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1991 Ringlords Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield Promo Cards $20 EACH!
I received these at the 1991 Boxing Hall of Fame show. Ringlords was introducing there new boxing product and Holyfield was there first signee. These are worth a whole lot more!

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Muhammed Ali- Won heavyweight championship at the age of 22, as Cassius Clay, by knocking out Sonny Liston. Would have his title stripped for refusing to enter the draft during the Vietnam conflict. Spent three years in prison. One of only three fighters to win the heavyweight title three times.

Dennis Andries- "The Matinee Idol" was Light Heavyweight Champion.

Vito Antuofermo- Great middleweight champion but would start bleeding the minute he stepped into the ring.

Alexis Arguello- One of the greatest and a hall of famer. Held titles in featherweight, super featherweight and lightweight divisions.

Tim Austin- Two time National Gold Glove Champion.

Carmen Basilio- Beat Sugar Ray Robinson to become Middleweight Champion of the World. Three times Welterweight Champion of the World.

Iran Barkley- "The Blade" won the WBC Middleweight title in '88 with a stunning 3rd round knockout of Thomas Hearns. A champion in three weight classes.

Al Bernstein- Legendary boxing announcer.

Marco Antonio Barrera-Junior featherweight champion.

Riddick Bowe- 4 time New York Gold Glove Champion, 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist and Heavyweight Champion of the World. Three legendary fights with Evander Holyfield.

Lonnie Bradley- Middleweight Champion

Shannon Briggs- Heavyweight contender

James J. Braddock- Won the Heavyweight Championship of the World from Max Baer in 1935.

Mark Breland- Five time Golden Glove Champion, '84 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2 time Welterweight Champion. Hall of Famer.

Simon Brown- Great Welterweight Champion. One of the hardest punchers in boxing.

Michael Buffer- Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!! Probably the most well known fight anouncer in the 80's and 90's.

Hector Camacho- Champion in 4 weight divisions. Flashy, cocky and a big mouth but he can back it up.

Gaby Canizales- Has held all the bantamweight titles.

Orlando Canizales- IBF Bantamweight Champ.

Michael Carbajal- "little hands of stone" is his monicker because he grew up idolizing Roberto Duran. Great flyweight champion.

Julio Cesar Chavez- One of the greatest welterweights of all time. Went undefeated till the end of his career at 97-0 but his body got old and his pride didn't. Lost to Frankie Randall and took a beating from Oscar DeLaHoya. The Hall of Fame is the next stop for this great champion!

Donald Curry- "The Cobra" held titles in 3 divisions, weltereight, jr welterweight and middleweight. Won the undisputed welterweight title with a second round knockout of Milton McCrory in '85.

Bobby Czyz- IBF light Heavyweight and WBA Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Cus D'Amato- Raised and trained Mike Tyson. Also trained two time Heavyweight Champion and Light Heavyweight Champion Jose Torres

Oscar DeLaHoya- What can you say, one of the greatest fighters I've seen. He has no fear and at 25 has beaten everybody. Should go down as one of the greats!

Jack Dempsey- Heavyweight Champion of the World and Hall of Famer.

Larry Donald- 90 National Gold Gloves Champion

James Douglas- "Buster" became a household name when he not only beat the "unbeatable" Mike Tyson, but he knocked him out to become The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Angelo Dundee- Trainer of Champions. Most famous for guiding the career of Muhammed Ali. He also trained Louis Rodriguez, Jimmy Ellis, Carmen Basilio, Willie Pastrano and Sugar Ray Leonard to world titles.

Roberto Duran- One of the all time great middleweights, Los manos de piedras(hands of stone), fought everyone and won too many titles to mention. Squandered all his money and was forced to stay in the business way too long. First ballot Hall of famer.

Jeff Fenech- Held World Titles in three divisions; Bantamweight, Junior Featherweight and Featherweight.

George Foreman- 2 time Heavyweight champion of the world and a lock for the Hall of Fame

Joe Frazier- Olympic gold medalist in '68, Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world and one of only three men to beat Ali.

Joey Gamache- Olympic bronze medalist and lightweight champion

Arturo Gatti- 3 Gold Gloves, two Canadian Titles and junior Lightweight & Featherweight Champion of the World. One of the greatest warriors in the sport, he fights everyone!

Eric Griffin- Olympic Medalist in '96.

Marvin Hagler- "Marvelous" was one of the greatest middleweights of all time. Undefeated for ten years and undisputed middleweight champion from '80-'87. '93 IBHOF inductee.

Jeff Harding- Lt Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Greg Haugen- Two time Featherweight & lightweight Champion.

