April - May - June- 2003     

By Jean Wiggins

Twilight, the violet envelope,
folds the tattered remnants of amber day
into the earth's four curved corners,
stamps a seal of approval on its face,
sends it to time past
where its contents appear in dreams
to be sorted out and stocked in mental caves.

Twilight, the envelope,
holds the day I met you sitting on a bench
in the campus post office reading your mail.
You looked up. I smiled.
We spoke, then opened our lives
and read them to each other
line by line.

Art by Galina

Jean Wiggins writes from Huntsville, Alabama. She has been writing poetry over 25 years. and is published in such places as: Confrontation, Cape Rock, Illuminations, Mississippi Valley Review, Karamu, San Jose Studies, Soundings East, Calapooya Collage, International Poetry Review and Art Times, just to name a few.

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