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Comprehensive Sparring

       As a martial artist have you found it extremely difficult to find very many good books on the subject of sparring?  If you found a book it probably focused on techniques to use in competition and did not help in understanding the basic theories and aspects of sparring that could better develope you fighting technique.  The author's hope in writing such a book is not only to help the novice or beginner, but to create a better sparring knowledge for coaching and more uniform explanations.

       Far to often we have to rely upon our own experience to teach us how to handle many situations, and build upon our own idea of our performance. This can be very subjective in dealing with the aspects that must accompany all sports and competition, and leaves very little room for comparison.

       When one hears the word martial arts, most people think of Karate, Kung Fu, or Kickboxing. Very few realize that the martial arts encompasses more than just the arts of the orient. Boxing, Fencing, Wrestling, Judo, Savate and many others are martial arts that take a high caliber of skill and knowledge to be able to use or compete.

       Each of the afore mentioned martial arts (or sports) have there own celebrated style, disciplines, and competitions. Yet the one thing they all have in common is combat situations. Combat situations or sparring differs only in technique or how it is applied. Though each may vary from style to style, the principles of sparring are the same.

       Do to the author's experience and years of comprehensive study in Karate for more than 20 years, most applications and principles are described within are sparring with empty hand techniques in mind.  However the ideas and principles can readily and easily be applied and adapted to the different style variations, since the basic ideas are the same.

       This book is an excellent resource for all martial arts, sports and even business. This informative book is neccessity for Boxer, Tae Kwon Do practitioners, Karateka, and Kung Fu Stylist. This is not a book on technique but theories and aspects.

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