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Herbs can Amaze You!


Herbs •Key System Products •Married Couples Only •Herb Combinations •Chinese Herbal Combinations •Homeopathics

Did you know Herbs Can...

1. Feed, regulate and cleanse the body naturally.

2. Were created for the use of man

3. Do not build up in the body or produce harmful side effects like synthetic drugs?

4. These natural substances are, food and are the key to good health.


KEY SYSTEM PRODUCTS : Try these first: designed to support the needed system with vitamins, minerals & herbs!

BRAIN-PROTEX: Mega nutrition for the brain--a MUST have if 40 or over

CIRCULATORY: MEGA-CHEL Cholesterol, heart/numbness/tiredness/senility

Alternate first day Mega-Chel ; next day Colloidal Minerals or Mineral Maintenance through program)

DIGESTIVE: PDA or FOOD ENZYMES: Indigestion, gas, belching, hiatal hernia, heartburn, bad breath, bloating

GLANDULAR: MASTER GLAND Adrenals/ovaries/pancreas/pituitary/testes/thymus/ thyroid

IMMUNE: DEFENSE MAINTENANCE Colds/flu/disease resistance builder

INTESTINAL: BOWEL DETOX: regularity, protection from

NERVOUS: NUTRI-CALM Insomnia, anti-stress, builds nerves, soothes, calms

RESPIRATORY: ALJ Lungs, sinuses, allergies, coughs asthma

STRUCTURAL: SKL Neuritis, PMS, mitral valve, carpal-tunnel, menopause, MS

URINARY: URY Kidneys, bladder, urethra, prostate

FOR MARRIED COUPLES ONLY : ACHIEVE: Men only, X-A plus yohimbie & more caution if high blood pressure

DAMIANA: Frigidity/impotence/fertility (add X-A and E) hormone balance

DHEA (Male/Female): Balances hormones/aphrodisiac/energy/stamina

GINSENG: Impotency (add X-A and vitamin E), energy, stress, endurance

GINKGO/HAWTHORN: Increases circulation to sex organs; lung capacity, mental alertness/stamina; Note: do not use with blood thinners!

MEGA-CHEL: High cholesterol, heart problems, numbness, circulation to extremities

X-A (add vitamin E) Sex rejuvenator, stimulant (male and female)

X-ACTION: Men's or Women's keep the love-light burning! A MUST TRY item!


5-W Last 5 weeks of pregnancy, easier childbirth

ACHIEVE Men only, X-A with yohimbie and more CAUTION IF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE

AG-X: Gas, indigestion and bloating formula

ALJ: Lung and sinus congestion, allergies, cough

APSII: Herbal aspirin, pain, relaxant, headaches

ARTEMISIA COMB Parasite cleanse

AYUVEDIC BRONCHIAL FORMULA: Bronchitis/asthma/lungs, AND "when you won’t quit smoking"

AYURVEDIC JOINT SUPPORT: Arthritis pain/swelling, stop joint degeneration

AYURVEDIC SKIN DETOX: Blood purifier for acne, eczema, psoriasis, boils & zits

BLG-X: Gas, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, dizziness

BLOOD PRESSURE X Circulatory ,heart; helps control high BP

BON-C: Comfrey substitute, for bone., wounds, breaks, irritation, inflammation

BP-X Blood purifier, poison ivy/oak, acne, psoriasis

C-X Hormone balance (with Black Cohosh), menopause, hot flashes

CA Arthritis, bursitis, osteoporosis, sciatica

CAPSICUM/Garlic/Parsley High blood pressure, cholesterol

CATNIP & FENNEL Colic, gas, fever, decrease desire for cigarettes

CC-A Common cold, flu, infection, cough, sinus, chills, fever deep coughs, weakened lungs

CLT-X Colitis, spastic colon, distressed bowels

CRANBERRY/BUCHU Kidneys, bladder, urethra, infection/irritation

E-TEA Cancer, tumors, tonic, blood builder

ECHINACEA /GOLDEN SEAL Viral infections, sore throat, natural antibiotic

ELECAMPAGNE E COMBINATION. Parasites, natural insulin, expels phlegm

ENERG-V: Energy herbs (ginseng, bee pollen, barley grass, rosehips, etc.)

ENERG-V PACK Improved energy/response to stress, cope with hectic lifestyle

EW Eye infection, improves vision, cataracts (make eye wash), glaucoma

EYEBRIGHT+ :Glaucoma/Macular degeneration, eyestrain

FCSII Female corrective; excess uterine bleeding, fertility

FEMALE COMFORT: Menstrual problems/cramps/uterus

FENUGREEK & THYME Migraine/sinus headache, dissolves mucus

FOCUS ATTENTION; Adults/children (over 12) for “brain-lag” or ADD or ADHD; does not sedate

FOUR Asthma, bronchial and food allergies, laryngitis

FV Flu, headaches, vomiting, nausea, motion sickness

GABA PLUS: Natural amino acids, etc. Supports brain function/ nervous system. Panic Attacks, etc

GASTRO HEALTH: Hp pyloric infection, soothes and comforts, indigestion

GC-X Circulation to warm extremities, regulate high and low blood pressure

GGC Energy and endurance, relieves depression, improve. memory

GINKGO/GOTU KOLA Memory, learning ability, heart, nervous breakdown, senility

GINKGO/HAWTHORN Brain, heart, ringing in ears, vertigo, asthma

GOLDEN SEAL PARTHENIUM Viral infections, sore throat, natural antibiotic

GREEN TEA EXTRACT Immune, Circulatory] contains powerful antioxidants that are 200 times stronger than vitamin E at neutralizing free radicals molecules that attack lipids in the brain and other tissues. Also possesses anti-microbial properties ,helps normalize vascular blood clotting and total cholesterol, and supports healthy kidney function. Three capsules equals 10 cups of liquid green tea. Not recommended for children under 12 or pregnant/nursing women.

