. Lot of head butting going on. Round Holyfield
Round 4 - Bean shows inexperience, takes huge beating on the inside. Threw some crazy punches that opened him up for punishment by Holyfield. Holyfield took full advantage of the opportunity. Vaughn clutching and grabbing. I give Bean credit, a lot of fighters would have went down from the tee shots Holyfield was throwing. Round Holyfield
Round 5 - One thing is obvious, Bean has no power for a heavyweight. Short left from Holyfield is deadly and can't miss. Nice comment from Bobby Czyz that Holyfield is not sticking his jab. It would cost him the next couple of rounds. Round Holyfield.
Round 6 - Holyfield starts round dancing, he should have saved his energy because he looked tired. All of a sudden Bean showed up. Up till this point I couldn't figure out how he was the number 1 contender. Bean started pressing and scoring, especially inside,at will. Still, Vaughn threw several low blows and was warned. Holyfield looked tired and frustrated. Vaughn had his confidence back. Round Bean
Round 7 - More low blows from Bean. Is this a wrestling match? Bean is mauling and pushing Holyfield all over the ring. Holyfield tired and doesn't even remeber how to throw the jab. How do you keep from being pushed all over the ring? JAB!!!!! I've never been a Larry Holmes fan but he's 50 and still has the best jab(Apologies to my hero, Ali)in boxing. Round Bean only because Holyfield did absolutely nothing.
Round 8 - Should never have gone this long. Bean can take a punch. How many low blows does Vaughn have to throw before he loses a point? Holyfield will need a new cup after this fight. Holyfield is back, pounding Bean on the inside, especially the last 45 seconds. Still, no jab. Round Holyfield.
Round 9 - Evander gets in a few nice head butts. He is crisp again. Bean is ready to go. Holyfield teeing off. Bean survives, but barely. Round Holyfield.
Round 10 - Evander is tired. Bean throws a lot of punches, but few land. He is succesful with nailing Evander in the back of the head. Holyfield drives Bean into the ropes with a left, then catches him coming off the ropes with a short left that drops Bean.At this point I thought he was gone, but Bean hangs on to finish round. This is the first and only two point round for Holyfield.
Round 11 - Evander punishing Bean even though he is exhausted. Give Bean credit, he got a chin like livingstone Bramble,Tex Cobb and Ruddock, and just like the afforementioned fighters he has VERY limited skills. Round Holyfield.
Round 12 - Bean desperately throwing, needing the KO. Evander hurts Bean with about 30 seconds left. Punishes him but Bean won't go.Round Holyfield.

Judges scored it 117-110, 117-110, 116-111.The winner by unanimous decision and still heavyweight champion of the wooooooooooooorld, Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield

Wrap up - Mediocre Fight, not Holyfields best. Holyfield needs to spend more time focusing on the fight. Leave the goodwill ambassador crap till after he has retired. I scored the fight 117-110, the same as two of the three judges. Bean has good chin and you could definately see the influence of Joe Frazier in his style, to bad he doesn't have Smokin Joe's power. He will hang in there with the big guys, but doesn't have the offensive skills to beat a Lewis or Holyfield. Bigdaddy


Monday, Dec. 7 2:01pm ET Judge has three choices on Tyson probation report Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana judge who sentenced Mike Tyson to prison for rape has three options regarding the former heavyweight champion's probation -- and one of them is returning him to jail. Tyson pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault charges in Maryland last week, and that could be used as evidence by Judge Patricia Gifford of a possible parole violation. "There are three things that could occur when the report is received," Gifford said Monday. "A warrant for Mr. Tyson's arrest could be issued, a hearing on the report could be scheduled, or there could be no action toward a possible revocation of probation ... taken until sentencing in Maryland. "Until I've reviewed the report and made a decision, it would be inappropriate to comment on possible action," the judge said. Sentencing is Maryland is expected early next year. The Montgomery County (Md.) District Court said no exact sentencing date has been set. Probation officer George Walker said Thursday it appeared Tyson violated terms of his probation as a result of his no-contest plea. Tyson was released from prison in 1995. Gifford added four years of probation, however, meaning Tyson could be sent back to jail for any further violation. His probation is scheduled to expire in March. Tyson's no-contest plea stemmed from a minor traffic accident in August in which two motorists claimed the boxer kicked and punched them. Indiana authorities also reviewed the probation -- but took no action -- after Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ears during a title bout in June 1997. The Nevada Athletic Commission stripped Tyson of his boxing license but reinstated him in October. Tyson plans to fight Francois Botha on Jan. 16 in Las Vegas. The no-contest plea in Maryland was not an admission of guilt. However, Tyson could face up to 20 years in prison -- 10 years on each count -- and be fined up to $5,000. The two men he scuffled with already have agreed to a settlement to avoid a civil suit. Tyson is training in the Phoenix area and intends to live there. He already has registered as a sex offender in Arizona as part of his planned move. His Arizona neighbors will not be notified when he chooses a permanent home. The community notification law did not take effect until after his conviction. To clear the way for his move, Tyson is selling his 62-acre estate in Ohio along with homes in Las Vegas and Connecticut, The Plain Dealer of Cleveland reports. The total asking price is $21 million.

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