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(Most recent update is date of lastest meeting notes)

Voluntary Simplicity -- Chicago

Welcome to Voluntary Simplicity - Chicago!


Note: VS Chicago has a shortage of meeting facilitators.
The monthly meetings have therefore been suspended.

We continue to stay in touch using our Yahoo group


Go to: Notes From Previous Meetings

Simple Tip... Tracking your income and expenses is one of the easiest ways to simplify your life. Two excellent resources are the book, Your Money or Your Life, and On-Line Your Money Or Your Life Study Guide Groups.

There are also 3 more monthly Chicago area Simplicity Meetings...
Voluntary Simplicity Northwest Suburbs (second Wednesday night of the month)
Voluntary Simplicity of Northwest Indiana (third Saturday morning of the month)
FORMING => Voluntary Simplicity of McHenry County (Crystal Lake - Woodstock Area)


2006 VS Chicago Meeting Dates...

******NOTE - NO March MEETING******

******NOTE - MAYBE?? NO June MEETING******

******NOTE - MAYBE?? NO July MEETING******

******NOTE - MAYBE?? NO August MEETING******


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