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Start your own sharpening business

I am willing to share this information on how to start your own business at home and customers will bring you the work and even ship it to you.(think of it going to the mail box each day to pick up your days work paid in advance)Hair grows everyday and it has to be cut humans and animals.Dogs-cats-sheep-horses-goats the list goes on and on knives are dull saw blades get dull lawn mower blades.They all need someone to service thier equipment which is expensive for the professional groomer.(check around your town)animal groomers-barbers-restaurant-flower shops-cloth shops-pizza cutters-paper cutters-saw blades-lawn mower blades the list goes on and on.The 4 that i prefer are animal clipper blades-scissors-knives-clipper repair.They take little time and are very profitable.I am willing to share this information with you.Where to buy the equipment you need-help line numbers and where to buy parts for clippers at wholesale prices.knives take 2 minutes charge $1.00 to $5.00-clipper blades 5 minutes charge $3.00 to $5.00-scissors 2 minutes charge $3.00 to $15.00.clipper repair $15.00 + parts.I started out with nothing but a ideal when i saw a beautician throw a pr of scissors in the garbage.When i asked her why she replied there is noone around that can sharpen them.When people found out that i could sharpen scissors they started asking about other sharpening services.I tried all of them and then settled on the 4 products that took the least time and the best profit. It took me 2 yrs to find all the suppliers i needed.I later quit my factory job which i had been doing for 25yrs with noway out.I am willing to help someone else be independent for a lot less time and expense than it cost me.If you are interested in being your own boss please send a money order for $29.95 to Sharpening INfo 1035 Stringtown Road Lexington,Tennessee 38351 your information will be rushed to you so you can get started asap.THANK YOU

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