Virgil Hill- "Thrill" was Olympic Silver Medalist in '84 and Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. Lost title in '91 to Thomas Hearns, a fight I was lucky enough to see at Ceaser's Palace in Vegas.

Matthew Hilton- Junior Middleweight and Middleweight Champion. One of the best.

Larry Holmes- Defeated Ken Norton for Heavyweight title and defended twenty times (48-0), before losing to Michael Spinks. Beat Ali in 1980 in an 11th round KO.

Evander Holyfield- "The Real Deal" is one of only three men to hold the Heavyweight Championship of the World 3 times. Beat Mike Tyson TWICE! Got ripped off in '94 at Ceaser's Palace in a "loss" to Michael Moorer, I was there and saw this travesty first hand, who he destroyed in a rematch. Unified the Cruiserweight Championship and left undefeated to go heavy!

Roy Jones Jr- One of the most feared champions in boxing. Recognized in the 90's as the best pound for pound fighter. Hall of Fame credentials already and he still has a long career ahead of him.

Kevin Kelley- Great Featherweight Champion

Lennox Lewis- 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist, knocking out Riddick Bowe. Won European Championship in 1991. Heavyweight Champion of the World(WBA). Has his first big fight against the REAL Heavyweight Champion of the World, Evander Holyfield(WBC & IBF).

Sugar Ray Leonard- One of the greatest middleweights of all time

Sonny Liston- "The Bear" was Undisputed Heavyweight Chapion of the World. Lost title to Cassius Clay

Jake LaMotta- "The Bronx Bull"Middleweight Champion of the World and first man to beat Sugar Ray Robinson.

Mills Lane- "Lets get it on!". One of the greatest referees of all time. Officiated 97 Championship fight. Retired at the end of 1997.

Joe Louis- "The Brown Bomber" is generally regarded as the greatest Heavyweight champion of all time. Succesfully defended his title 25 times over a 12 year period.

Ray Mancini- "Boom Boom" One of the greatest lightweight champions of all time. IBHOF inductee. Unfortunately, his career was never the same after he killed Duk-Koo Kim in a fight in 1982.

Rocky Marciano- "The Brockton Blockbuster" is the only undefeated Heavyweight Champion in the history of boxing.

Raul Marquez

Christy Martin- First Professional female fighter is undefeated

Roger Mayweather- Junior Welterweight who held titles at two weight classes.

Oliver McCall- Former Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Mike McCallum- "The Body Snatcher" held Junior Middleweight and Middleweight Championships. One of the greats.

James McGirt- "Buddy" was one of the greatest welterweights of his time. He was at the IBHOF one year signing autographs. I was announcing on the diaz that Buddy Mcgirt was signing. After the 100th time of saying his name, I called him Barry McGuigan. He wasn't happy with me that day!

Arthur Mercante- Another of the three great referees. Has officiated over 100 championship fights and is in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Ray Mercer- "Merciless", 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist. Has won the WBO & NABF heavyweight titles.

John Molina- "John John" 3 time Junior Lightweight Champion. Beat Tony "the Tiger" Lopez for IBF title in '89.

Michael Moorer- Lt Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion of the World. Defeated Evander Holyfield in a contraversial 12 round decision in 1984 at Ceasers Palace, Las Vegas.

Tommy Morrison- Nicknamed "The Duke" because he was supposedly related to John Wayne. Great fighter and heavyweight contender who unfortunately had his career shortened when he was diagnosed HIV positive.

John Mugabi- "The Beast" One of the hardest hitting Jr Middleweights in history. He held the jr middleweight,middleweight and cruiserweight championships. Couldn't beat Holyfield though.

Matthew Saad Muhammad- One of the greatest and most exciting Lt Heavyweight Champions of all time

Azumah Nelson- One of the greats. Held the featherweight title by knocking out Wilfredo Gomez. Also Jr. Lightweight Champion. Only losses to Pernell Whitaker and Salvador Sanchez, who he made the mistake in fighting in only his second professional fight.

"Terrible" Terry Norris- Won the WBA Jr Middleweight title in '89 from Julian Jackson & the WBC Super Welterweight title from John "the Beast" Mugabi in '90. Defended WBC title against Sugar Ray Leonard in '91, winning 12 round decision.

Ken Norton- Only heavyweight champion to never win or succesfully defend his title. Does have one win in three tries against Ali.

Michael Nunn- Always liked his nickname, "Second To" Nunn. One of the greats of his time and middleweight champion. Beat some big names, but steered clear of the big boys.

Sean O'Grady- "The Champ" is one of the nicest and biggest wiseass I've ever known. Former lightweight champion and USA Network boxing analyst.

Michael Olijide- "Silk" was one of the Flashy 80's middleweights. 1980 Olympic medalist.

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