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BY Lady LaRoda Dear Friends:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present Angel's Helping Hands exceptional line of pure perfumes that include; magical rituals' kits, Angel's Sonata[color healing], brews, Angel's magical fragrances, incenses, aromatic oils, massage oils, bubble bath, Floating bath oils. Candles, After shave, body lotion, skin freshener. Facial and hair products.

If this is your first experience with Angel's products you will be surprised by the difference between Angel's products and the rest available in the marketplace.

Angel brings to you formulas for health and beauty focusing on body/mind interaction for healing on all level, which she has created herself and those that have been handed down from the wise woman of her family. These formulas combine the properties of flowers and Herb's along with the power of rituals work, color, Aromatherapy and contain no chemical or artificial ingredients.

.Angel's incenses are saturated with pure essential oils. Because of the high caliber of essential oils Angel's products are 5 to fifteen time more potent than most. . When you first get your incenses put in a bowl like potpourri just to freshen the air. After the fragrances has tapered simply burn it to release the last wisps of beautiful and relaxing fragrance.

Angel;s perfume oils ,,magical rituals kits and her other products are more potent than other perfumes, colognes or toilet waters available. They also contain no alcohol that means no sting. The natural oils combine with the oil of you body creating a long lasting source of power that is uniquely you're.

Angel;s products reflect a healthy attitude towards the planet and living things in general. Angel's products are collected lovingly from the planet and nature in harmony with the cycle of the universe.

Lady LaRoda keeper of the rainbow flame

Angel Cartwright N.D. Ph.D.


Let 's Chat:

An enchanting light inviting scent. If you need to be doing several thing at one time and come off as witty and talkative so people will hear what you are saying


Are you tired of the way you have been living your life? Do you need to bury the past and begin and begin again? This scent aids you in making changes in your life.

Madame X

This will help you attract so many male suitors that you can have your pick! This scent is for ladies only.

Mr. X

Do you wish to draw lady love to your door. This masculine fragrance leaves woman breathless. For men only

Let's do it again

For vitality, lust and love. Like the love scent, this can be intoxicating because it stimulates virtually all of the five senses.

Get Going!

If you find yourself anxious or upset about a problem this uplifting sweet and grounding fragrance will help calm you down and get you going!


This is a soft sweet pungent fragrance. I use it to bring peace and harmony and magick energy around myself. This fragrance is nice to anoint letters to friends and family .

Energy balancing:

This is a light clear floral aroma that is just softly kissed with woody undertones. Used to attune your mind, body and spirit.

Moss Dew

This haunting fragrance that magically alternates between a woody fragrance to a floral fragrance. Moss Dew helps establish boundaries in your life. It helps people who tend to make other peoples' problems there own. An absolute must for anyone who finds themselves in a codependent type relationship.

Psychic Faculties:

This zesty and refreshing scent has a sharp spicy undertone. This will aid you in developing your psychic abilities.

Good Fortune:

Is your timing off? Do you feel as lady luck has abandoned you? Good Fortune is for you! This strong earthy aroma with a dash of sweet spice will attract good vibrations!

Stay with me/come back to me

The mane says it all! It will bring them back or keep them from leaving in the first place ! A sweet musk fragrance with a beautiful floral undertone.

Love Goddess:

This fragrance lets all the woman in you shine. It's an exquisite flowery fragrance with a zesty citrus undertone. WATCH HOW THE MEN NOTICE YOU!!!!

French Love

This fragrance is only for the very brave. It will open doors never opened before and ones that you may even fear a little. A sweet and heavy fragrance with a little rose and mint as undertones. OH LA LA!!!


Do you want and need to have better control over your man? This is a very sharp, spicy, sweet, musk fragrance that will have him purring like a kitten and drinking milk out of your bowl every night!!!!!!!

Lifted Sprits:

Down in the dumps? Unhappy and sorrowful. This clean fresh scent will aid you in attracting joy and happiness. Wear "lifted Spirits" and good vibrations come your way!!!!!


Do you want someone to become sexually attracted to you ? Is your lover getting weary and a little bored. "Lust" is an intoxicatingly spicy scent that will have you up all night [ and you will not be alone].

Moon Goddess:

This is a symphony of precious oils. Intricate and elevating this oil will bring peace and inner harmony and also attracts a person who loves family and home. Wear this if you want to be treated royally by everyone you come in contact with.

Angel's Wings:

Stimulates and clears the mind. "Angel's Wings" has protective qualities and inspires you to be all that you can be. It's used as a stimulates for you to do your best. A haunting fragrance that makes you feel as you have Angel's Wings.

Love Binding:

Are you looking for love ? A love that is true and lasting with friendship and passion? This woody haunting fragrance misled with floral will aid you in your pursuit.

Personal Power:

Do you find yourself unable to be committed to a task at work or a relationship. This slightly sweet, clear penetrating fragrance will bring you stability.


Brings out the total sexual being in you. This strong exotic earthy fragrance should be worn and handled with care. T-N-T!!!!.

Ninthy Poole:

Having trouble sleeping. "Ninth Poole" will gently pull you into a night of calm peaceful sleep. A light clear floral fragrance.


Aid you in feeling special. Helps in making you know that you have what it takes to make it in life. This sharp, spicy fragrance is a must for everyone. Always wear on a first date with Madame X or Mr. X.

Encouraging Admirers:

Do you want to have some choices before you settle down with just one. This fragrance will have your little black book the size of an encyclopedia!!> This very alive fragrance is spicy, sharp and warm, just a hint of musk.

Come and see me:

This happy zesty fragrance will have that one that you secretly admire knocking at the door or at least ringing the phone. Try it!!!


This deep sweet and slightly spicy scent has the wallflower becoming the like of the party. Also can create an exciting environment for a party or date.


This refreshing fragrance moves out the old and brings in the new. It also has a clearing effect on the mind.

Garden of love:

An elusive melody of love. A protective scent that will aid in stopping others from creating strife in your life. This is an alluring fragrance that is designed to stimulate one's affections and romantic inclinations. Attracts love and luck when used as a perfume. Creates an aura of happiness.


Are you looking for psychic power? This clear sweet and slightly spicy scent will create a magical force field around you. Wear it and watch and feel what happiness.

Mental Stimulating

Do you need to think fast, stay awake, possess sharp wit and clear perception? This sharp clean refreshing scent is just the thing. Try it before a test.

Love Drawing:

Trying to turn a friend into a lover? Trying to draw love into your life. This warn Sweet penetrating scent will have you dancing in someone's arms soon!!

Dual Lover:

This is a naughty fragrance but their are times to be naughty. This fragrance will help you keep two or more lovers satisfied and happy and you won't get caught. This scent is a mixture of attraction, protection, lucky, courage, ecstasy, enchantment and illusion. Believe me you'll need all of this and more!!! (REMEMBER SAFE SEX).

Absolutely Male:

Men, do you want all the best in you to shine through? This wonderful woody earthy scent will have all the ladies at your feet.


If you are having trouble feeling charming and romantic this intoxicating blend of rare aromas is the scent for you!

For Herb

Ladies is their a special man in your life? Do you want there to be a special man in your life? Give him this special aroma created by me and just sit back and watch what happens!!!


A deliciously subtle bouquet of timeless aromas to instill confidence when meeting those who may be important to you. Use to draw fortunate circumstances in all areas of your life.

Majestic Male:

This is for men who want to thrill women, sweep them off their feet. Show your great dignity, force and virility. This is a sharp and warm yet penetrating scent that is a must for you.

He Man:

This clear refreshing and slightly wood scented fragrance will have you appearing to be bigger than life. Good luck handling all of the women this scent will have you attracting!!!!

