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Free Interactive Tarot Readings

You can access five different types of readings.

Celtic Cross: The traditional way the cards are read. This spread reveals answers to specific questions.

Three Card Spread: Three Cards. They reveal the past, the present, and the future.

Seven Card Rom Spread: A modern adaptation of an ancient Magyar spread. Useful for revealing the hidden forces shaping your destiny.

The Weekly Forecast: This reading offers a day by day look at what may lie ahead in the next seven days plus an overview of that entire week .

Dream Interpretation: A spread that reveals the meaning of a dream.

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The Colman-Smith Tarot: This deck features beautiful, vibrant, life-affirming colors and in-depth, insightful interpretations of the cards. This deck is based on the original drawings of Pamela Colman-Smith rendered in 1910.

The Aquatic Tarot: The artist, Andreas Schröter renders magnificent watercolor interpretations of the original drawings of Pamela Colman-Smith. Choose this deck If you want the possibility of reversed cards in your reading.

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