GUGGUL ADVANTAGE Guggul (see singles), Mega-chel, Omega3 EPA, black currant Oil

HERBAL BEVERAGE Coffee substitute--taste like instant coffee

HERBAL PUMPKIN Parasites, tumors, cleanses prostate & bowels

HERBAL SLEEP: Promotes natural sleep, relaxant, stress, muscle tension, (does not sedate)

HSII : Strengthens and feeds the heart, cleanses blood vessels, helps CIRCULATORY

HY-A Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), energy, rebuilds adrenals

Intestional Soothe & Build:Colitis, ulcers, Crohn’s disease, abdominal pain, inflamed INTESTINAL

IN-X Ear infection fever, flu, sore throat, tonsillitis

I-X Aids iron absorption, anemia, fatigue, sty’s

JOINT SUPPORT: Arthritis, joint stiffness, bursitis, gout

JP-X Kidney infection, cleanse kidney/bladder, INCONTENTIENCE

KIDNEY ACTIVATOR: Bladder/kidney problems, bed wetting, strengthens entire URINARY SYSTEM

LB-X Lower, bowel stimulant, laxative, INTESTINAL SYSTEM

LBSII Stool softener/constipation, bad breath, cleanses INTESTINAL SYSTEM

LH Corrects problems in lungs/bronchi (Add A&D), RESPIRATORY SYSTEM LIV-J Blood detox, cleanser and strengthener of gall bladder, spleen, LIVER

LOCLO Heart, cholesterol, 3 grams fiber per serving

LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE: Natural antibiotic, infection fighter , inner ear/balance, etc (Hypoglycemic use LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE HY) IMMUNE

MARSHMALLOW & FENUGREEK Expel lung mucus/emphysema

MELATONIN EXTRA: Sleep, jet-lag, anti-aging, boosts immune system/free radical w/ herbs for memory, stress/relaxation/anti-aging

MEN'S FORMULA 40 + yrs (pygeum/saw palmetto/stinging nettle/zinc) Prostate.

MIND-MAX (ginkgo, ginseng, gotu kola), "Brain Tonic," memory, circulation

NBS-AV Normalize blood sugar, Ayurvedic formula

NERVE CONTROL: Anxiety/stress/hyperactivity/insomnia/nervous breakdown. NERVOUS SYSTEM

NF-X Endometriosis, menopause, teen menstrual problems, GLANDULAR

P-14 Blood sugar problems, diabetes, rebuilds and strengthens PANCREAS

P-X (add Herbal Pumpkin) Prostate, kidney stones, urinary infection, impotence

PAPAYA-MINT Digestion, sour stomach, bad breath, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

PAU D'ARCO POWER PACK Pau d’arco, E-tea, SC (shark cartilage), IMMUNE

PBS Pancreas and blood sugar problems

PLSII Bone knitter, internal/eternal wounds, ulcers, arthritis

PSII Swelling, inflammation, prostate

PAPAYA-MINT Digestion, sour stomach, bad breath, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM 10.10

PAU D'ARCO POWER PACK Pau d’arco, E-tea, SC (shark cartilage), IMMUNE

PBS Pancreas and blood sugar problems

PLSII Bone knitter, internal/eternal wounds, ulcers, arthritis

PSII Swelling, inflammation, prostate

SC-SHARK CARTILAGE Cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, enteritis

SENNA COMBINATION Chronic constipation, stubborn bowels

SMALL INTESTINE DETOX: Expels mucus/digestion

SN-X Sinus problems, natural antihistamine, allergies, upper

SPECIAL FORMULA #1Cancer, parasites, tumors, polyps

ST. John’s WORT Called "nature's Prozac" is an MAOI use with B complex caps

STRESS RELIEF: Reduces nervous tension, anxiety, stress, restores NEERVOUS SYSTEM

STRESS PACK Makes the stress just all go away

STRESS-J Stress, spastic colon, muscle spasms, prevent migraines

SUGAR REG Benefit’s the pancreas while it maintains health blood sugar levels

SUMA physical stress, stamina, cancer, immune, repairs at cellular levels

THIM-J Thymus/Immune, AIDS, tumors, Candida, Epstein-Barre, Hepatitis

THREE Anemia, pregnancy, pets, multi-vitamin combination

TSII W/HOPS Regulates thyroid (hyper/under active)

THYROID ACTIVATOR: Enlarged thyroid / lymph glands, increase metabolism

Intestional Soothe & Build:Colitis, ulcers, Crohn’s disease, abdominal pain, inflamed INTESTINAL

VAL Seizures, stress, anxiety, nerves,asthma WILD YAM &CHASTE TREE Female glands, pituitary, hot flashes (add Target TSII) X-A Sex rejuvenator/stimulant, hormone balance (male and female)


ANTI-GAS Anti-gas, indigestion, bloating, gastroenteritis, clears stagnant food

BLOOD BUILD: Blood purifier/builder, hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic liver dysfunction

BREATHE EZ: Allergies and lungs, sinusitis, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, common cold

HY-C Hypoglycemia, diabetes, dry cough, thirst, night sweats, builds liver/pancreas

IF-C Anti-inflammatory, infection, hemorrhoids, gallstones, hepatitis, chipping nails

KB-C Kidneys, arthritis, heavy legs, strengthen/rejuvenate bones and sex organs

KIDNEY ACTIVATOR:Diuretic, urinary infection, nephritis, postatitis, edema in legs and chest