Nervous Nellie:

This aids in calming anxiety, fears and clears the head and calms the emotions.

Brain Charge:

This scent encourages the stimulation and encourages the stimulation and clearing of the mind.. Excellent for those who suffer from procrastination.


Do you have a need to fell more self-assured, have increased vitality, improve your mental concentration, speak with confidence and comfortable in any kind of environment wear "Glisten" and you'll shine for sure.

Mysteries of the Night:

This is a special fragrance that contains The special mysterious scent of the night. It brings out the poet in men. It creates a very mystifying aura around you that will cause other to find you stimulating, exciting and irresistible.


For confidence in yourself and bring power to your own little corner of the universe. Use this confidence building fragrance to bolster personal serenity.


An enchantment of light aromas. Adds spice to your life. Brings peace to your home, settles arguments and calms strife. An aid in seeing and hearing what people are saying. Helps bring like into balance. A must for every household.



Morning Charge:

Do you need energy in the morning. A fiery invigorating scent will sent you out the door with a roar.

Hot Time Tonight:

To refresh your love life. This alluring, stimulating, invigorating aphrodisiac is only for the very strong. USE THIS AND GET READY FOR A HOT TIME!!!

Pathway to Ecstasy:

This fragrance combines tow of lady LaRoda most successful secret fragrances. Skillfully blended with other exotic oils, it is guaranteed to exhilarate love and passion. If you want love to explode over and over again, then "Pathway to Ecstasy" is for you.

  • pure perfume 1/8 oz $6.50
  • cented bath oil 8oz $10.50
  • romatic Water 8oz $10.50


  • white sage wands 8" bundle $5.00
  • desert sage/cedar 9" bundle $5.20
  • sage & Lavender two 51/2 " bundles $5.50
  • sage/juniper & sweetgrass two 51/2" bundles $5.50
  • white sage & cedar loose 6"x 6" packet $2.00
  • sweet grass braid 15" long $5.50
  • white sage bulk (ask for current pricing)
  • Dragon's blood I oz pack-pwd $3.00
  • frankincense & myrrh 1 oz pack-gran $3.00
  • Sweet Sage Smudge 1/2 pack-Herb's & oils $3.00
  • Charcoal disks- packets of 5 -$1.50


Hand thrown on a wheel and glazed with hand made glazes. Decorated with feathers and natural objects. Lake Michigan sand, charcoal briquette and white sage sits in the bowl. 5-51/2 " in dia-$26.00

Soul's Journey Ritual Incense$4.45

These fine incenses have been specially blended from very high quality ingredients, and designed with correct corresponding elements. When certain incenses need to be mixed at a specific time, the incense is carefully done at that time and additional batches have some of the initial seed incense in them. Where possible, old recipes are used. For example, Jupiter incense would have in it elements under the dominion of Jupiter, along with those elements needed to harmonize the blend. Each incense is unique and has been formulated of fine quality herb, oils, powders, and resins, so that the vibrations they release will give rise to specific emotional and subconscious responses in the psyche of the consumer and create an atmosphere that empowers the ritual being performed. Burn a pinch of Souls Journey Ritual Incense on instant-light charcoal within an incense burner to experience the Magic.

Acear blessing

For ritual consecration of objects and places, use as an offering.


For elimination and neutralizing unwanted influence, for clearing a space and protecting it.

Black Cat

Turn your luck around to good luck


To get in touch with Earthy power of the Celtic Body of the Witches

Come to me

For powerful attraction to bring a lover to you


To gain control of a situation.


For Earth magicks, and to honor the great Mother

Dragons Blood

This powerful incense has purifying effects and can be burned for uncrossing and general protection. It is also used in love and success spells. A pinch of dragons blood can be added to any other incense formula for extra power.

Easy life

Get the help you need to accomplish projects, make everything in life flow with ease.

Fiery wall of Protection

Use to protect yourself, your home, your property, a powerful shield.



For abundance and great fortune!

Healing Master

To accelerate the healing process, to send healing energy to ourselves and others


Burn to obtain the secrets of the Goddess of the waning Moon, patroness and protesters of Witches and workers of Magick

Hermes Mercurial

A Mercurial planetary incense for works of communication, concentration, creativity, finding hidden information or lost objects, can be used for divination, speeds things up

High Conquering

For double strength to overcome obstacles


Love Goddess of Babylonian, burn for love and sensuality


The Egyptian Goddess and patroness of Magickal Arts, watches over mothers and children, and comforts and nurtures those who call upon her


A Jupiterian planetary incense for all works of Jupiter, use for wealth, good health, honors, career, success, and good luck, also to win in court


An Egyptian formula used in ritual and to honor the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


Burn to create an atmosphere conducive to deep states of meditation and for psychic power

Money Drawing

Burn to draw money, cash, wealth, prosperity to you. Visualize!

Moon Magick

Planetary blend of Lunar incense, use for Moon rituals, psychic work, intuition, for the Priest and Priestess, and to honor the Goddess

Old Ones

For guidance from Ancestral Spirits and Guardians

Peace & Healing

Burn to soothe nerves, relieve tension and restore peace and harmony to your environment.


For self-empowerment and to add potency to your spells


A planetary incense for works of Saturn, use for protection magicks, longevity, study, and discipline


Promotes the presence of positive Spirits and Guides, excellent for increasing one's own spiritual powers and for solving problems


For Victory in all your endeavors


A planetary incense for works of Venus, use for love, beauty, friendship, and well being


In most traditions of candle burning, it is considered important to consecrate and bless one's candles before using them for Magick. This is done by pouring a little bit of oil onto the palm or fingertips, then applying oil in the same smooth, strokes to anoint objects and ritual tools. SOULS JOURNEY MAGICKAL OILS are designed for the following specific intentions:

  • Herbal Oils: I dram $4.00
  • 2 drams $7.00: Magickal Oils
  • dram $4.50, 2 drams $7.50

**Double Price**


Abra-Melin oil

Used in the Invocation of one's Holy Guardian Angel and for Thelemis and angelic magicks.


Named after the legendary Egyptian seductress, this oil is used for love and romance. Anoint and burn pink candles for love magicks

Banishing Oil

Use this oil to neutralize and eliminate unwanted and /or harmful influences. Anoint and burn white candles for clearing a space and protection.

Healing Oil

This oil is used to promote good physical health and to accelerate the healing process. For general purposes anoint white candles for self-healing or to send healing energy to others who need it.

High Conquering oil

Use this oil to master life situations. Anoint and burn purple candles to overcome obstacles and control your life.

Holy Protection oil

This specially blended oil was formulated from an old Celtic family recipe. Anoint and burn white candles for protection from all harm for generally improving spiritual vibrations.

Jupiter oil

This planetary oil is used for drawing success, good fortune, and good luck. Anoint and burn royal blue candles on a Thursday while the Moon is waxing[ between the new and full Moon] to bring beneficial energies into your life.

Money in Abundance oil

This is a money and wealth drawing oil, used to increase one's financial resources, Anoint and burn emerald green candles for money spells. Anoint and burn gold candles to attract riches and to win.

**Moongoddess oil

This is a excellent oil for drawing in the presence of the Triple Goddess. Anoint and burn white, silver, or light purple candles for new and full Moon rituals, to invoke the Goddess in time of need, and to enhance your psychic talents.

Power oil

This oil has been catalyzed with roots and Herb's traditionally used for empowerment. Anoint and burn candles of any color to add extra potency to your magicks.

Ra oil

Asolar formula dedicated to the Egyptian God of the Sun... for strength & rulership

Satyr oil

Dedicated to the Horned God, this dynamic attraction oil can be used by men to attract and excite a lover. Anoint and burn red candles for love and pleasure.

