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Specialized Services is a broker for Information Brokerage Systems, the company that owns and maintains the equipment for the 900 number lines we are offering to you. The following is a letter from the president of IBS explaining in detail this tremendous opportunity.

Hello. My name is Michael Forbes, President of Information Brokerage Systems (IBS). I'm in the 900 number business, and business is booming! Due to this enormous increase in business, it gives me great pleasure to be able to make this offer to you. IBS is now recruiting managers to work part-time from their homes. First month's potential earnings are $10,000.00 and more!

The people joining IBS are:

  1. Quitting the "rat-race", becoming totally debt free, and solving their money pro blems once and for all!
  2. Earning thousands of dollars weekly without any hard work!
  3. Living a life of freedom and happiness!
  4. Enjoying the pleasures of being their own boss!
  5. Experiencing true "rags to riches" success! and so much more.

How You Can Enjoy These and Many Other Benefits Too!

One Good Idea Can Catapult You to Success

Managers of 900 numbers are making huge profits from one simple idea, or by coming up with a new combination of old ideas. You can do the same! Now,I'm not trying to fool you and make you think you can earn a million dollars overnight. However, even though you are a beginner, you can realistically expect to make tremendous profits in your first year. According to public statistics, the average earnings for a 900 number manager are over $15,000 annually, and that's average earnings! Again, I stress, you might not become a millionaire overnight, but you can dramatically increase your income while at the same time building a solid, secure foundation for a lifetime of wealth, power, and freedom for you and your family.

Hear What Others Say About IBS

Here's How You Can Make More Money Faster

Who uses 900 numbers?

Why? because they earn profits 24 hours a day, day in and day out!

Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge

Albert Einstein

This is why IBS is willing to give away numbers free! IBS needs creative individuals who are serious about making money to manage our 900 numbers part time from their home. If you're serious, expect your first year earnings to be $100,000 to $150,000 and more! Due to our enormous success, IBS has many 900 numbers available. I need managers to operate these numbers. I also need people who can recognize, and act on a good opportunity when they see one. So for a limited time only, IBS will give you a 900 number absolutely FREE! Plus, you keep 100% of the profit from your number. Furthermore, once you are a member of IBS, your 900 number is yours forever. There is no time limit on when you use it, or how long you wait before you start. How can IBS afford this? It's simple! All 900 numbers are actually computers, not telephones. IBS has secured the technology, with an FCC approval, to split one 900 number into many 900 numbers using extension numbers that travel through a complex computer network. Each number works the same as the original one. This greatly reduces our cost, and makes it affordable to make you this offer. Not only affordable, but actually profitable to give you a number free! When IBS gives you a number, it generates revenues. IBS receives a royalty fee for generating these revenues. This royalty fee is paid directly by phone customers, and not a penny comes out of your pocket. You keep the entire $1.00 per minute, per call.

When you join IBS, you'll be assigned your very own personal consultant to help you choose and implement the strategies that will bring you the greatest results. This consultant works for you to help you manage your 900 number successfully! IBS will also help you get started by giving you a list of 85 proven successful programs to operate on your number, free! We also have over 90 complete turn-key numbers that you can purchase which will get you started instantly and effortlessly. Professional announcers will automatically record and update the information on your 900 number. Numbers include sports, entertainment, consumer information, weather, stock and business reports, and many more! You do nothing but manage and keep 100% of the income. Nothing is easier ! These quality numbers guarantee repeat callers. However, under no circumstance are you limited to just these programs. You are encouraged to put whatever information you wish on your 900 number. You're limited only by your imagination! I want you to be successful because I have a financial interest in whether or not you are successful. If you're not successful, no telephone revenues are generated. IBS doesn't make any profits. So my success is in direct proportion to your success! This is why I will help you every step of the way! Plus, we're able to handle your business growth all the way by providing you with the most sophisticated 900 number lines and equipment available today. This means your growth is absolutely unlimited!

Here is Why IBS has Been Defined as the "Entrepreneurs Dream"

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

What your 900 Number Success Manual Includes

The IBS Broker Program

Are you ready for success? I hope so, and I hope you're ready to stop dreaming about financial security, and start living it. You can't keep doing what you've done in the past and expect things to change. The best way to predict your future is to invent it. IBS has laid the groundwork for you to achieve the kind of life you want. The decision you make in the next few minutes can, and will, dramatically change your life. It's your choice, and you will have to live with the result. Only those who dare to take control of their lives ever achieve greatness. I hope you are smart enough not to waste another minute of your future. You owe it to yourself to start living your life the way you want. To start earning the kind of money and freedom you deserve. If you're unhappy with your financial earnings, do something about it -- seize this opportunity before it's too late! You may never get another chance. Order your 900 Number Success Manual today! Plus, with our full one year money-back guarantee, and the support of the 900 number professionals at IBS backing you, it doesn't make sense not ot order. This offer will give you proven methods and techniques for making money which have worked for others and will work for you! if you get involved and order your 900 number package. That's a big if, but it will play a key role in your financial future! The faster you act, the faster you will start earning the kind of money you deserve. It's time to quit making excuses. Get involved by joining today!


Michael Forbes
President, IBS

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