LIVER BALANCE: Acute liver problems, hepatitis, gallstones, anemia, cleanse liver

LUNG SUPPORT: Lung healer, lymph, asthma, wheezing, emphysema, chronic cough/bronchitis

MINERAL CHI: Tonic that balances all body meridians

MOOD ELEVATOR: Anti-depressant, fatigue, neurosis, PMS, depression

NATURE'S CHI Builds super energy/stamina, no-doze; weight/ sugar cravings

NERVOUS EXHAUSTION: Strengthens,/stimulates heart, angina pain, palpitations, BURN OUT

SPLEEN ACTIVATOR: Ulcers, stomach, colitis, hernia, rejuvenate digestive tract, antiseptic

STRESS RELIEF: Stress, calms nerves, insomnia, neurosis, paranoiac, hyper-ventilation

TEI FU OIL Relieves pain on contact:headaches, sinus, sprains, muscles, toothache TRIGGER IMMUNE:Rebuilds immune system, restores energy, corrects polarity


TIAO HE CLEANSE Over all body cleanse. Great diet start CHINESE 10-DAY

VS-C:Virus Shield for chronic poor health, weakness, degenerative diseases AIDS

Here are some of our FAVORITE Nature's Sunshine Single Herbs

ALFALFA: Health builder, arthritis, fatigue, appetite, pituitary gland. Alfalfa ATC contains four times the nutrient value of the regular alfalfa. Ingredients of ATC Concentrate: 530 mg of the finest alfalfa available in concentrated form.SINGLE HERBS:

ALFALFA: Health builder, arthritis, fatigue, appetite, pituitary gland. Alfalfa ATC contains four times the nutrient value of the regular alfalfa. Ingredients of ATC Concentrate: 530 mg of the finest alfalfa available in concentrated form. . 30-2 (100 Capsules)Stock #32-7 (270 Capsules) or Stock #36-4 (50 Caps.) ATC Conc.

ANAMU: Folk use suggests that people with compromised immune systems may benefit from the immune-supporting properties of the anamu leaf. Historically, the leaf powder has also been used to provide support for the structural system, specifically the joints. Stock #39-8

BARLEY GREENS: Neutralize acidity, nutritional, immune system, energyStock # 55-1

BEE POLLEN Fatigue, sexual dysfunction, poor memory, convalescence, allergies, retard aging, energy. Stock # 70-9

BILBERRY Eyes, night vision, light sensitivity Bilberry needs to be used over time in order for the body to best assimilate its unique nutritional properties. Stock # 74-8 (60 Capsules)

BLACK COHOSH Natural estrogen, hot flashes, menstrual cramps, nervous tension, menopause, fever and headache. Cool energy. High blood pressure, spider or centipede bites Stock # 80-3 ;100 Capsules Stock #32-7 (270 Capsules or Stock #36-4 50 Caps ATC Conc.

ANAMU: Folk use suggests that people with compromised immune systems may benefit from the immune-supporting properties of the anamu leaf. Historically, the leaf powder has also been used to provide support for the structural system, specifically the joints. Stock #39-8

BARLEY GREENS: Neutralize acidity, nutritional, immune system, energy Stock # 55-1

BEE POLLEN Fatigue, sexual dysfunction, poor memory, convalescence, allergies, retard aging, energy. Stock # 70-9

BILBERRY Eyes, night vision, light sensitivity Bilberry needs to be used over time in order for the body to best assimilate its unique nutritional properties. Stock # 74-8 (60 Capsules)

BLACK COHOSH Natural estrogen, hot flashes, menstrual cramps, nervous tension, menopause, fever and headache. Cool energy. High blood pressure, spider or centipede bites Stock # 80-3

BLACK WALNUT Cleanses parasites and worms, skin rashes, lupus stock # 90-8 or 1755-7; (2 fl oz) (59 ml) Liquid extract available, too.

BLESSED THISTLE Takes oxygen to brain, senility, increases mothers milk # 100-1

BURDOCK Reduces joint swelling/deposits, blood purifier, gout, poison ivy # 140-2

BUTCHER'S BROOM Improves circulation, phlebitis, leg cramps, varicose veins # 135-5

BLESSED THISTLE Takes oxygen to brain, senility, increases mothers milk # 100-1

BURDOCK Reduces joint swelling/deposits, blood purifier, gout, poison ivy # 140-2

BUTCHER'S BROOM Improves circulation, phlebitis, leg cramps, varicose veins # 135-5

CAPSICUM Circulation to extremities, stops stroke, heart attack, bleeding, colds ; Nature's Sunshine capsicum has 35,000 to 45,000 heat units per capsule # 160-5

CASCARA SAGRADA Constipation, increase peristaltic action, Used to increase peristalsis and the release of bile. It also promotes the growth of friendly bacteria;# 172-1 (100 Vegitabs)

CATNIP Colic, nerves, cigarette craving, colds, flu, digestion, hiccups and gas #180-4

CHAMOMILE Common cold/flu ; insomnia, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, nerves, and drug withdrawal. # 190-7

CHARCOAL While not an herb, Helps Neutralizes toxins, poisons, chemicals, and bacteria # 366-2

CHICKWEED Appetite depressant, burns fat, dissolves plaque from veins # 220-2

CHLORPHYLL: Anemia, energy, digestive and intestinal disorders and hemorrhage. Used as a gargle for sore throat and bad breath. Excellent cleanser and immune enhancer. #1683-7 Liq. (16 fl oz) 1689-6 Liq. (32 fl oz)

COLOSTRUM: balances intestinal flora, supports the immune system and aids in weight management.# 1828-7