Venus oil

Named after the Goddess of love, this oil can be used by women to attract a lover, and as a planetary oil for Venison magicks. Anoint and burn red candles for love and passion. Anoint and burn pink or green candles for friendship and popularity.


Camphor, cedar, cinnamon, clove, copal, eucalyptus, frankincense, heliotrope, lavender, lotus, myrrh, oranges grove, patchouli, rose garden, rosemary, spearmint, styrax, vetivert[bergamot, Jasmine, Juniper, sage, sandalwood, wormwood]

These are only suggestions for basic uses of these oils. Use your knowledge of planetary correspondences, color magic, psychic intuition, and other sources of information to help you make full use of these oils. The advanced magickal practitioner may utilize these oils according to techniques gained in further study.

High quality ingredients have been used to formulate these oils and every possible effort has been made to insure that they are safe to use. They are designed as ritual anointing oils for candles and the consecration of objects. Common sense will dictate how to safely, and with optimum benefit, use this oils.

7 SISTER PERFUMED OILS $2.00 1/2 oz Bottle

Adam 7 Eve, Altar, All Purpose, Bat's Blood, Bend Over, Better Business, Bingo, Black Cat, Black Art, Blessed Favor, Boss-Fix, Break-Up , Cast Off Evil, Cleo May, Cleopatra, Come To Me, Commanding, Compelling, Concentration, Confusing, Conquering Glory, Controlling, Courage, Court Case, Crossing, Desire Me, Domination, Couble Crossing, Drawing, Dragon'blood, Dream, Drive Away Evil, Fast Luck, Fast Luck/Money Drawing, Fast Success, Fiery Command, Fire Of Love, Flaming Power, Follow Me, Follow Me Boy, Gambler's , Get Away, Give Me Your Money, Glow Of Attraction, Good Luck, Has No Hanna, Healing, Helping Hand, High John The Conqueror, Holy, Hot Foot , Irresistible, Jinx Killer, Jinx Removing, Jockey Club, Job, Justice, Keep Away Enemies, Leep Away Evil, Keep Away Hate, Keep Away Spirits, Keep Away Troubles, King Solomon, Lady Luck, Law Stay Away, Lodestone, Lovers Attraction, Love Drawing Power, Luck In A Hurry, Luck In A Hurry, Lucky Hand, Love Breaker, Love Drops, Lucky Dreams, Lucky Lodestone, Lucky Lottery, Lucky Mojo, Lucky 9 Mixture, Lucky Prophet, Magnet, Man Trap, Master, Money Drawing, Make Your Wish, No One But Me, Peace, Peaceful Home, Power, Prosperity, Protection, Protection From Harm, Protection From Envy, Quick Money, Radian Health, Reversible, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St, Michael, Satan Be Gone, 7 African Powers, Separation 7 Holy Spirits, 7th Heaven, Showers Of Gold, Specials, Snake, Special Oil #20, Special Favor, Spiritual Powers, Spell Breaker, Spirit, Squint, Stay Away, Stay Home, Steady Work, Stop Evil, Strong Love, Success, Sure Luck, Uncrossing, Van Van, Victory Over Evil, Vision, Voo Doo, Wealthy Way, Winning Number, Work, Zodiac

7 Sister Psychic Powders 1 Oz. Glass Bottle $2.50

Attraction, Bend Over, Better Business, Bingo, Break Up, Come To Me, Commanding, Confusion, Controlling, Court Cast, Crossing, Devil Get Lost, Desire Me, So As I Say, Drawing, Fast Luck, Follow Me, Get Away, Helping Hand, High John The Conqueror, Hot Foot, Jinx Removing, Love Me Tonight, Lovers, Lucky Gambler, Magnet, Man Trap, Money Drawing, Moving, Peace Protection, Stay Home, Separation Success, Turn Back Evil, Uncrossing, War, Wealthy Way, Work

7 Sisters Powerful Powdered Incense 13/4 Oz Tube $2.50

Adam 7 Eve, Attraction, Bend Over, Better Business, Bingo, Black Cat, Blessed, Black Protection, Break Up, Cast Off Evil, Come To Me, Commanding, Compelling, Confusion, Controlling, Court Case/Just Judge, Crossing, Crown Of Success, Do As I Say, Domination, Dragon's Blood, Drawing, Dream , Drive Away Evil, Fast Luck, Fast Luck/Money Drawing, First Success, Fire Of Love, Follow Me, Frankincense, Gamblers Good Luck, Healing, Helping Hand, High John The Conqueror, Hug And Kiss Me, Jinx Killer, Jinx Removing, Keep Away Enemies, Keep Away Hate, Keep Away Troubles, Lady Luck, Law Stay Away, Lodestone, Love Drawing Power, Luck In A Hurry, Lucky Hand, Lovers/Attraction, Make Your Wish, Man Trap, Master, Master, Money Drawing, Peace, Peaceful Home, Power, Prosperity, Protection, Protection From Envy, Protection From Harm, Quick Money, Reversible, St. Jude, Sandalwood, Satan Be Gone, 7 African Powers, 7 Holy Spirits, Special, Spell Breaker, Spirit, Spiritual Power, Stay Home, Success, Steady Work, Stop Evil, Strong Love, Sure Love, Uncrossing, Van Van, Victory Over Evil, Vision, Wealthy Way, Winning Number, Work

7 Sisters Bath And Floor Wash 8 0z Bottle $2.25

Black Cat, Black Protection, Break Up, Cast Off Evil, Come To Me, Compelling, Confusion, Controlling, Court Case/Just Judge, Crossing, Dragon's Blood, Drawing, Drive Away Evil, Fast Luck, Fast Luck/Money Drawing, Fast Success, Fast Money Drawing, Gambler's, High John Conqueror, Hold Money, Jinx Removing, Jinx Killer, King Solomon, Luck Lodestone, Lovers/Attraction, Love Drawing Power, Luck In A Hurry, Lucky Hand, Money Drawing, Make Your Wish, Peace, Power, Quick Money, Reversible, Special Favor, Spiritual Power, 7 Holy Spirits, Special, Spell Breaker, Stop Evil, 7 African Powers, Steady Work, Strong Love, Success, Sure Luck, St. Jude, St. Michael, Uncrossing, Van Van, Winning Number

6th &7th Books Of Moses Parchment Seals

These seals are authentic reproduction taken from the 6th & 7th books of Moses and from the quabalistic records according to tradition a seal should be a secret possession and is to be carried, place under your spell candle, or worn on the person.

The legend associated with these seals are taken from various mystical sources, occult books and ancient legends. They are reproduced in dragon's blood red and it is said toe seal is a secret possession of its owner and should be anointed with a sacred oil once every ten days

$1.00 each.

Master key seal

Key to good health, fortune & success>

Grand symbol of Solomon

Guidance, wisdom understanding in all matters.

Breastplate of Aaron

Protection from violent death.

Seal of Treasure

Bury in the earth to find lost items & treasure.

Seal of Fortune

Success in family, friends, business.

Seal of Love

Gain and hold love of another.

Seal of Long Life

Protects from Misfortune & Misery. Insures long life.

Seal of Power

Good health, influence, Faith.

Seal of Knowledge

Receive information through Dreams & Visions.

Seal of Treasures

Find lost or stolen articles, precious mine contents

Seal of Rabbi Caleb

Doctor, Oriental Medical Assistance, Healthy Body & Mind.

Seal of Air

Gain Employment, Necessities, Relief from want.

Seal of Fire

Popularity, Power, Influence & Obedience.

Seal of Water

Seal of Great Fortune, Find sunken treasures.

Seal of Earth

Spiritual assistance

Seal of Saturn

Spiritual good luck, Attain luck in games of chance.

