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Welcome to the Sunshine Coast's Spinning, Weaving and Machine Knitting Supply Store! Located at 'The Apple Tree' - 2055 Sunshine Coast Highway - in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

Looms and Spinning Wheels for sale, and for rent! Classes ongoing daily, one-on-one or in groups up to 5, depending on your time schedule.

Waulking & Weaving at Excite Communities - Online Weaving Community!

We are agents for the Monashee Woollen Mill in Lumby, British Columbia. The price for sheep's rovings and duvet maker's batts is from $9.00 per pound (Canadian $)! Whites, browns and greys - local sheep - RomneyXSuffolk; RomneyXKarakul; Romney; Suffolk; Dorset crosses, Cheviot and North Country Cheviot, Southdown (mostly for quilt batts).

***Alpaca and ***Llama rovings - beautiful whites, cocoas, fawns and greys. $18 per 100 grams - uniform fineness of staple to guard hair. Others have contrasting guard hairs to fleece or coarser guard hair - $12 - $16 per 100 grams. From BC alpacas and llamas!

KAMFOR - 10 foil packets in each box for $5.50. Repel moths naturally. No nasty smell, or residue. No headaches. These tablets have an airy fragrance of camphor.

Our Suppliers:

Fibre Trends
  • We now have Fibre Trends patterns and cards in stock. Are you looking for the perfect hat pattern, or a lacy shawl - maybe a knitted llama or alpaca. Check out the Fibre Trends website.


  • Beautiful tops of Merino, Corriedale, Finn and Targhee in one incredible roving. Solid colours, jewel tones, even rasberry swirl! From Bullen's Wullens


  • Wonderful assortment of silks - 20/3 and 30/2 spun bombyx yarn - hankies -silk bells, New: Silk Chenille.

  • Silk Hankies - Undyed in 100 gram packets for $10.65. 'Spin a Rainbow' Dyed hankies - 50 grams for $11.95. Ice crystals blue and white; blue and yellow; navy and neon yellow; black, ruby and emerald; forest green, amethyst and fuchsia.
  • Tussah Silk Roving - natural colour - average packet 135 grams - $16.50 approx.
  • Treetops Tussah Silk Roving in Colour Harmonies (space dyed) and solid colours - set your imagination flowing - so many colours, so little time. Sample sheets available - $7.50 fob. $15 for 50 grams, $30 for 100 grams or a sampler of 10 colours (100 grams) for $32.50

  • Have you tried the Turbo Drive band? Fits on the Ashford Traditional wheel and the Traveller. The newest wheel is the Kiwi. Economical! Perfect for students - double treadle. 'Joy' is the folding wheel. Joy has a canvas carrying bag available as an accessory.
  • Ashford Dyes come in 50 gram bottles (powdered) - $13.95. Will dye 5 pounds of fleece or silk. Simply add to water and vinegar, then simmer to exhaust. Easy to use for novice and professional dyers.

  • Very finely crafted looms, spinning wheels and accessories - from Armstrong, in British Columbia.

  • Revolutionizing the look and operation of spinning wheels and accessories. Beautifully handcrafted from 'Rimu' a native New Zealand hardwood. The 'Rose' is the newest addition to the line of fine wheels. Double treadle, spoked wheel with a 5 ratio whorl for spinning finely with the lace weight flyer, another 5 ratio whorl for spinning thickly to sport weight yarns with the Delta orifice on a flyer and a bobbin rack that holds three bobbins for plying. $650. Come in to give the Rose a spin.

  • Still the same high quality yarns we have come to expect for the last 50 years. Chunky to lace weight in a rainbow of colours. In skeins, on cones, scoured and oiled wools.

  • Every type of yarn imaginable for weaving, some for hand knitting - tools for cutting rags, etc. New rayon yarns in white - perfect for dye projects. Slub and smooth yarns in 1/2# tubes for $4.45 each. White rayon chenille with a silver thread $8.45 each. Every colour of rayon chenille in stock -$18.25 each. All colours of cotton chenille also in stock $9.00 each.

    Organic cotton in 3 colourways, cable cord for strong rug warps, bulky dyed cotton weft, 2/8 + 2/16 + 2/20 dyed, bleached or natural cotton on 1# and 1/2# tubes.

  • Made in Canada! Looms of every type, including Compu-Dobby, and tools for weaving, carding wool, etc.

  • The ultimate in coned yarns: wool, wool & silk, wool & cotton, cotton, acrylics, silkys, etc. Located in Richmond, BC, so your orders are very promptly filled.

  • Hand pulled tops - $8.50/oz.
  • Brushings for spinning or felting - $5.50/oz.

  • Looms:
  • Cottage Craft table/floor combo made of cedar, 4 harness loom - on a folding stand - has 4 knobs on pull cords connected to the harnesses via the front of the loom - 32" wide - $325

  • Honey Hooser's loom! - 4 poster - overhead beater - 4 harness counterbalance, string heddles, built in bench. Comes with 3 flying shuttles, box of bobbins and pirns, full size warping mill and table top skein winder! $750 fob.
  • Hand-built 4 post loom - 56" weaving width, raddle, 1 reed, bench - $750 fob.
  • Spinning Wheels:
  • Antique! Quebec Production Wheel - $475
    - dated around 1860 - 99% original hardware (one small new nut) spins very finely - 16:1. One original bobbin.
  • Louet - S77 Walnut finish Spinning Wheel with matching skein winder attached - $500. >REDUCED IN PRICE. MUST SELL.
  • Many handcrafted shuttles ($8.00 - $18.50 - $25 - knife edge, rag and ski), niddy noddies ($20), of exotic hardwoods, and BC hardwoods.
  • Hat blocks are here! $35 - 21 to 23" diameter. Suitable for toques and fedoras. Solid wood. Make your own hats, or just keep their handcrafted shape.
  • Wire skein winders - $56.50
  • "Buttons by Bill" - handcrafted staghorn buttons and toggles - $3 per card. Sizes from 1/2" diameter to 1 1/2" diameter. Larger buttons 1 or 2 per card - smaller ones 3 per card.
  • Warping cardboard - 48", 45", 36" and 24" wide - 12', 16', 18' and 21' lengths - (.50, .40, .20 per foot.)

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    Wooly For Ewe

    Handcrafted cotton covered wool duvets. Perfect for folks that want to avoid polyester and feathers while keeping warm during winter, with breatheable bedcoverings during summer.

    Another Sunshine Coast Fibre Artist with a studio on the 'net:
    Click on the link to Barby Paulus to see her work.
    Email to: Barby Paulus

    This link will take you to a site with much information about sheep, and another store specializing in weaving and spinning supplies. EweBanks Handwovens

    Our business is located at 2055 Sunshine Coast Highway in Roberts Creek. Located between the Sunshine Coast Nursery and the Peninsula Motor Inn. Just past Leek Road, going towards Sechelt from Gibsons.

    You are welcome to drop by any time from 10:30 to 5 Monday to Saturday. By appointment on Sunday - after noon. (604)886-1465

    We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments. Cash works, too!

    Visit the Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds for updates on Guild activities in your area.

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