CORDYCEPS :Build vitality and strength Cordyceps sinensis (CS-4 strain grown in controlled fermentation) is considered to have stronger adaptogenic properties than ginseng. It is thought to restore energy and to slow aging. NOTE: People using immune-suppressing drugs anticoagulant drugs or bronchio-dilators should consult their health-care practitioners before using this product, as serving size adjustments may be required. Pregnant or lactating women should also consult their health-care practitioners before using this product. #1240-5 (90 Capsules)

CORNSILK Kidney, bladder, bedwetting, painful urination; prostate problems. Herbalist believe it can bring back contractions during childbirth and slow bleeding after the baby is born. It has been used for kidney, bladder and for bedwetting. #235-3

DAMIANA Hormone balance, Parkinson's disease, used for anxiety, impotence, infertility (male & female), hot flashes and fatigue. It acts as a hormone balancer.# 240-9

DANDELION Anemia, liver, spleen, blood cleanser, age spots, hepatitis #250-4

DONG QUAI Hot flashes, hormone balance, nerve tonic, female ginseng #258-8

ECHINACEA Antibiotic, lymph system, builds white count, immune system # 262-6 (50 Capsules) or #263-8 (180 Capsules)

(ULTIMATE ) ECHINACEA: contains three powerful species of echinacea. E. purpurea has been highly researched in Germany. The purple coneflower contains polysaccharides found to help the body protect itself from common invaders like Candida albicans. E. augustifolia contains echinacoside, beneficial to the immune system. E. pallida, like the others, was popular with Native Americans. #3181-2 (2 fl oz)

EYEBRIGHT Improves vision, eye strain, cataracts, allergies, styes #260-3

FEVERFEW Reduces inflammation and pain. Dilates peripheral bloods vessels helping high blood pressure. Used for migraine headaches, menstrual discomforts and digestive disorders. High-Potency Feverfew# 288-1

High Potency Garlic: Normalizes blood pressure, yeast and bacterial infections, colds The resultant garlic powder is concentrated threefold with virtually 100% of the TAP intact. This is the most potent garlic tablet on the market. One 400 mg tablet equals 1,200 mg of fresh garlic, roughly 1.2 cloves. Recommendation: Take one tablet once or twice daily. #292-9 (60 Capsules) Garlic Oil:#1694-6 (60 Capsules)

GINGER: Gas, motion/morning sickness, settles stomach flu, fevers, pain, diarrhea# 300-6

GINKGO BILOBA Time release Free radical scavenger/memory/senility/asthma# 898-8 (30 Tablets)

GINSENG Korean (Panax) Energy, stress, endurance, depression, impotency/stimulant# 665-4

GINSENG SIBERIAN: Aids body respond more quickly to stress. Stimulates the adrenal, pancreas and pituitary glands to lower blood sugar and reduce inflammation. Used for anemia, impotence, insomnia, diarrhea, low energy, increasing endurance, weak digestion and failing memory. # 660-9

GINSENG Wild American Energy, longevity, age spots, nerve tonic. #725-8 (50 Capsules)

GOLDEN SEAL Infection, natural insulin, Liver dysfunction, hemorrhoids, skin disorders, obesity, fever, inflammation, fungal and bacterial infections #345-1 (50 Capsules) #340-7 (100 capsules)

GOTU KOLA Brain food, memory vitality, depression, senility, insomnia, failing memory, fever, headache and inflammatory skin problems. Improves the flow of blood throughout the body by strengthening the veins and capillaries # 360-0; and # 363-6 (50 Caps.) ATC Concentrated 4/1

GUGGUL LIPID "Powerful cholesterol-triglycerides lowering herb" the subject of several scientific studies, the results of which have been extremely encouraging #904-6

HAWTHORN Heat: rapid heart beat, angina, arrhythmias, cardiac stimulant. Hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiac pain, blood clots, insomnia, diarrhea, gallstones, kidney stones, stress and energy. Stock 370-3 and #1760-0 (2 fl oz) (59 ml) Liquid. Extract

HOPS Insomnia, nervousness, decreases desire for alcohol, hyperactive children #380-9

HORSETAIL Stops hair from falling out, stops split ends, nails, tumors #390-2

HYDRANGEA Arthritis, gout, kidney and bladder problems, dissolves stones # 390-2

JUNIPER BERRIES Restore pancreas and adrenals, diuretic, dropsy, uric acid #400-4

KAVA KAVA Pain, restlessness, sleep (don't mix w/alcohol & not while pregnant) #405-9 (60 capsules)

KELP Thyroid, hair/nails/skin, rids body of radiation, goiter, take fat off hips# 410-3

LICORICE Adjust blood sugar/quick energy, cough, hoarseness, adrenals #420-6

LOBELIA Asthma, congestion, pneumonia, strong relaxant, pleurisy, lungs #1765-8 (2 fl oz) Essence (Liquid Extract)

MARSHMALLOW Bladder and kidney problems, bed wetting, inflammation # 440-0

MULLEIN Nervous cough, lung and sinus congestion, TB, lymphatic #460-7

NOPAL: Weight loss/obesity, binds to sugar/fats& lowers sugar, "spare tire" #475-3

Olive Leaf Extract immune and circulatory benefits of olive leaf extract have only recently become known; naturally possesses powerful neutralizing properties for immune system support yet does not harm beneficial bacteria. Stock No. 204-7 (60)

OREGON GRAPE: Jaundice, Lymes disease, staph infections, syphilis#3395-9

Olive Leaf Extract (Concentrated) It has been reported to increase natural killer cell function and to be effective against viruses like HIV, hepatitis B and C, and herpes;Chinese physician Qinghai Zhang, M.D., an authority on the treatment of hepatitis C, tells me that the active ingredient in oleuropein is elenolic acid, which has antibacterial and antiprotozoal as well as antiviral effects. Dr. Zhang says that in animal experiments the compound has been well-tolerated with no serious adverse effects.

