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Wrestling Headlines News

-Owen Hart Will take on X-pac At the King of the Ring. -Three matches have been signed for the bash at the beach -Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone -Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko for the Cruiserweight Title (There is a strong chance of a stipulation being added to the match. Most likely, Falls Count Anywhere) -Goldberg and Kevin Greene vs. The Giant and Curt Hennig -Marlena is scheduled to be in NYC the day of Summerslam. Marlena should return to WWF TV sometime before Summerslam if not at Summerslam. The way things are turning out, Dustin Runnels may continue to job until Marlena comes back into his life in the WWF and turns his career around. -Rick Steiner should return to action in about 2 weeks. Rick should wrestle his brother Scott at the Bash at the Beach -Owen Hart may buy out the rest of his 4 year deal with the WWF to go to the WCW. Owen is not happy with his current role in the WWF. -WCW may let Scott Hall go because to his drug problems. Ratings Raw got a 4.3 and Nitro got a 4.1. -Paul Bearer will be at the King of the ring. -Raw next Monday Should be huge. -There has been a lot of injuries at house shows this week: Kane, Stone Cold, Undertaker and HHH. -Phillip Lafon was fired by Titan,but the company is keeping the doors open for his future return. Meanwhile, Doug Furnas is still under contract with the WWF, and will be called from ECW before the Survivor Series. -Kevin Nash and Scott Hall will not fight if they are not both in the Wolfpack. -Sid is on his way to the WCW. -Raven will be getting a make over of some sort. According to him, several World Championship Wrestling higher-ups are not happy with the Raven and his Flock Gimmick. They are planning on having an all new surrounding for him, and once again push him for the United States Heavyweight Title. -Bill Goldberg vs. Curt Hennig has been scheduled for Bash at the Beach. Let's hope it actually happens this time. Chris Beniot is in for a major push! He is going to face Bret Hart at several house shows and he might even face him on a PPV. It's about time "The Crippler" gets the push he deserves. -WCW is going to show the Bash at the Beach press conference on Nitro this Monday. -Rey Mysterio Jr. will have the Cruiserweight title before the Summer is over. He might win it at the July 10 Los Angeles house. Chris Jericho won the Crusierweight belt at the last L.A. house show in 1996 when he beat Syxx. -Sting/Nash vs. Hall/Giant looks like a lock for Bash at the Beach. -Benoit/Mongo vs. Harlem Heat will be on Nitro soon. WCW may save it for a PPV. -Upon returning, Rey Misterio Jr. is slated to engage in a three-way feud with Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko. Misterio was again backstage at this past Monday's Nitro, but he once again did not appear on the show. There is speculation that he will face Jericho for the Cruiserweight title at Bash at the Beach, or else face Jericho and Malenko in a Triange Match. The Bash is slated to be his first match back upon returning from his knee injury -Shawn Michaels will not be returning to the ring until 1999 at the very earliest. He is able to stand upright for an hour or so maximum. Shawn has been told by doctors there is a possibility he may never return to wrestling again, and may be forced into retirement. -WCW are set to offer Ric Flair a new improved deal. Terms are unknown right, now, but it would give him a much better deal in and out of the ring to what he is receiving right now. If Flair returns, it is a probability he will join the Horsemen. -Diamond Dallas Page will be getting the WCW Heavyweight title shot against Hollywood Hogan on August 8th at Road Wild. -Vince McMahon may form his own mini-stable. McMahon will form a unit of wrestlers to try and de-throne Austin as champ. Mick Foley may be the main man in this proposed stable. Other wrestlers soon to join McMahon will be Steve Williams & Steven Regal. -Sable should start to manage Stone Cold Steve Austin witch will start up the Marc Mero/Austin fued again. -The WCW/NWO Hotline is reporting that the next new member of NWO-Hollywood may be the unlikely choice of none other than the "master" of the standing sidekick, Glacier. -The Roaddog and Billy "Don't Call me Rockabilly" Gunn are going to lose the tag titles to Kane and Mankind very soon. It was setup on RAW on Monday when Kane and Mankind won the tag team royal rumble. -The main event for the July In Your House: Fully Loaded will be Austin/Undertaker vs. Kane/Mankind for the tag team titles! The Undertaker and Austin could end up actually winning the belts at Fully Loaded, but I doubt it since wrestling has already had it's fair share of tag champs who can't get along this year. -Vader should join Paul Bearer's camp shortly as well. He will face Kane at SummerSlam, lose the match, and then join Mankind and Kane. -Al Snow will take on Too much at the King of the Ring. -Besides rumors of Regal being managed by McMahon, there is talk that he will appear at the KOTR pay-per-view to challenge the Rock for the IC Title, and win it from Maivia shortly thereafter. -Cruiserweight tournament should start soon. This would be a way to re-debut Rey Mysterio. AS well as get other cruiserweights. This should start in a month or so. -The Giant may be going under the knife for knee surgery. -Right now the WWF is planning on Steve Austin and Undertaker v. Kane & Mankind. if not expect Steve Austin v. Undertaker but with the response I got from last night's match I would expect Undertaker & Steve Austin v. Kane & Mankind and that's what's planned. -Rey Mysterio Jr was once again backstage on Nitro this past Monday night. He will most likely be at Thunder. If he appears on screen, expect a candid interview. -The new 4 horsemen could have Chris Benoit, Mongo, The icemen and Fit Finlly. -The WWF is talking to Frank Shamrock again. Talks stoped because nothing could be worked out. Ken Shamrock talked Frank into talking the the WWf again. -Hardwork Bobby Waker is sueing WCW. I will bring more when I get it.