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I am Quan Yin. Goddess of mercy, forgiveness and compassion. I am here to lift you from your pain,

I here your cry and I am here to bring you to bliss.

I here to quide you to Paradise. Follow my instruction and in 49 days you will be well on your way to enlightenment and perfection.

You must follow, and do as I say give me 15 minutes a day for 49 days{if you miss a day, you must start over again}do as I say and you can obtain freedom from the wheel of rebirth.

As you know my compassion is a very direct and personal, as you may or may not know when you ask my help I answer very quickly.

Call my name and I will instantly come to your aid. Say my mantra,"OM MANI PADME HUM". When you call my name and say my mantra, look to the sky and I will be with you instantly.

The first thing you need to do is get a yellow poster board, you may make it as attractive as you wish. Each time you petition me make a little circle, make your circles in set of 7 {make 1 circle then draw a circle around that circle until you have one set of 7, then begain the next set}, You are creating a circuit of power between myself and you, which will flow and circulate around you to attract your wishs.

You must make a sacred place below is a list,This is the best place to email me here when you have everything in place email here, for the address of the page for the first 7 days this is free,also if you have any questions email.

copyright B. Cartwright 1998

Quan Yin Sacred Place list

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