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FAX 1-508-626-8419

Metropolitan New York Office

FAX 1-973-364-0425


John "Gus" Bell, Commissioner

Ron Floridia, Asst. Commissioner

Dennis Wilson, Media & Public Relations Consultant


Draft choices from the cities awarded franchises may contact their team for information after November 2nd.
Draft choices of cities that will not begin play in March, 1999, may contact any of the franchises set forth below for consideration as a Priority Free Agent after November 15th.


Free agents may telephone or FAX the team in their region that they played college, pro or minor league is they have not played college football, after November 15.



15726 Dowlwood
Houston, TX 77032
281-830-3988 (Office)
281-754-4249 (FAX)
281-831-4249 (Scouting)
Contact person: Dr. Jeff Crowder


717 Baytree Drive
Brandon, MS 39042
Contact person: Steve Brown


Contact person: Greg Anderson, Director of Scouting


1925 St. Barnard Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70116
504-947-2445 (Office)
504-947=3564 (FAX)
Contact Person: Rex Stevenson


6109 Linwood Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71106
318-861-1056 (Office)


P.O. Box 13
Alger, OH 45812
419-757-7021 (Office)
419-339-0900 (Fax)

The Regional Football League (RFL) has been formed as the "MAJOR LEAGUE OF SPRING FOOTBALL." The RFL season is designed for Spring/Summer play with the weekend prior to the Fourth of July designated as the annual date for its championship game.
The inaugural season will begin in March, 1999 and the schedule will consist of 14 regular season games, preceded by a three-week training camp and a preseason game. Four teams will qualify for the playoffs.
Rosters will be limited to 37 active players and five taxi-squad members with salaries in the range of $30,000 to $65,000 per player with team caps of $1,500,000.

For investment information, contact Ron Floridia at 1-888-RFL-1400

1998 Regional Football League Draft


1 PK Bjorn Nittmo Appalachian State
2 DL Bill Duff Tennessee
3 WR Chad Mackey Arkansas Tech
4 RB David Glisson Mississippi College
5 DB Quincy Coleman Jackson State
6 RB Clarence Matthews Northwest LA St.
7 OL Ross Setters LSU
8 WR John Westbrook Park Tech
9 DT Ben Williams CFL-Pirates
10 DL Mike Sutton LSU
11 OL Devon Coburn Mississippi
12 LB Pat Rogers LSU
13 LB Ken Scroggins Henderson State
14 OL Clay Hopkins Louisiana Tech
15 WR Kobie Jenkins Alcorn State
16 FB Michael Davis Mississippi State
17 DB Garrett Johnson Southwest LA State
18 DE Stacey Wilson Mississippi
19 QB Josh Booty LSU
20 DL Ken Gholston Louisville
21 FS Chris Willis Northeast Louisiana
22 OL Adrian Jennings Grambling State
23 LB Carlton Hall Vanderbilt
24 LB Chris Zingo CFL Pirates
25 DL Eric Dotson Mississippi State
26 RB Kenyon Cotton Southwest LA State
27 RB Carlos Knight Jackson State
28 OG Keith Ware Southwest LA State
29 TE Mark Baker Arkansas
30 QB/WR Tori Williams Northwest LA State
31 WR Daryle Heidelburg Jackson State
32 QB Jason Martin Louisiana Tech
33 DB A.D.Love Henderson State
34 DL Eric Weber Delta
35 OC Lynn Rowland Arkansas State
36 CB Wayne Williams L.S.U.


1 QB Dameyone Craig Auburn
2 RB Dennis Riddle Alabama
3 OT Ed Blake Auburn
4 QB Thad Busby Florida State
5 LB Darryl Bush Florida State
6 DB Charles Rose Auburn
7 DB Damon Sidney Alabama-Birmingham
8 WR Gtyrone Goodson Auburn
9 OC Alan Symonette Miami
10 WR/ST Mike Bowman Valdosta State
11 RB Rock Preston Florida State
12 DB Lawrence Samuels Livingston
13 FB/LB Mike McClenton North Alabama
14 QL Kerlin Blaise Miami
15 WR Derrick Lewis Florida State
16 LB Greg Bright Georgia
17 DL Denny Fortney Miami
18 DE/DT Desmond Baker Valdosta State
19 PK Jaret Holmes Auburn
20 WR Derrick Steagall Georgia Tech
21 DE Jesse McCorvey Alabama
22 OT Zev Lumelski Miami
23 TE Melvin Pearsall Florida State
24 DB Ferrell Spencer Florida State
25 DL Eric Kerley Alabama
26 QB Kelvin Simmonds Troy State
27 RB Ed Scissum Alabama
28 WR Willie Gosha Auburn
29 DB Bryon Plummer Alabama State
30 OL George Brewer Savannah State
31 DB Brad Trout Valdosta
32 RB Nate Dantley Tampa
33 OL Joe Washington North Alabama
34 DL Heath Springer Cumberland
35 LB Rick Hamilton Central Florida
36 TE Victor Hall Auburn