Seal of Jupiter

Mystical assistance, Victory in court cases & Legal matters.

Seal of Mars

Hold marriages & friendships together during quarrels.

Seal of the Sun

Honor & Wealth, Attract Gold & silver.

Seal of Venus

Secrets through Dreams, assistance in business

Seal of Mercury

Brings Wealth & Knowledge in Chemistry & Earthly treasures.

Seal of Good Luck & Fortune

Success in games of chance

Seal of the Spirits

Compel spirits to appear to serve ones needs.

Seal of Orison

Fulfill wishes, Attract Honor & Respect.

Seal of Great Generation

For Wealth, Honor & Promotion.

Great Pentagram Seal

5 pointed star, Good Judgment Protection.

Seal of Merbuelis

Special Attraction. Captivate & Control others.

Seal of Azielis

Compels treasures to come from the earth.

Seal of Arielis

Compels others to one's bidding, Find lost treasures.

Seal of Marbeulis

Obtain knowledge and secrets from others

Seal of Mephistophilis

Overcome, Conquer & Control one's enemies.

Seal of Barbuelis

Master all arts, attain secret knowledge.

Seal of Aziabelis

Power of others. Attract friendships.

Seal of Antiquelis

Confers great Wealth, Honors, promotes Good Health.

Seal of Treasure

Elevation, Redemption & Peace.

Seal of Jesus of God

Divine Protection, Conquer Obstacles. Achieve Victory.

Seal of Schemhamphoras Holy Seal

Financial Success, Attract Customers.

Seal of Schmhamphoras

Financial Success. Attract Customers.

Seal of Golden Candlestick

Safe from all Danger $ Firearms.

Crowned Serpent Seal

Might Power, Strength, and Dominance.


Our line of all natural herbal brews are formulated for serving simmering or sponging an infusion on the body. No toxic ingredients have been added what-so-ever. $4.50 per 4oz

Vivid Dream:

Specially blended for the dreamer, said to evoke powerful and colorful dreams.


A quieting influence this delicious tea soothes the rough edges of the day.

Hormone Balancing:

Rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Balancing and toning for the female system.


An aid in creating a delightful or charming environment. Excellent for a romantic evening.

Good Fortune

Use as an aid to create the vibrations to draw money and prosperity.

Mental Stimulating

An aid to wake up your brain. Excellent in the morning[better than coffee!!!]

Energy Balancing:

Gives an energy boost. Also an aid in balancing the energy of the, mind and spirit. Keep some in your desk at work for the afternoon doldrums.


Stress reducer. Aids in centering. Adds happy vibrations to your home or office. Brings friendships and harmony.

Young Again:

A Tasty brews which is high in calcium. Refreshing and relaxing. For the changes within you. Created to soothe the changes of menopause.


Aids in opening your intuitive awareness and psychic centers. Use for meditation, clairvoyance, ritual and ceremonial work.

Weight Loss:

Aids you in eating less.

Deep Breathing:

To assist in deep clear breathing. Excellent for asthma sufferers, or for those who are prone to stress and anxiety.


Relaxes inhibitions and tension. This however is not a love potion.

Garden of Love:

Adds loving vibrations. Romantic love. Calms tension.


Steam before astral travel. All ritual work. Bathing and sponging.


Our massage and body oils contain a unique balance of pure oils, Herb's and delicate essences, luxuriously emollient yet quickly absorbed. It leaves the skin feeling and looking soft and fresh with no oily residue. The oils can be used as a bath oil by adding 10 drops once the bath is drawn. Our oils can be especially prepared for you in any scent listed in the catalog. 4 oz. $6.00 ,8 oz. $10.50.


Will induce a deep relaxation of the tissues, muscles and joints and re-establishes a good balance of energy.


General Tonic of the endocrine glands and nervous system.

Pain Reliever:

For rheumatoid, crisis, neuralgic, sores and muscular aches.


Strengthens the circulatory system.


A delightful prelude or interlude!!!

Breast Enhanced:

An Aid to help Keep your bosom firm and young looking.

Acheie Mary:

For aching body parts.

Stress Eraser:

Very calming, relaxing and soothing

 Fat Attack:

Rub this on fat areas before you take a bath, then put ten drops into your bath when you go to bed at night and on your areas of fat. Also good to use when you are exercising. Use for 3 weeks go off for one week. Use our Detoxify brew and repeat.

Root 1 Chakra:

Aids in feeling a connection to the earth.

Spleen Chakra:

Aids a person in experiencing the deep feelings associated with their physical manifestations and aids in creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Aids a person in being able to obtain calmness even in times of distress.

Heart Chakra:

To aid in gaining inner wisdom, ancient knowledge, transmission and reception of love. Also helps with compassion and healing.

Throat Chakra:

For use in communication. Also an aid in separating the functions of the mental body from those of the lower body. Also aids in hearing ones internal words.

Brow Chakra:

Aids in seeing the inner plane. The eye of wisdom, an aid in achieving a balance between Yin and Yang.

Crown Chakra:

An aid in achieving wholeness through the process of psychospiritual integration. Helps transcend fear. Identifies himself as the I AM and experience unconditional joy.

Angel's Kits

These are kits specially created by Lady LaRoda. You will receive: candles, oils, herbs, magical seals, prayers, gems and other things we feels will help you to take control of your life. All items are prayed over, blessed and charged. $35.00 per kit.

Here is a list of some kits available (if you need help in some other area consult with Lady LaRoda)

  1. 1. To attract and hold love
  2. 2. Daily meditation
  3. 3. To bring prosperity
  4. 4. Attract and maintain good health
  5. 5. Break up undesired relationships
  6. 6. To destroy an enemy's power to harm you
  7. 7. To remove negative thought forms
  8. 8. To attract success
  9. 9. For astral projection
  10. 10 To calm down angry or quarrelsome people
  11. 11.To attract good luck
  12. 12 To uncross a person
  13. 13 To Protect a person, home, or place of business
  14. 14. Money Drawing
  15. 15. Fast luck
  16. 16. High John the Conqueror
  17. 17. Come to me
  18. 18. Peace in the home
  19. 19.Love drawing
  20. 20. Spirit guide
  21. 21. Attack and destruction
  22. 22. Happiness
  23. 23. Exorcism
  24. 24. Divination
  25. 25. Commanding


A Novena is a seven day prayer and candle ritual directed toward achieving a special wish, desire, or goal. We offers a complete package of blessed candles, with the correct scent, herbs, seal and a daily prayer directed toward the objective you wish to complete. $19.50 (includes candles, oils, herbs, seal, scent, and prayer.)

  1. 1. Jinx removing
  2. 2. Transformation
  3. 3. Success
  4. 4. Psychic Faculties
  5. 5. Purification
  6. 6. To improve a faltering relationship
  7. 7. Healing
  8. 8 .Attract friends
  9. 9. Protection
  10. 10.Banish fear
  11. 11.Good Fortune
  12. 12.Controlling those who harass you
  13. 13.Making a secret wish come true
  14. 14.Meditation and visualization
  15. 15Draw back a lover
  16. 16.Attracting
  17. 17.To control a situation


The candle ritual is a purify agent, which drives off evil influences, helps bring money, love, joy and much more. Burn a candle and bring the right sprit into your life.

Care of your Candle

To clean your candle take salt from your altar and wipe it all over your candle if it is a 7 day candle make 3 holds in the top of the candle put the appropriate herbs and oils in the 3 holds, on all other candles use a small nail from your altar write what you want on the candle. Take the holy oil and put it on the candle by .holding the candle in your left hand rub it from the center down holding the candle in front of you visualize all obstacles being taken from your life. ,Now hold the candle again in your left hand and take your oil and rub it from the center up, now hold the candle in your left hand high above your head ,put your right hand on your heart and ask the Angel of the fire ray {SANALPHON} to aid you in having your prays granted.


