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Learn how to look your "BEST"

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    Are you tired of reading pages and pages of books trying to find the right clothes, makeup techniques, and accessorizing tips that pertain to you and your lifestyle? Trash all that reading material, and save yourself time and money. Let me help you look your best...with the latest Fashion and Accessorizing Tips! Browse through pages of this site to find your Body Type, Fashion Personality, and Face Shape to create "The New You!" Then like "Frosting on a Cake", let's add those accessories for the finishing touch!! AND....if you still want more, check out ("HOT TIPS") for the latest in Fashion, Accessorizing and Make-up Tips.


    (1) T-TYPES....or Thyroid types, have the most balanced body type with fairly wide shoulders, defined waist and rounded hips. T Types are usually fined boned. If a T Type gains weight, it"s usually in the love handles, stomach and thighs but a small waist remains apparent. The THYROID is located in the throat, this gland secretes thyroid stimulating hormone, which helps regulate metabolism. The T-Type personality is: Creative, artistic, and lively. Good comunicator. Example: Elizabeth Taylor

    (2) A-TYPES....or adrenal types, have broad shoulders, flat rears, straight legs and a tapered rather than defined waist. A Types may also have large, rounded breasts. If an A Type gains weight, it shows in her stomach, midriff, breasts and arms, with her rear always remaining flat and her thighs proportionately slender. This gland is on top of the kidneys and secretes adrenaline and androgen, which affects muscular development . The A-Type personality is Steafy, practical, hard-working. Good leader. Example: Linda Evans

    (3) G-TYPES....or gonadal represent 65% of all American women. In this type, the lower torso is usually pronounced with a flat stomach and a prominent rear that is one to two sizes larger than the top. G Types tend to gain weight in their rears and thighs, and are prone to saddlebags while their stomachs remain relatively flat and their waists small. In the Gonadal body type the ovaries secrete sex hormones. Estrogen gives a woman's body its characteristic female shape; progesterone increases protein formation. The G-Type personality is Nurturing, sensual, relationship-oriented. Good in medical or "helping" careers. Example: Goldie Hawn

    (4) P-TYPES....or pituitary types, are relatively rare and are characterized by well-shaped but childlike bodies and small breasts. P Types, are not necessarily petite or short. Their hands and feet are delicate and their heads are larger than average. P Types tend to have a little "pot belly" even when they are not overweight. One of the many functions of the pituitary or master gland is to help the thyroid regulate metabolism. The P-Type personality is intellectual, even- tempered, works well alone. Good planner, designer, musician. Example: Nancy Reagan

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