1 QB Robey Williams Houston
2 OC Ryan Fieburger Texas
3 QB Andre Ware Houston
4 FS/QB Jimmie Parker MLFS-Katy Cowboys
5 OG Joey Wylie Stephen Austin
6 FB John Oglesby Texas Christian
7 DB Lee Harvey Texas State
8 DB/RS Dane Johnson Texas Tech
9 LB Norman Watkins Texas
10 WR Chann Chavis Houston
11 OL Anwar White Texas-El Paso
12 NT Jose Simon Texas A & M
13 QB Chad Nelson Rice
14 TE Chris Fonfenot McNeese State
15 OL Marcus Spriggs Houston
16 RB/WR Sherman Smith Houston
17 QB Bucky Richardson Texas A & M
18 OL Dennis Crain SW Oklahoma State
19 DB Jason Speights Stephen F.Austin
20 DL/LB Andy Clifton Rice
21 LB Rodney Hunter Texas A&M
22 LB Trent Driver Texas A&M
23 DL Jason Evans S.M.U.
24 WR Jeremy Banks New Mexico
25 CB Delvin Myles Oklahoma State
26 FB Rod Hobbs Texas Tech
27 RB Anthony Overstreet Baylor
28 OT Sheldon Haliburton Texas A & I
29 DL Matt Harper Texas Christian
30 OT Keelin Boulware New Mexico
31 QB Josh LaRocca Rice
32 DE Otis Grant Houson
33 DT Bret Elliot Angelo State
34 RB Norman White West Texas A & M
35 WR/FS Gerald Dockery Eastern New Mexico
36 DE Carlos Fowler NFL-Europe-London


1 WR Tyrone Jones Grambling
2 QB Andy Kelly Tennessee
3 K Teddy Garcia Northeast LA State
4 DE Charles Johnson Southern
5 TE Corey Geason Tulane
6 OL David West Vaughn Northeast LA State
7 LB Roger Green Southern
8 OL Ron Simmons Grambling
9 LB Frank Gllyard LSU
10 WR Michael Lewis PIFL-Bayou Beast
11 DL Victor Tuatagaloa Henderson State
12 TE Franklin Thomas Jr. Grambling
13 DL Terry Wilkenson Alcorn State
14 DB Kevin Franklin Southern
15 OC Moli Toia Louisiana Tech
16 DL Ken Anderson Arkansas
17 DB Derek Jones Mississippi
18 OL Ben Bordelon LSU
19 OL Henry McCann Mississippi State
20 LB Ryan Falker Tennessee State
21 FB Jerry Sowell Tulane
22 OL Raymond Batiste Northeast LA State
23 RB Eric Booth Southern Mississippi
24 RB Greg Robinson Northeast LA State
25 OL Robert Paole Tennessee
26 DL Leland Taylor Louisville
27 DB Derrick Lewis Jackson State
28 RB Germaine Sharp Southern
29 TE Nicky Savoie L.S.U.
30 DB Zack Bronson McNeese State
31 LB Anthony Saul Nicholls State
32 CB Brandon Hamilton Tulane
33 OL Lorenzo Wallace Northeast LA State
34 LB Frederick Washington Alcorn State
35 WR Corey Flemming Tennessee
36 LB Fred Berry Southern Arkansas


1 QB Ron Powlus Notre Dame
2 DL Melvin Dansby Notre Dame
3 DB Butler By'note Ohio State
4 RB Daryl Royal Cincinnati
5 OL Chris Clevenger Notre Dame
6 LB Greg Bellisari Ohio State
7 WR Scott Thompson Bowling Green
8 DL Winfield Garnett Ohio State
9 TE Vince Marrow Toledo
10 QB Ryan Huztak Toledo
11 DB Kywin Supernaw Indiana
12 OL Nate Johnson Toledo
13 LB Kevin O'Neill Bowling Green
14 OL Rich Kaczenski Notre Dame
15 FS Terry Jones Saint Francis
16 FS Michael Davis Cincinnati
17 WR Brian Musso Northwestern
18 WR Napoleon Outlaw Michigan State
19 RB Pat Humpreys Michigan State
20 DL Cyron Brown Western Illinois
21 LB Reg Garnett Michigan State
22 RB Wayne Williamson Toledo
23 DB Jarvis Edison Notre Dame
24 OL Jeremy Akers Notre Dame
25 LB John Munch Illinois Wesleyan
26 OT Roosevelt Nix Central State
27 DB Ray Hill Michigan State
28 DL John Krick Purdue University
29 OL Nathan Strikewerda Northwestern
30 QB Stanley Jackson Ohio State
31 OL Eric Gohlstin Ohio State
32 WR Joe Carter Southeast Illinois
33 DB Leron Moore Notre Dame
34 DL Mark Evans Ohio Northern
35 CB Derek Stingley Purdue
36 PK Pete Elezovic Michigan



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