Please try and get your 7 day candle in your area. If you can not I will ship for the cost of a dress candle $5.00 plus $3.00 for shipping. The candles I ship will be the right color with the correct visualization pray. I am going to give you the meaning for many candle for your person knowledge


This first group of candles are made by "Angel's Helping Hands" the candles all have the appropriate oils, herbs, and prays apply to them, an they all come with a visualization ritual an the angel to use with you wish.

  • [1] jumbo triple action 9 x11/2 candle $7.00
  • [1] 7day candle $5.00 plus $3.oo shipping
  • [2] 12 taper $3.25candles
  • [2] votive candles $2.55:


Banishes illness and negative feelings, breaks spells, brings about release or ends negative situations, use in exorcisms.


Increases concentration, calm emotions, strengthens friendships, honesty, protects secrets, increases knowledge, love, loyalty, marriage, meditation, peace, perseverance, psychic development and growth, protection from harm.


Working with and healing of animals, enhances domestic tranquillity, brings an increase of material objects when used with a green candle , also aids in grounding a person.


Used to promote understanding, for divinatory rituals, to bring peace in group, for fast luck and great fortune.


For stability and neutrality, to remove evil influences and to neutralize undesirable vibration


Abundance and increase, confidence, energy, fertility, attracts wealth, increase psychic development and bring good luck, hope, money, peace, aids in growth of plants.


Enhances adaptability, cause attraction, increase concentration, confidence, endurance, energy, fulfillment, bring inspiration, aids meditation, attracts prosperity.[note always burn a orange candle if I am trying to bring something to me and a gray candle to remove any undesirable vibration that could stop me from having my wish, you wish should not be something that will hurt somebody or to bring something or somebody that is not your]


Increases affection, cause fidelity, brings friendship, attracts true love.


Good for spiritual or psychic healing, used to throw up a veil of spiritual protection, can break up a jinxed condition.

Passion whether it be for love, sex acquisition, An intense desire of any sort, courage, energy, strength and radiant health. Protection against psychic attack when burn with a purple, black, gray and white candle.[note for love I burn a orange for attraction, pink for soulmate or true friendship, gray for stability and white to create a peaceful and harmonious relationship]


Purity, truth, angelic energies, sincerity, hope, spiritual strength, protection, power of the divinity, magnetism, sharing , children, helpful people, marriage, mourning, peace, purity, travel.[I always use a white and black candle as my altar candles balance, no this is not black magic]


Stimulate the intellect and imagination, can be used to bind the mind of another, for memory, healing, to improve business and for success in the performing arts and to promote cheerfulness. (for business with the yellow candle I also burn a red and green)

White and Green

Fast luck

Red, Pink and Green

Money drawing

Orange, Gold and Brown

Use these three candles with your main candles to make things happen more quickly.

White, Yellow and Blue

To heal any problem in your life. Can be used to heal a wound that is either physical, or emotional.

White, Pink and Blue

Use in order to gain peace back into your life. You can also use these three candles to get rid of unwanted guests, neighbors, enemies, or anything that is keeping you from attaining peace and harmony in your home, or at your place of employment.

Blue, Green and Purple

Use to gain success in employment, love or financial.<?P


Blessed Herbal Candles are created as focusing tools to assist you in taking control of your life circumstance and their outcomes. These candles are imbued with certain Herb's, oils and blessings that are designed to trigger a response on all levels of the self $9.50

1. Attraction

Burn the Attraction candle when you need to call someone or something to you. This candle is made during the waxing stage of the moon, when the attraction pull is the strongest. Allow the attraction candle to bring the correct people into your life. If you need to be, love interest, future spouse, friendship, teacher, student, neighbor, employee, work partner, etc.


  • Expanded uses:
  • To attract energy and positive influences, use with Prosperity candle to attract new clients.
  • Use with Vision Quest candle when making a decision to see the correct choice.
  • U se with Happy Home candle when looking for a roommate.
  • Use with Happy Home and Female Forces candles when looking for a sitter and or house keeper.
  • Use with Lover- Pan candle to attract a quick. Fix of lust.


Traditionally, when the moon is at her fullest point, the positive, creation, and healing energy is at its greatest. This is why the Healing candle is made during the full moon. When you are prepared for the healing of mind and spirit: light the Healing candle and meditate upon the part or parts of that need healing. Examine what the basic problem is: pain, swelling, cancer, wart, etc. Then visualize it healing itself. Finally, view the body as whole and healthy, without any medical problems.

Expanded Uses:

  1. Use to heal the physical body and any life issues that manifest there.
  2. Use with Happy Home candle to heal pets.


The heart candle was created to help one deal with their hurt emotions and the physical manifestations in their life. There are numerous issues that can revolve around the heart chakra and the inner child. So many, in fact, that this part of the spirits development rates its own special candle. The Heart candle is dedicated to releasing and healing those problems, one at a time. Many of the issues that the Heart candle has helped to release and heal are: healing and activating the heart chakra, self acceptance and forgiveness, forgiveness and acceptance of other , general emotional healing.

Expanded Uses:

  1. Use with Attraction candle when looking for a counselor or therapist
  2. Use with Vision Quest candle to understand opposing view points.


When you use the Protection candle it is important to understand what you need protection from, either outer or inner forces. You are the creator of your own reality and it is important to locate the lesson you are currently learning. So that you can understand why you are allowing energies that are not for your highest good to affect you. Burn the Protection candle to shield those energies, self sabotage, or to tone down the lesson you are currently learning so that you may better understand it.

Expanded Uses:

  1. For protection and safe journey on an upcoming trip.
  2. Use with Vision Quest candle to find where the unwanted energy is coming from.

Lover- Pan

The Lover- Pan candle can be used for that quick fix of lust, putting a new spark into a relationship or stimulating play and spontaneity in your life. Celebrate with the god Pan in childlike play and sensuality. Use this play to let the tension from your everyday life to be released. The Lover- Pan candle was created to remind you--Don't take life too seriously and , enjoy yourself along the way.

Expander Uses:

  1. Re-invoke childlike qualities
  2. In celebration of Pan


For an increased in financial states, the Prosperity candle is appropriate. Made when the moon is waxing, the prosperity candle can be used for growth and gain in any area of your life. Such as: general gain in finances, finding a new job, raise in salary, obtaining a material possession, or any representation of prosperity and general increase of anything in your life.

Expanded uses:

  1. Use with Male and Female forces candles when trying to get pregnant.
  2. Use with Attraction candle to bring in new clients.
  3. Use with Happy Home and Sacred Space candles to bless a new dwelling.
  4. Use with Vision Quest Candle when attempting a new business venture.

Female Forces- The Moon

There is power and strength within the female side of the self that many do not recognize. Men in particular, this side of themselves before fully expressing it. The female side is unique in her ability to simultaneously create and destroy, feeling passion on both ends of the scale. Yet the female is subtle in her power- she is subtly to its perfection. It is her gift to control, without being controlling. Balanced with male energy she is the keeper of beauty within her soft strength. The female is the power she is born to. She is intuition and inner strength- the eye of the storm. See the beauty and strength of all that is female, like the moon, she reflects back what is shown to her. Use the Female Forces/The Moon candle to invoke and balance your female side and goddess energy.

Expanded Uses:

  1. To call upon the goddess, invoking her energy into your life
  2. Use with the Male Forces candle to balance both sides of the self.
  3. To help regulate a woman's menses
  4. As an altar representation of the Goddess.