PARSLEY: Bad breath, blood builder, high in potassium, kidneys, diuretic #400-9

PARTHENIUM: Antibiotic, lymph/blood purifier, immune system 265-5

PASSION FLOWER: Eye infection and tension, stress, headaches, sleep, alcoholism#500-3

PAU D'ARCO: Given away in South America for:Cancer, leukemia, tumors, yeast infection #550-5 (250 capsules)

PEPPERMINT OIL: Digestion, queasiness, nerves # 1760-8

PHYTO-SOY: Hot-flashes, supplies good estrogen/blocks bad; protects bones/heart #4981-5

PSYLLIUM HULLS: Scrubs colon, best fiber, diverticulitis, colon blockage #545-9

RED CLOVER: Cancer, leukemia, tumors, skin problems, relaxes nerves, spasms 550-9

RED RASPBERRY: Nausea, diarrhea, canker sores, female organs, childbirth560-8

ROSE HIPS: Natural vitamin C complex, colds, infections, blood purifier, flu 580-1

PSYLLIUM HULLS: Scrubs colon, best fiber, diverticulitis, colon blockage #545-9

RED CLOVER: Cancer, leukemia, tumors, skin problems, relaxes nerves, spasms 550-9

RED RASPBERRY: Nausea, diarrhea, canker sores, female organs, childbirth560-8

ROSE HIPS: Natural vitamin C complex, colds, infections, blood purifier, flu 580-1

SAFFLOWER ROOT: Gout, hydrochloric acid for digestion, reduces cholesterol ;use before exercise to eliminate sorness#600-2

SAGE: Stimulates hair growth improves memory, sore gums and throat, nerves #610-1

SARSAPARILLA: Testosterone, body building, impotency, hair growth #620-8

SAW PALMETTO: Breast (small or saggy), colds, rids mucus, glands. Recent test reveals helps avoid BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) #635-9

SLIPPERY ELM Acid stomach, digestion, diaper rash, hiatal hernia, ulcers670-8

SPIRULINA Reduce appetite and snacking, natural amino acid, high B12 source681-1

SLIPPERY ELM Acid stomach, digestion, diaper rash, hiatal hernia, ulcers670-8

SPIRULINA Reduce appetite and snacking, natural amino acid, high B12 source681-1

ST JOHNS WORT(Concentrate and Time Release):mild depression, nerve damage#653-1

UVA URSI Spleen, bladder and kidney infections, diabetes, gonorrhea, cystitis #710-9

VALERIAN Natural tranquilizer, pain, muscle spasms, nerves, promotes sleep#720-0

WHITE OAK BARK Hemorrhoids/bleeding, varicose veins, pyorrhea, pin, worms #730-7

YARROW Obstructed perspiration, nosebleeds, chicken pox, colds/fever/flu 750-2

YELLOW DOCK Anemia, blood purifier, itching, liver, skin problems, poison ivy 760-1

YUCCA Natural cortisone, arthritis, reduces joint inflammation, skin, problems



(Select the product that names your problem). The first medical colleges in the US were all homeopathic institutions. Homeopathic medicine is considered the safest and virtually w/o side effects. Use with CLEAN mouth. NO smoking, tooth paste, soft drinks, coffee, etc. for 15 minutes before using or after! These work quickly to alleviate symptoms; use with supporting herbal formulas or vitamins or single herbs.) Cough Syrup 4 fluid ounces, All others 1 fluid ounces

Expiration dates on homeopathic remedies In 1995 the FDA required that expiration dates be placed on homeopathic medicines. There really is not an expiration issue with homeopathic products, but manufacturers had no choice but to comply. There is a way to re-generate homeopathic remedies which have been exposed to undesirable energy sources such as magnetic field or microwave radiation. For instance, if you take your homeopathic medicine through and airport baggage inspection machine, all you need to do is repeat the same succession process that was used during its manufacture.

Pound the bottle vigorously against the palm of your hand or any hard surface covered with a piece of cloth for 25-100 times.

These are the homeopathic remedies we offer:

Acne Detoxification Inflammation PMS/Menopause Asthma Allergy Arthritis Exercise Insomnia Rheumatism Bedwetting Fatigue Sciatica Feminine Tonic Masculine Tonic Sinus Candida Fever Menstrual Sore Throat Cold Migraquel Sprains and Pulls Tobacco Detox Cough Hemorrhoids Nervousness Vaccination detox Pain Depressaquel Indigestion Parasite and Viral Recovery Caffeine detox (others available once a year or quarterly)

•100% Natural Vitamins & Minerals •Babies/Children •Skinny Formula •Garcinia-Chi Program •Natural Care For Hair, Skin and Nails WE ALSO CARRY:


ACIDOPHILUS Restores friendly bacteria after anti-biotics, healthy body and colon


ANTIOXIDANT ARSENAL W/ GRAPINE: CFS, Epstein-Barr BETA CAROTENE w/ Mixed Carotenes: Tan faster, healthier eyes/skin, cancer prevention BLACK CURRANT OIL: Candida, dermatitis, herpes, psoriasis, alcoholism

CALCIUM W/MAG. & VIT. D: Arthritis, colitis, fever, fractures, leg ramps, sunburn

