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Overview of Transworld - TSC


Subject: About US




An Overview of TranSourCe - TSC

TSC is part of Transworld Group established in 1993. TSC is one of UAE leading IT companies. TSC is one with wide expertise in information technology and its application.

No other company in Abu Dhabi or UAE offers the full range of services at the level of quality and cost-effective we provide.

Business Services

Assisted by one of the world prestigious consulting company Gartner Group, TSC management department has completed an analysis on IT requirements in UAE. TSC has put together a recommendation to sharply reduce customers’ expenses in this computing area.

Even though we sell PCs and peripherals, by employing our Leasing scheme within your company, you will:

  1. Have a cash savings of up to 45% on your IT products such as PCs and peripherals
  2. Have Investment protection: upgrade of equipment, free maintenance and service.
  3. Own the Equipment (PCs or else) by the fourth year for 5 Dhs only.
  4. Have Training and free consultation on Internet/Intranet and Networking fields..etc.

According to many analysis, approximately 20 – 48% of IT budget of purchasing equipment such as PCs and peripherals is misspent. We can help you do the job much more efficiently by leasing our Equipment and services at very cost effective manner.

Moreover the Return On Investment is not adjustable in this evolution of technology for instance the PC 233 you bought this year will cost around half its price next year as international reports revealed. So, to save you from all this turmoil TSC will protect you from all this confusion. Call to find out more about the service.

-TSC provides Internet/Intranet solutions, Networking and so on. For instance one of our service is an Internet solution, which allows you to access the Internet from multiple PCs simultaneously, using ONLY ONE Internet account from Etisalat, ONE modem and ONE dedicated PC. Virtually, all Network users in your office can Browse, Surf, Download software and Send/Receive Individual E-mail via a SINGLE dial-up connection. Call to find out more about the service.

-Why you pay Internet provider a lot of money to have your own Home page on the Internet and advertise your products. TSC can create, publish and host your own Home page on the Internet for very low cost. Call to find out more.

-Another service that can saves your company a lot of papers and file transfer between employees, it is our reliable and cost effective Mail System. Even your receptionist can use it to send phone message electronically and make sure the message received.

-Do you have problem with your application in Year 2000, the problem is solved by our partner in USA who solved major companies’ year 2000 problem.


TranSourCe - TSC's Mission


Our Markets

TSC markets include:


The TSC Benefits

The best cost-effective IT solution in the market plus project management. Through countless advances and shifts in technology, TSC can maintain a reputation as experts in outsourcing -- and using IT to solve problems for our clients.

In short, we bring together the right technologies, proven techniques and methods, innovative ideas and the skilled project managers to help our clients achieve breakthrough results.

Moreover, an effective mixture of other important strengths sets TSC apart: 


Thanks for your consideration. However, you’ll find this scheme a tremendous addition to productivity and profits. Call to find out more about all services.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us, so to answer your questions.

Phone: 971-2-767 756

Fax: 971-2-711 721

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