This candle represents the element of Air origin of Inspiration, intuition, psychic, abilities, sounds and vibration. Through the element of Air you can connect to the universal consciousness- the vast storehouse of all knowledge. There you may find the Inspiration, wisdom, and patience you currently need. The element of Air also corresponds to the sacred direction of East, the tarot suit of swords, dawn and spring.

Expanded Uses:

  1. Use with Healing candle for respiratory problems.
  2. Very effective when call Fairies and Sylphs.
  3. After contact with the elemental, always leave an offering of some type: food, money, Spirit Guide Candle.

Energy-Will- Fire

After the inspirational inception of the "Idea", Energy/Will is the next step to creating your own reality. Fire is the continuing spark of creation that burns through the blockages in the spirit which may limit ones growth and spiritual development. Fire is essential in ones life, being the Energy/Will that make up your aura. Burn this candle to strengthen your aura and work through those blockages in the creation process. The element of fire also corresponds with the sacred direction of South, the tarot suit of wands, noon and summer.

Expanced Uses:

  1. Use with Healing candle for nerve and muscle problems.
  2. To raise your energy level.
  3. Very effective when calling Salamanders.
  4. After contact with the elemental, always leave an offering of some type: food, money, Spirit Guide Candle.

Emotional Flow/Understanding-Water

The cooling waters of Emotions take hold after one has burnt through the blockages to growth. It is now time to claim the reality you are creating!! Time to give your creation LOVE thus allowing it to begin its physical manifestation in your life. Water is the subconscious: a place of dreams, instinct and Emotions. Water energy is represented in the courage to explore your Emotions and striving to understand how they work in your everyday life. The element of Water corresponds with the sacred direction of West, the tarot suit of cups, dusk and autumn.

Expanded Uses:

  1. Use with Healing candle for blood or urine problems.
  2. Very effective when calling Merpeople and Undines.
  3. After contact with the elemental, always leave an offering of some type: food, money, Spirit Guide Candle.

Stability/Raising Self Esteem-Earth

Once you claim the reality you have created, your are now ready to physically manifest it into your life. Earth energy gives you stability- a place to unfold your new found self. This foundation, in turn, supports your journeys into the depths of your spirit where you will discover the true worth of your reality. This worth is not is not based on any thing or being. Based only on the fact that you exist upon the Earth and are therefore a solid, strong, and powerful individual that can continuously create magic in your life. The element of Earth corresponds to the sacred direction of North, the tarot suit of pentacles, midnight and winter.

Expanded uses:

  1. Use with Healing candle for bone or skin problems.
  2. Very effective when calling Gnomes or Elves.
  3. After contact with the elemental, always leave an offering of some type: food, money, Spirit Guide Candle.

Male Forces-The Sun

A current trend has been to label Male qualities as negative. Considering them to be warring, controlling and repressive energies. The masculine side of the self is much more than that. To become a whole and balanced person, it is imperative that we claim, not only the female, but the Male side as well. It is time to rejoice with Male Forces in our life, the forces that fight, procreate, and guard all in the process of molding ourselves- the way we play to learn. In boon to the male is the ability to assert oneself in the universe. He is the hunter/warrior that challenges "societies" Physical reality and limitations we set for ourselves. The masculine help us to master our inner knowledge and realize our full potential.

Expanded Uses:

  1. To call upon the god, invoking his energy into your life.
  2. To help men get in touch with what they need.
  3. Use with the Female Forces candle to balance both sides of the self.
  4. As an altar representation of the god.

Happy Home/ Peace/ Serenity

The Happy Home/Peace/ serenity candle is used to create a warm inviting environment. This candle is warm fuzzy to give to yourself or others. It promotes happiness and good health in any home. These energies also work to calm a stormy household which helps all to resolve the problem at hand in a peaceful and rational way. Allow this candle to help you release your stress, enabling you to better enjoy life.

Expanded uses:

  1. Great as a gift to new parents.
  2. zUse with Vision Quest candle to find a new home.
  3. Use with Attraction candle to find a new roommate.
  4. Use with Prosperity and Sacred Space candles to bless a new dwelling.
  5. Use with Heart candle when the whole house is in turmoil.
  6. Use with Female Forces to celebrate a new pregnancy and promote good health throughout.

Sacred space/Altar

It is very important to cleanse and protect your working area before any dealings with the astral plane, be it meditation, divination, channeling, spell casting, or healing. The Sacred Space-Altar candle is designed to work with your energies in creating a sacred space. This candle will encircle you with divine protection while cleansing and balancing all the energy in the working area

Expanded Uses

  1. Use with Prosperity and Happy Home candles to bless a new dwelling.
  2. Use with Prosperity candle when blessing a new store of office.
  3. Use two as altar candles.

Vision Quest-Meditation/Problem Solving

    This candle is designed to enhance visualizations, meditations, and trances by taking them to a deeper and more intense level. Going to these depths helps one get past the mundane influences thus freeing the mind to receive useful knowledge that is beneficial to problem solving. For genuine answers to personal questions one must search for their own truths and understanding. The Vision Quest candle has also been shown to be very effective in group meditation by helping to focus all Participants.

Expanded Uses:

  1. Gaining metaphysical-occult Knowledge.
  2. Used very successfully as a study candle by many students.
  3. To discover a new path.
  4. Use with Prosperity candle when looking into new business venture.
  5. Use with Inspiration candle when brainstorming new ideas.

Astral Travel, Protected

The Astral Travel Protected candle was inspired by some astral projections that occurred while looking into past life experiences. Designed to help facilitate an astral projection for those who are having doing so. This candle also teaches one to travel safely, without having to physically manifest what one is experiencing. This can be essential in past life regressions and other astral explorations.

Expanded Use:

  1. Use with Vision Quest Candle when seeking solutions to problems that you feel stem from a past life or from the astral realm.
  2. Use with Attraction candle when looking for past life experiences with people you currently know.

Needed Change-Banishing

The waning of the moon is the most appropriate tine to banish something of bring change into your life. This is why the Needed Change-Banishing candle is made at this stage of the moon's cycle. This candle works with many strengths, from changing toe energy of a situation to banishing it entirely, (depending on what is called for.)

Expanded Uses:

  1. Use with Healing candle to banish poor health.
  2. Use with Heart candle to nicely get rid of a bothersome person.


These hand-crafted tapers have been intentionally formulated for the practice of Magick. They are available in eleven powerful colors including natural honey gold. Each 8" taper is solid (rolled or separated) and burns for 6-8 hours with a lovely glow.

$4.25 each

Available in: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, emerald green, royal blue, purple, white, pink, and natural honey gold.


These hand-crafted colorful votive candles are formulated with Herb's and oils and are to be used for candle magick. Each is individually packaged with a magickal intention and brief instructions on the label. The following Spell Votive are available $1.80:

  1. Fast luck: Burn to turn the odds in your favor quickly
  2. Healing: Burn for healing yourself or others
  3. Love: Burn for love, friendship, self-esteem
  4. Money Drawing: Burn for drawing money and wealth to yourself or others
  5. Passion: Burn to male a relationship more passionate, sexual, and pleasurable
  6. Protection Shield: Burn to protect yourself and others
  7. Psychic Visions: Burn to increase your psychic abilities and to receive information
  8. Self Defense: Burn to reverse and return harmful energy


These hand-crafted colorful taper candles are formulated with gemstones and are used for candle magick. Each is individually packages with a magickal intention and brief instructions of the label. The following Gemstone Spell Tapers are available $3.50:

  1. Amber Energy: Burn to draw in power, positive light energy, strength, and stability
  2. Amethyst Visions: Burn to sedate lower urges, and stimulate your higher mind to enhance meditation and receive information
  3. Carnelian Vitality: Burn to bring good health and vitality to yourself and others.
  4. Crystal Clarity: Burn to radiate positive energy, surround yourself of others with protective energy and healing light, or amplify any spell
  5. Lapis Luck: Burn to draw wealth, honors, and success as well as higher wisdom and enhanced intuition
  6. Moonstone Magick: Burn to call upon the power of the Goddess and for all Lunar rituals
  7. Obsidian Armor: Burn to neutralize and polarize negative energy, capture it, and stop it [use only in a cast Magick Circle and only for self-defense]
  8. Peridot Prosperity: Burn to draw money and wealth to yourself or others
  9. Rose Quartz Love: Burn to attract lovers and friends and to surround yourself with loving vibrations
  10. Ruby Passion: Burn to make a relationship more passionate, sexual, and pleasurable
  11. Topaz Creativity: Burn to stimulate creativity, promote harmony, and attune with Universal forces
  12. Tourmaline Tranquillity: Burn to bring peace and tranquillity, gain strength to overcome adversity in stressful times, balance emotions, and enhance self-esteem and contentment.

