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U. S. Federal Protective Service Retired
Gov't Certified Security Specialist - Licensed Private Investigator - Retired Federal Agent
Criminal Investigator - Former Military Officer - Adjunct Univ. Criminal Justice Faculty

Drew R. Peterson, M.A.
P.O. Box 361382
Indianapolis, Indiana 46236

Phone: 317.823.3588 - Fax: 317.823.3432


Security Consulting/Expert Witness - Security Investigations

Expert Witness in Security Litigation/Plaintiff or Defense
Security Consulting for Attorneys, Gov't and Business
Security Instruction & Emergency Planning
Investigations/Counterterrorism Strategies
Court Security Consulting



Drew Peterson is a retired Federal Agent having served with the Department of Defense and retired from the United States Federal Protective Service. During his tenure with FPS, he served as a Security Specialist, Criminal Investigator and was the acting District Director responsible for four states. Mr. Peterson was accountable for the secuity and law enforcment staff of major government public buildings and installatons to include the second largest building next to the Pentagon.

SECURITY CONSULTING (Physical Security - Personal Security):

He is a government certified SECURITY SPECIALIST who has experience in conducting security surveys, risk analysis, crime prevention assessments, counterterrorism strategies, emergency planning, executive protection and security training as an instructor. Peterson conducted risk analysis in such areas as for the office of the Vice President of the United States, Senators, Congressman, Federal Judges and other high level government officials. He was involved with, and instrumental in recommending to Washington additional security measures at federal facilities following the bombing of the Oaklahoma City Federal Building. In addition, he was a member of the Federal Court Security Committee where he worked with Federal Judges, U. S. Attorneys and U. S. Marshals to insure a safe and protective courthouse atmosphere. His recommended plans and security countermeasures of higher levels of security in courthouses were implemented.


As a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR, Peterson has experience in investigating both felonies and misdemeanors, surveillance, evidence collection, interviewing, computer document retrieval, testifying and courtroom procedure. He is a graduate of the Michigan Police Academy, and is a former Deputy Sheriff and member of the Michigan State Police.


Mr. Peterson is a two tour Army veteran of the Vietnam War where he received the Bronze Star Medal. Highest miliary rank obtained was Captain. Peterson holds a Master of Arts degree in Executive Development for Public Service, a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and an Associates of Arts degree in Pre-Law. He is an adjunct university faculty member teaching criminal justice courses.


Peterson has held a private investigator's license and has been a security consultant in the private sector since 1997. He offers his years of experience to Attorneys, Courts, Schools, Local Governments, Businesses, Insurance Companies, the Corporate World and qualified individuals.


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