CAPRLYLIMUNE: Fights harmful Candida, builds immune system

CHROMIUM: When deficient is the suspected cause of diabetes/high blood pressure

CHRONDROITIN SULFATE: One of the "building blocks" of connective tissue

COLLOIDAL MINERALS: depression, anti-aging; activates all nutrients

CO-QIO PLUS: Antioxidant, all heart problems, Alzheimer's, tumors, cancers, aging CO-QIO 30 (30 mg)

DHEA(Male/Female formulas)Anti-aging, cancer, hormones, impotence/stamina

FLAX: Hair/skin, metabolism of fats, hormones; blocks "bad" estrogen

GERMANIUM: Memory, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, tumors, cancer, syphilis, emphysema

HERBAL TRACE MINERALS: Balanced formula in capsule form

HI-LIPASE: Cholesterol, after gall bladder surgery, digest fat/oil, acid stomach

HYDRATED BENTONITE: Deep colon cleanser

IRON(chelated): Itching, irritability, blood, hair loss, vitality, depression

LACTASE PLUS: Milk allergies, gas, bloating, digest dairy products

LECITHIN: Heart, arteries, nervous system, brain/memory, cholesterol lowering

LEGUZYME: Gas, bloating, acid stomach, digest beans/broccoli/cabbage, etc.

SAM-e is a natural compound manufactured by the body to help with a variety of functions, including mood regulation, cognitive function, general nerve and inflammatory conditions, and liver and heart health. Most of the body's SAM-e is made in the liver. For over 30 years SAM-e, (short for S-Adenosylmethionine) .

has Sam-e been used successfully in Europe to improve mood, joint health and much more. Now it is gaining popularity in the U.S. for a wide variety of needed benefits.

People who are deficient in this nutrient, or who cannot tolerate antidepressant drugs or anti-inflammatory agents might benefit from supplemental SAM-e.• Enhances mood - used in manufacturing neurotransmitters (like serotonin), phospholipids and hormones (like adrenaline and melatonin).

• Supports joints - involved in the production of various cartilage components.

• Arterial/Heart Health - helps in the production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant.

• Promotes longevity by aiding the regeneration of new cells.

• Facilitates muscle/nerve harmony - supports structural system health.

• Supports liver health and repair. Nature's Sunshine Advantage: Experts warn consumers to purchase SAM-e only from reputable manufacturers. Nature's Sunshine makes sure you get the quality you deserve at an affordable price. Each tablet of Nature's Sunshine SAM-e is enterically coated so SAM-e is only released in the small intestine for maximum absorption.

NOTE:Individuals with bipolar (manic/depressive) disorders should be aware that SAMe could trigger a manic phase. Stock # 1838-0

Watching YOUR WEIGHT? Why not investigate these combinations?

FEN-CHI Curbs appetite/water retention/speeds up metabolism

GARCINIA-CHI Stops excess sugar & starch absorption, suppresses appetite. Contains Our FAMOUS SF and ENER-G-V formulas

GARCINIA COMBINATION (Garcinia, chromium, L-Carnitine, chickweed) Promotes weight loss, controls appetite, inhibits fat conversion, while boosting energy

PYRUVATE Powerful Free Radical Inhibitor /Slims you down w/o jitters

Slim-Chi™ with Synephrine This weight-loss product gained instant popularity as the key ingredient in Nature's Syner-Slim™. Now it's available in a single! Slim-Chi contains synephrine from immature orange peel, which helps stimulate fat metabolism and increase basal metabolism through thermo-genesis. It also contains the time-honored Chinese herbs: atractylodes, ginger and hoelen, which support digestion and help reduce fluid retention

******************************************* SF: (SKINNY FORMULA) My all time favorite Nature's Sunshine product. I lost 4 dress sizes using this product, it changed my life and my career!

Body cleanser, boost energy, balances blood sugar, digestion, reduces, tension, reduces food cravings, relieves water retention, expels worms, dissolves fat (for quicker results add TSII and/or GTF Chromium)
MORE WEIGHT LOSS SUGGESTIONS: APPETITE CONTROL : AS( Appetite suppressant); kills sugar desires CALOR Burn calories, adds energy

COLATRIM collagen mix, with amino acids taken before bedtime . Liquid collagen-the fibrous protein in bones, tendons, and connective tissue. As we age, the body's production of collagen slows down. That's why older people had more wrinkles and "sagging" skin (and why plastic surgeons live in mansions!), than younger persons! Take just once a day immediately before bedtime--do not eat or snack within three hours of taking and go to bed immediately. Orders your right away and begin building lean muscle mass, losing fat and working toward a more toned, healthy body! Will work at maximum levels if you consume low-fat, high fiber diet of fresh fruits and vegetables! CREATIN: especially if you work out--eliminates fat; builds muscle

DHEA (Male/Female formulas) helps balance hormones; energy

FAT GRABBERS -- Assists body in absorbing less fat by grabbing fats before they enter your system, lowering cholesterol.....(chose from 3 types)

L-CARNITINE: Lipotrophic Fat burner is primarily used by the body to aid in the metabolism of fat within the cells. As an added benefit, L-Carnitine may help decrease the risk of heart disease. By helping inhibit fatty build-up, this amino acid aids in weight loss and can help your body use its energy stores more efficiently. L-Carnitine is frequently taken with chromium for best results. Suggested daily use: 1-3 capsules. 60 capsules, 250 mg

NIACIN ( + kelp) - Reduces cellulite

CHICKWEED: Appetite depressant, burns fat, dissolves plaque from veins.....dissolves fat/cholesterol/fatty tumors. Capsules: or vegitabs:

RED BEET FORMULA: Liver, blood builder. Decreases desire to snack, gives energy (compulsive eaters add Stress Relief).