Ritual candles $3.50ea

    8" Taper Inscribed, Anointed, /ritually Charged.
    1. Attract Nature Spirits (light green)
    2. Attract Soul Mates (terra cotta)
    3. centering(white)
    4. Dynamic Sun Energy (gold)
    5. Healing (light blue)
    6. love (pink)
    7. lust (red)
    8. Money/Prosperity(green)
    9. Overcome Depression (yellow)
    10. Protection (black)


  1. female black, green, pink, red, white
  2. male, black, green, pink, red, white


All votive set include 7- 15 hour highly scented votive candle, a glass votive holder and explanation for use. Shrink wrapped, raffle & card. Make a nice gift.$15.00

  2. one votive candle for each of the seven archangels.
  3. Chamuel- Angel oil
  4. Jophiel- Moonfire oil
  5. Raphael- Jasmine oil
  6. Zadkiel- Lavender oil
  7. Gabriel- Bayberry oil
  8. Michael- Rose oil
  9. Uriel- Sweet Pea oil
  11. A votive candle for each of the following blends: pack the same as Archangel votive:
  12. Healing
  13. Jasmine
  14. Love & passion
  15. Inner Balance
  16. Invigorating
  17. Tranquillity
  18. Uplifting


One votive candle for each of the seven chakras. $1.85

  1. 1st chakra- red-patchouli
  2. 2nd chakra-orange-musk
  3. 3rd chakra-yellow-rosemary
  4. 4th charkra-pink/green-amber/sandalwood
  5. 5th chakra-blue-clarey sage
  6. 6th chakra-purple-vanilla
  7. 7th chakra-white-lotus


  1. Healing-gold
  2. Invigorating-aqua
  3. Tranquillity-purple
  4. Inner Balance-peach
  5. Passion-mauve
  6. Uplifting-green


7" tall 3" dial. Glass jar candle. Poured in 8 layers. We use both pink & green for the Heart Chakra. Each layer is scented with the essence oil appropriate for each chakra. A tumbled gemstone in each layer-7 in all. Four pages of information, individually boxed. An excellent tool for balancing the Chakras and personal introspection. Body/Mind & Spirit Aromatherapy at it's best! $19.95


Five gemstones are represented in our crystal candle line. Each candle is a beautiful natural quartz crystal point. It will bring light and healing energy into the person using it. Each gemstone represented come in two six. (6"tall, 3"dia-$15.95) (3" tall, 3" dia.-$10.95)

    Amethyst-dark purple

    Represents: Spirituality, peach calmness, stability, strength, flexibility.

    Aquamarine-sea blue/green

    Represents: Communication, moderation, tolerance, flowing qualities.

    Garnet- deep red

    Represents: Health, vitality, profound love, balanced energy, dispels disorder.

    Green Tourmaline- deep green

    Represents: Healing, the immune system, success, abundance, manifestation of goals.

    Watermelon Tourmaline- pink & green

    Represents: cooperation, calmness, heals emotional wounds, encourages humor.


Abundance-lime green

    .Ingredients:c love, citronella, lemon balm, cinnamon, nutmeg

    Use to attract prosperity, increase success and obtain material possessions. Use in combination with Problem Solving candle when starting a new business.

Angel's Influence-turquoise

    Ingredients: honeysuckle, sweet heather, rose, peppermint.

    Use to honor and call upon our Angels. Use in combination with Ascended Master and Guides to know you're supported and loved.

Ascended Masters & Guides-light blue

    Ingredients:dragon's blood, olive oil, saffron, peppermint, musk

    Use to honor and call upon our Ascended Masters and Guides. Use in combination with Problem Solving candle to learn what the masters have to teach us

Astral Journey-off white

    Ingredients:rosenary, frankincense, myrrh, citronella, cypress.

    Use for protection when doing astral traveling or past life regressions. Use in combination with Love candle, when discovering past lives with people you know.


    Ingredients: pine, patchouli, salt and cypress.

    Use to boost your confidence and bring in stability. Use in combination with Good Health candle to correct skin and bone problems.

Dreams- pastel blue

    Ingredients:lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang.

    Use to enhance your dream. Use in combination with Ascebded Masters and Guides candle to call upon them in your dreams.

Good Health-dark blue

    Ingredients: clove, nutmeg, lemon balm, poppy seed, cedar, honeysuckle and juniper.

    Use to heal the physical body. Use in combination with Harmony candle to heal pets.

Harmony- lilac

    Ingredients: orange blossom, rose, sassafras, juniper, myrrh and dragon's blood.

    Use to create a harmonious and happy environment. Use in combination with Abundance candle to bless a new home.

Healing- dark purple

    Ingredients: cedar, ocean, lemon balm, heather.

    Use to heal the body, mind and soul. Use in combination with Peace to heal Moth Earth, animals and 4 elements.


    Ingredients:olive oil, patchouli, rose, clove, lavender and dragon's blood.

    Use to attract someone to you. Use in combination with Harmony candle to find a compatible roommate. Use in combination with Abundance candle to attract clients to your business.

Manifest A Miracle-pastel pink

    Ingredients:magnolia, honeysuckle, rose

    Use to aid and enhance your love and desire. Use in combination with Angel Influence candle to manifest a miracle!!

    Money-bayberry green

    Use to attract lotteries, raises and cash. Use in combination with Abundance for business moves, career moves or starting new projects.

    Peace-dark green;

    Ingredients:vanilla, clove, myrrh, ginger root, caraway seed.

    Use to create tranquil environment and quiet the mind. Use in combination with Harmony candle to create a loving home environment.

    Positive Energy-yellow

    Ingredients: frankincense, dragon's, sandalwood, saffron.

    Use to attract positive energy into your life. Use in combination with Good Health candle to correct nerve or muscular problems.

    Power-pastel silver

    Ingredients: clove, musk and patchouli.

    To increase the power of all other herbal magic candles.

    Problem Solving-brown

    Ingredients:rosemary, honey and honeysuckle.

    Use to discover a new path and gain knowledge about a problem. Use in combination with Abundance candle when starting a new business or to bless a new home.


      Ingredients: Frankincense, sandalwood, rosemary and clove;

      Use as protection from outside forces. Use for protection prior to a journey to ensure a safe trip. Use in combination with Problem Solving candle to find where negative energy is coming from in your life.


      Ingredients:musk, patchouli, pine, cedar and juniper.

      Use to attract a lusty relationship. Use in combination with Love candle to put a spark back into a tired relationship.

      Aroma Magic Jar Candles

      Ginger Jars classic apothecary design. Raffia is tied around the neck. Highly fragrance, These seen to burn forever!! 1 Pound Candle $13.50


      A colored outside on a white core candle. Color is thick enough for inscribing with showing whit As the candle burns, the color turns in and blends at the wick for an appearance like a solid color candle.

