Feature Artist: April - May - June- 2003    


The artist known as Galina was born, Galina Miltcheva, in Bulgaria. She graduated architecture, specialty Public Buildings. Galina moved to America in 1998 and lived near Savannah, GA. The landscape there is a great inspiration for her. The artist paints mainly in watercolors. Galina has displayed and sold her works at, "Freidman's Fine Art" and "Arts and Crafts Emporium" in Savannah. She now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her works can be found in many private collections around the country. She enjoys painting landscapes from nature and ancient cities from all over the world.

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Email the Artist at: gmiltcheva@hotmail.com

Title: CliffsideTown Of Vernazza In Italy

Title: Mercer House in Savannah

Title: Classical Front Stairs In Savannah

Title: Morris Sternberg House In Savannah

Title: The Green-Meldrim House In Savannah

Title: Victorian Section In Savannah

Title: Iron Balkony House In Savannah

Title: Fallling Water - Frank Lloyd Wright

Title: Greek Castle

Title: Shrimp Boats


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