GTF CHROMIUM: (NOT picolinate; which can cause cell damage!) Low blood sugar/ diabetes and sugar snacking

(Add Target TS II) - Strengthens thyroid to increase metabolism

PYRUVATE: Increase energy/stamina while you DECREASE WEIGHT >p> THYROID ENHANCER: “Tunes up” this important gland! Add parsley for Water retention

TIAO HE CLEANSE: 10-Day Over all body cleanse for Great diet starter

Other Amino Acids:

L-Arginine: Many use like natural "viagra"

L-Carnitine: processes cholestrol and fat

L-GLUTAMINE: Alcohol craving, fatigue, menopause, senility, aging

L-LYSINE: Shingles, cold sores, mononucleosis, candida

Collatrim Capsules /Collatrim Plus balanced amino acids assist in weight loss

NATURAL CARE FOR HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS HSN-W To promote hair & nail growth, healthy skin. Difficult cases or male pattern baldness add kelp, sage or horsetail

ALOE VERA GEL Scar tissue, burns, aids digestion/ stomach etc.

BLACK OINTMENT Pulls toxins out; promotes healing

BETA CAROTENE promotes great tan, while on fast, eyes, prevent cancer

GOLDEN SALVE healing/antibiotic

TEA TREE OIL Wonderful for burns! I like it better than aloe. Fungus, acne

PAU D-ARCO LOTION Cancer, fungus

CAPSAICIN GEL Pain relief from arthritis, back/muscle ache, shingles, herpes

HERBAL TRIM Bruises, burns, cellulite, diabetic sores, pain (bug bites/stings, torn ligaments, shingles, sunburn)
More on Pau d' Arco: also known as Taheebo Tea or Ipe Roxo. It is a fascinating herb taken from the Lapacho tree found only in the Andes Mountains of South America where there is ozone, pure uncontaminated air. The extract used by Life Force International is taken from the inner bark of the tree. It is purple in color and the purest available. The Inca Indians of South America named it the "Giver of Life" and used it for centuries as their primary medicine.

Research shows it to be effective against Candida and other annoying fungal infections, that it lowers blood sugar levels and promotes good digestion. Many traditional herbalists believe that it strengthens and balances the immune system.

Taking Taheebo may combat infection, give greater vitality, strengthen cellular structure and help eliminate pain and inflammation. Clinical studies show it has no contraindications, no incompatibilities and has proven to be non-toxic.

The Adrenal glands play an important role in the stress that we are exposed to, including colds, flu and other kinds of infections. The Spleen is also involved in the protective mechanisms maintained by the body.

Vitamin A in the form of regular natural Vitamin A and its precursor, Beta-Carotene. Vitamin A helps to maintain the integrity of the mucous membranes that are a part of the linings of the sinuses, lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. It is important to maintain them as they are the first line of the body's defense against air born infections that attack through the respiratory system.

During allergy attacks or colds, these tissues often become irritated and secrete more than normal amounts of mucous and fluid. Actually, mucous secretion is the way the body protects itself by "washing away" contaminants.

This fluid contains significant amounts of the lysozyme enzyme that kills harmful bacteria. Since people generally find this condition of excess mucous production undesirable, they often take antihistamine drugs to counteract the mucous secretion. Usually, these drugs dry up the mucous too much, prevent the body from protecting itself and actually slow down the healing process.

VITAMIN C Asorbates: Does not upset the stomach. Vitamin C is thought to be a natural antihistamine that does not have the side effects of many synthetic drugs. (Try 1000 mg each hour when you reach "bowel tolerance" you will have mild diarrhea; this signals you need 1000 mg less!) Vitamin C also helps the white blood cells fight bacteria. like vitamin A, it is a natural antioxidant which ensures that oxygen is available to the cells for metabolism and fighting infection. It is thought by many researchers that vitamin C can prevent certain viruses from multiplying.

More on ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: is a fine odorless and tasteless black granule derived from coconut shells making it an all vegetable source product, not petroleum based (like some drug-store brands) and therefore, is completely safe for consumption. It is one of the finest natural absorbent agents known and recognized by the FDA, and has been used by physicians and natural healers throughout the world for centuries. Activated Charcoal is without rival as an agent for cleansing and assisting the healing process of the body, and orally administered activated charcoal has proven to be very effective in preventing many intestinal infections. It has the amazing ability to attract itself to, and absorb, thousands of times its own weight in gases, heavy metals, toxins, poisons and other chemicals, thus making them ineffective or harmless. Note: Should be in everyone's medicine cabinet--it could save a life! Poison Control Centers often recommend it during emergencies.

SUPER ALGIN : Contains several strains of algin for an over-all balance. According to a recent study, blue-green algae, which is known to be rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, may also help lower that blue-green algae is a better source of polyunsaturated fatty acids than soybean oil and has significant cholesterol-lowering properties. While the other algins in the formula de-toxify the system.
COLLOIDAL SILVER: After being almost forgotten for more than five decades by the medical community, silver has now made a big comeback in modern-day health science. It is now available from Nature's Sunshine in colloidal form: submicroscopic silver particles electrically charged and suspended in demineralized water.

The benefits of silver have been recorded to fight against over 650 bacteria, fungi and viruses. Antibiotics are becoming less effective as resistance to them grows. Colloidal Silver now comes to the rescue.

Colloidal Silver can be taken indefinitely because the body does not develop a tolerance to it. Medical tests indicate no known adverse effects and there has never been a recorded case of drug interaction with any other medication. No allergic reaction has ever been recorded. Colloidal Silver is also extremely effective in the topical treatment of burns, abrasions or any skin irritation or problem. Odorless and tasteless!