      8" $1.25 black, blue, pale blue, green, pale green, pink, red, rose, white

      12" $1.60 black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, white


    Divine Savior:

    To make a wish come true,

    Just Judge:

    Helps sway the scales of justice in your favor.

    Miraculous Mother:

    Bestows strength to perform one's daily duties.

    Sacred Heart Jesus:

    Burn to bring a multitude of blessings.

    Saint Michael:

    For deliverance from ones enemies and for courage.

    Saint Jude:

     Assistance from the saint of the impossible in any matter which has deemed hopeless.

    Saint Barbara:

    She strengthens faith and protects from all evil.

    Saint Barbara:

    She strengthens faith and protects from all evil.

    Saint Claire:

    Used when in quest of knowledge or understanding.

    Perpetual Help:

    Burn to draw comfort, confidence and assistance.

    Scented Bayberry:

    For good fortune and money drawing.

    Fast Luck:

    Draw good luck and fortune to your home or business.


    Accelerate recovery.


    To aid in removing negative thought forms.


    Burn with other candles to bring quicker results.

    Black Cat:

    Its flame can change your luck for the better.


    Can break spells and solve difficult problems.

    Break Up:

    Use to separate two persons who are causing problems.

    Jink Removing:

     Use when there is a crossed condition.


    Gives you protection from your enemies, good for all around protection


    To remove and send evil intentions.

    23 Psalm

    Goodness and mercy will follow you always.

    Blessed Mary

    Draws money blessing from the mother of Jesus.

    Court Case:

    Use to draw a favorable verdict in all legal cases.

    Helping Hands

    Draws assistance in all matters, especially law cases.

    Lord's Prayer:

    Draws a multitude of spiritual blessings.

    Miracle Mother

    Bestows strength to performs one's daily duties.

    Faith and Hope:

    Use when you think nothing is working for you

    Indian Guide:

    Use for guidance and blessings from the spirits.

    Lucky Bingo:

    Burn for a winning card.

    Lucky Prophet:

    Use to draw good fortune to business or home

    Money Drawing:

    Burn for a winning card.

    Steady Work:

    Burn to get or hold a job and to improve your position.


    Use when searching for enlightenment, divine wisdom and virtue.


    Remove evil and harm from you and your house.


    Draws customers who will spend money.

    Angel's Helping Hands Pure Oils

    These are pure essential fragrance oils [not for cooking]. They can be used for candle oil, mixing oil, potpourri, bath perfume 1/4 oz.$3.00


    Attract money and will help make you alert.


    Gives one will and determination in gaining new objectives, helps you have success. A must for anyone going on a jog interview!


    Use for protection and ill-luck.


    To increase your clairvoyant abilities.

    Apple Blossom:

    Helps you to achieve peace of mind, contentment and happiness.


    Eases one of burdens and brightens your thoughts


    Helps remove burdens or misfortune so you can do what needs done.


      Good for attracting financial success.


      For Purification, to heighten any spell.


      For protection and to attract riches.

    Blue Sonata:

      Encour admirers.


      Give power, helps make people want to follow lead. A must for any one in a supervisory position.


      Stimulates the energy. Improves a faltering relationship. Helps make people want to treat you with affection and consideration.


      Use to make yourself and other people happy!

    Cherry Blossom:

      Use this for your parties. It helps create a gay, light-hearted good humored mood.


      To reverse negative feelings someone may have about you.


      Use for luck or when you have to come in contact with your boss or a client.


      Gives extra strength to al spell.


      Brings friends to your home or customers to your business.


      Makes your mate faithful.


      Brings balance to a person, helps you find purpose in your life.

      Crab Apple:

      Good to use for people who have a hot temper it will keep them cool and calm.



      Brings blessings of a spiritual nature. Helps with children who are hard to handle. Also use to mourn the dead so they may rest at peace.


      Brings blessings of a spiritual nature. Helps with children who are hard to handle. Also use to mourn the dead so they may rest at peace.


      Use for healing. Good for someone who is hurt or depressed.


      Brings many blessings. Can help free one from the possession of drink, cigarettes, unhealthy relationships, overeating or other destructive habits.

      Frank & Myrrh:,?P>

      Use for healing, baptisms, protection and to enhance one's native abilities.


      Use when you feel burdened or oppressed. Stop other people from having an influence on you.


      Use when you feel burdened or oppressed. Stop other people from having an influence on you.


      Add excitement to your life or relationships.

      Ginger Blossom:

      Stimulate one's affections towards you.


      Brings opportunities.


      Brings money to you.


      Brings cheerfulness to you! Protects you from physical harm and attracts wealth.


      Very seductive. Brings a straying or reluctant lover to you!


      Attracts business, sharpens intuition, instills confidence.


      Attracts love and luck, helps you sleep at night.


      Brings blessings to your life. To gain secret knowledge. Attracts good vibrations.


      Attracts good spirits, use to bind a lover to you.


      To attract a love partner.


      Add life and excitement, as well as, romance to your life. Gives you pep and energy.


      To promote peace. To keep you from being a discredit, to make a person leave you alone, to encourage thrift and produce in all matters.


      To call in good spirits

      Lemon Grass:

      To develop one psychic senses, help you read a persons thoughts.


      To improve your memory and to bring in good spirits.

      Lily of the Valley:

      Calms the nerves. For use when one is emotionally upset.


      Keeps a lover faithful.


      Draw friendships and love use also for healing


      Use to have your way with a man.

      Yang Yang

      To draw attention to oneself, for seeking employment. Helps a troubled marriage for a peaceful home.


      Help with psychic development.


      Heightens sexual feelings also used for confidence.


      Protects, adds power to any spell.


      Use to get answers from your dreams.


      Gives you energy, bring customers to your store.


      To develop a business.


      Guard against evil.


      To bring calmness, harmony and peace of mind.


      Give one a sharper wit and clearer perception.


      Bring harmony and power to a room. Good for attracting men.

      Orange Blossom:

      Puts one in a marring mood.


      Good for concentration on a problem. Good for meditation. Helps with memory and to stay focused.

      Passion Flower:

      Heighten's ones amorous feelings.


      Aphrodisiac, brings peace to the home. Settles arguments and calms strife. Gets people to move.


      For protection and exorcism.


      A lucky oil for all those who need customers, success in business, or good fortune in all one's endeavors.


      To clear your head. To aid you in thinking and healing and purification.



      For fertility and purification.


      For love.


      For fertility and purification.


      For protection


      For love, fertility and clairvoyance.

      Rose Geranium,/P>

      Use if you feel burdened or oppressed, it is a good hex-breaker, removes bad influences in a room.


      Purification, purification and healing.


      Protection, purification and healing


      Use to read cards, crystal ball, runes etc, also used by mediums, clairvoyants, and anybody who wish to foresee the future.


      Healing and love.


      Use for good luck.


      Use as a anointing oil amd for peace and joy.

      Sweet Pea:

      For attraction, and to meet and attract new friends.


      For happiness and for removing problems your enemies are causing.


      To ward off evil, to dream of your future.

      Tutti Fruity:

      Addes passion and romance to a relationship


      To make sex hot and to anoint mojo bags.


      To clean your house and yourself from evil influences.


      Pleasing to all good spirits, angels etc. Sprinkle around your meditation area or altar.


      Use to get out of a bad relationship, to remove bad vibrations.

      Ylang Ylang

      an attracting oil, also for a peaceful home.

      • Anise 1oz $4.85
      • Basil 1 oz $12.67
      • Bergamot 1 oz $23.89
      • Camphor 1 oz $4.17

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