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A Cockatiel Chronicle

The Plain and Simple Facts

Cockatiels are wonderful, loving hook billed parrots that are the smallest relative in the Cockatoo family. They are native to Australia and known as weeros or quarrion there. Due to their small size and ease of care, they are considered by many to be "starter" or "beginner" birds. In my experience, yes, they are a much more easy bird to have in captivity than the larger parrots, but I would not consider them to be the starter or beginner birds most pet shops would want to have you believe.

If you are considering a cockatiel (or ANY parrot for that matter) as a companion, please learn all you can before making your purchase. This page has been created specifially to help you make an informed decision before bringing a cockatiel into your home and for making it easier to live with the one that you may already have.

I have been raising and living with my cockatiels for over 20 years. I have been fortunate to devote myself full-time to studying and learning from these magnificent little birds. Much of this time has been spent closely observing my cockatiels and taking note of their different personalities, habits, like, dislikes, etc. They have taught me not only about what a cockatiel is, but also about myself. I am still learning from them and always will be.

I have tried to make the layout of this page easy to navigate. Technology has moved way too fast for me to keep up with the latest trends and gadgets. Texting takes me longer than dialing a number and I still prefer paper files to computerized ones. My page is simple, I still use basic HTML, but I promise it is packed full of useful information. I have set this page up to share what I have learned with anyone who is interested in finding out more about living with these wonderful little birds. Please enjoy reading it!


WANT A COCKATIEL? if you have never had a cockatiel, and want one, to find out what you will be getting into.

GOT A NEW TIEL? this page will tell you about bringing a new tiel into your home.

LOOKING TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR COCKATIEL? Here you will find information on housing, feeding, etc.

NEED HELP WORKING WITH YOUR COCKATIEL? This page is set up to help with some basic tips on working with and understanding your cockatiel.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT DOES NOT WORK WITH COCKATIELS? This page highlights my mistakes.

MY COCKATIELS, MY TEACHERS Here you can see my flock that helped me learn enough to build this page.

MERLIN'S PAGE Merlin is one of my very first cockatiels. Without him, I would not have learned as much as I have.

TRIBUTES Those I have loved and lost.

IF YOU HAVE TO REHOME YOUR COCKATIEL Or when things happen that are beyond our control.

THE TRUE NATURE OF PARROTS This link is from the wonderful Please read it before keeping any parrot as a companion.

LINKS TO USEFUL SITES These are the best sites that I have found for supplies, veterinary help, publications, rescues and more.

QUESTIONS? I am always available to help. COMMENTS? Please share your cockatiel stories. Please check to make sure you are not set to block any replies. I have gotten emails from several AOL users that I cannot reply to because of blocking. Due to spam, I have had to block mostly foreign domains...sorry for the inconvenience


This site is dedicated to all of my cockatiels that I have with me now, the ones that I have been forced to give up and the ones who have passed on. They have given me strength during the most difficult time of my life. Keep checking back for important links to be added. Thank you. Lori

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