NATURE’S NONI : TRADITIONAL USES: DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Diarrhea, Intestinal Parasites, Indigestion, &Stomach Ulcers. Other suggested uses: SKIN INFECTIONS & INFLAMMATIONS: Abscess, Boil, Carbuncle, Abrasions, Blemishes, Wounds, & Infections. CHEST INFECTIONS: Cough, Tuberculosis, Asthma, & Respiratory Ills. INTERNAL DISORDERS: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Headache, Kidney, & Bladder. EYE INFECTIONS: Eye Complaints. DISORDERS: Malignancies or Tumors. FEVERS: Fever with Vomiting, & Flu GENDER SPECIFIC: Childbirth /Pregnancy, Menstrual Cramps, & Regulates Menstrual Flow MOUTH AND THROAT INFECTIONS: Inflamed, Sore Gums, Sore Throat with Cough, Thrush, Gingivitis, & Toothache. BONE AND JOINT COMPLAINTS: Arthritis, Broken Bones, & Sprains. AGING: Given as a general healthful tonic to treat the general effects of aging. NERVOUS SYSTEM: Prmotes a general feeling of well being. Capsule or (liquid see below)

NATURE‘S NONI JUICE: Nature’s Sunshine Products in Utah is one of the only companies that manufacture's their own NONI or Morinda Citrifolia fruit juice. Other companies sell, "Noni", but do not supervise the product from fruit to juice, but rather, purchase the juice, then sell it. In other words they only distribute it! We are proud at Nature's Sunshine to follow the quality control standard set by the industry--we reject any inferior products; any product that is contaminated with: bacteria, fungi, mold or other harmful contaminants. Preservative free, of course!

The fruit-bearing Morinda citrifolia (Noni) are found in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world.Abundant and growing wild here in Hawaii.

Historically, the fruit was used to target many systems, including the digestive, intestinal, and respiratory systems. It is particularly useful today in providing nutritional support for the immune system, structural system (especially the joints), promoting healthy skin, and creating a general feeling of well being.
Don’t forget these essentials: VITAMIN A & D: Skin, hair, blackheads, infection, vision, the antibiotic vitamin

VITAMIN B COMPLEX: Nervous system, fatigue, mental problems, muscles, hyper actives, (destroyed by antibiotics, birth control pill, coffee, sugar, refined foods)

VITAMIN B-6: Pregnancy nausea, leg cramps, anemia, PMS, edema, burning feet, prevents tooth decay, sore lips/tongue, white-heads

VITAMIN B-12: Balance/coordination, pernicious anemia, body odors, sore tongue

VITAMIN C Ascorbates :Allergy crisis, bruising/nosebleeds/phlebitis/loose teeth, staph infections

VITAMIN E Heart, fertility, circulation, liver, muscles, menopause, skin, loss of sexual interest, miscarriages, speeds wound healing. ZINC Taste/smell loss, prostate, needed to repair injured tissue

Enzymes As The Primary Digestive Aid :Researchers have identified 3,000 different enzymes in the human body--their strength and numbers are directly related to the body's ability to repair itself when injured and its ability to ward off disease. Enzyme-rich fresh fruits and vegetables are greatly depleted in today's diet. Many consumers are turning to plant, animal and fungal enzymes to jump-start their digestion system.

Since we eat mostly proteins, fats and carbohydrates, we need three basic enzyme groups to convert these foods into materials we can use:

HI LIPASE (An Advanced Lipase Enzyme Combination: Stock # 1637-1 ) Contains:

* Lipases (lipolytic enzymes) break down fat (lipids). Lipids include sterols (such as cholesterol), phospholipids (such as lecithin), and triglycerides (fats and oils).

* Proteases (proteolytic enzymes) decompose protein. Protein is composed of amino acids. Each protease works on a specific amino acid.

* Amylases (amylolytic enzymes) decompose carbohydrates. There are several major sources of carbohydrates in a normal diet. These include lactose, found in milk; sucrose, found in sugar; starches, found in non-animal foods and especially in grains; and fructose found in fruit.

* Cellulase (Cellolytic enzymes) break down the cell walls of leguzymes eliminating indigestion of these plants that cause unpleasant gas and or bloating.

Colon Health : Taking care of your colon is key to overall health and fitness. According to a December 1990 study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, a strong relationship exists between diet and colon cancer. Among study participants, when fat intake and red meat consumption rose, and dietary fiber consumption decreased, rates of colon cancer increased. The study results underscore that human digestive and eliminative systems are not equipped to synthesize a steady flow of non-food material such as junk foods, refined and denatured foods. (See individual listings)

Something to think about: MALE MENOPAUSE ? Is it Real? The idea of "male menopause" is a subject of considerable controversy, with many proponents and detractors. An editorial in the British Medical Journal, states it is a real phenomenon, although different from the menopause in women, who experience a sudden drop in female hormones.

The change in men is more gradual, but can be equally dramatic, with the levels of testosterone decreasing by up to 50% between the ages of 25 and 75.

About half the men over 50 have abnormally low testosterone levels and develop symptoms similar to those of post-menopausal women - decreased muscle mass, reduced energy, fatigue, depression, nervousness, sweats and hot flashes. Because of the different nature of the hormonal change, the authors suggest the term "andropause" instead of "male menopause." British Medical Journal 2000;320:858-861.

Nature’s Sunshine has products to support male needs! See individual listings above.

MEMBERS and Distributors pay approx 25-35% less when they order direct by calling: 1-800 453-1472 or ordering on line.

Note: Bottles contain 100 count unless other wise stated on price list. The ever growing product line may cause this list to be incomplete and product names change from time to time; please consult the price list, or my online store at:

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