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1991 Ringlords Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield Promo Cards $20 EACH!
I recieved these at the 1991 Boxing Hall of Fame show. Ringlords was introducing there new boxing product and Holyfield was there first signee. These are worth a whole lot more!

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Jorge Paez- Big mouthed, showboating, obnoxious braggart but he backed it up. Former Jr Lightweight and Lightweight Champion. He was exciting to watch!

Carlos Palamino- Great Welterweight Champion.

Floyd Patterson- Became the youngest heavyweight champion at 21 by knocking out Archie Moore. Lost title to Ingemar Johansson but regained it a year later by knocking Johansson out

Tracy Harris Patterson- Adopted son of Floyd Patterson. Junior Lightweight Champion. Great looking fighter.

Vinny Pazienza- Lightweight & Jr Welterweight Champion. Battle back from a broken neck to resume his career. One of the toughest fighters in the sport.

Willie Pep- One of the greatest featherweight champions of al time. First ballot hall of Famer and a great guy. He is a regular at the Hall of Fame and boy can he spin a tale. I onced asked what made him such a great fighter. He said "I have a television and a wife, and they both work!". Check out autographed memoribilia of Willie on the autograph page.

Kevin Pompey- Hard as nails welterweight champ!

Dwight Muhammad Qawi- "The Camden Buzzsaw", former Light Heavyweight and Cruiser Weight Champion of the World. Two great fights with Holyfield.

Ivan Robinson- Olympic Medalist in '92 and Featherweight Champion. No telling how far he will go.

Danny Romero- Junior Bantamweight Champion.

Edwin Rosario- Four time world champion Jr. welterweight and lightweight. Beat Livingstone Bramble, Jose Luis Ramirez and knocked out Loreto Garza for welterweight title.

Donovan Ruddock- "Razor" had two legendary fights with Mike Tyson.

Gabriel Ruelas- Great Jr lightweight champion

Rafael Ruelas- Awesome featherweight and brother of Gabriel.

Bruce Seldon- Heavyweight.

James Smith- "Bonecrusher" former Heavyweight Champion of the World, first round KO of "Terrible" Tim Witherspoon.

Michael Spinks- Became Light Heavyweight Champion in 1981, beating Eddie Mustafa Muhammed. Unified title by beating Dwight Muhammad Qawi in 1983. Beat Larry Holmes in '85 to become the first light heavy to be Heavyweight Champion of the World. Brother Leon was also Heavyweight Champion

Meldrick Taylor- Olympic Gold medalist in '84.Great former jr welterweight and welterweight champion. Forever linked to Richard Steel in his controversial loss to Julio Cesar-Chavez.

James Toney- "Lights Out" proved his name as he stayed undefeated by knocking out Michael Nunn in 91 to capture the IBF middleweight title.

Felix Trinidad- Welterweight Champion and one of the best fighters in the world

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker

Mike Tyson

Julio Cesar Vasquez

Charles Williams- "Prince" Lightheavyweight Champion of the World

Autographed Boxing Memoribilia

I helped organize the International Boxing Hall of Fame Weekend boxing collectibles show in the early nineties. EVERY autographed boxing item I have for sale was signed in my presence or purchased from the Hall of Fame

IBHOF autographed plaquards, 8 X 10 thick cardboard

Official Induction Day Covers

These are Beautiful. 1/3 (left side) has date and list of all inductees for that year. The rest of the envelope is autographed and cancelled.

Induction Day Programs


8 X 10 Pictures


Miscellaneous Autographed stuff



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